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Future of internet


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Future of internet

  1. 1. The Future of the Internet
  2. 2. What is Internet The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide.
  3. 3. The internet is the change agent Then and now 2000 46% of adults use internet 5% with broadband at home 50% own a cell phone 0% connect wirelessly <10% use “could” 0%= tech social networkers THEN: slow, stationary connections built around my computer 2010 79% of adults use internet 64% with broadband at home 82% own a cell phone 59% connect wirelessly >two-thirds use “could” 48%= tech social networkers NOW: faster, mobile connections built around outside servers and storage
  4. 4. The future in 2050 People will keep producing new technology, and use the robots to make their life easier and more convenience. Everything will be completely different from now,people will be more unemployed,because robots will do the work for us.
  5. 5. Mobile Phones People will create more modern mobiles and new technology which can be used in forests where there is no signals and no Internets. In the future every forests will have signals and Internets to help people to be more conveniences.
  6. 6. Educations In today's life children and teachers are using Internets and computers much more than last 50 years. In the future I think people will use Internets for learning more than going to the school to learn with teacher and people will learn with the E-learning like talking on the phone and seeing each other face so the children can ask the teacher some questions they don't know.
  7. 7. Entertainment In the last 50 years technology and the internet are getting very wide,by taking videos and upload into Youtube or other more websites that you can share anything with them. I think in the future everything will that you want to know will be in one website, which you can find everything you like and you can make your own movie very easy like a real directors.
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