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Comforters and Bedding - Elements You Will Like About Them


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We are the manufacturer of all of The Beach, Tropical and Surfer Bedding that you see on our site. It is hand made from the finest quality soft cotton. We make it right here in So. Cal. with Aloha

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Comforters and Bedding - Elements You Will Like About Them

  1. 1. Comforters and Bedding - Elements You Will Like About ThemComforters also come in different styles to provide different types of people. There are seaside createbed linens for kids that are lively and vibrant. Lilac blanket master are available for those who want thestylish attraction. Those who are looking for something stylish, wealthy and loving for theirbed room can choose from various styles of bed linens blanket outfits and high-class bed linens.Although some of these places are quite expensive, there are many shops that offer cost-effectiveblanket bed in bag places.Bedding and bed linen never really fascinated me in previous times. For me they were just another bedcomponents used to keep you heated in the evening and during winter. A simply white-colored blanketis excellent enough for me, and Im not even conscious that some comforters actually have goose downstuffing within them. Lately though, I came to a shop with my relative to help her look forcomforters and bedding components for her new position. I wasnt there to help her select of course, Iwas generally there to help her bring the factors she organized to buy. In that individual mid-day Idiscovered a lot of factors.About us:Polynesian Designs was started in 1984, I returned to Southern California after being in Hawaii for 10years. I grew up in Newport Beach and I have always loved Tropical, Beach, Surf and Hawaiian Fabrics.So my love of the beach lifestyle lead me to starting making things out of the fabrics I loved, and its 28years later, and I still love Hawaiian Prints.Contact:1525 Mac Arthur,Suite 5, Costa Mesa,CA 92626 . Email us at or call us at 714 546 3438