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Bb [blackberry]


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Published in: Technology
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Bb [blackberry]

  1. 1. BB [Blackberry]
  2. 2. Why do I choose this topic? In today life the technology changes everyday. Also we have more new technology happen every minutes. Now the world is getting wider in a cyber world so if we don’t know anything about and we don’t know how to use it we can be obsolete.
  3. 3. Information about BB E-mail  Email & Text Messaging  True Push delivery — your email finds you, no effort required.  Easy attachment viewing of popular file formats.  Quick, intuitive typing and navigation.  Multiple email accounts for personal and business use.  Send Voice Notes as email attachments or multimedia message  SMS and MMS text messaging  Share pictures, videos and files Phone  Advanced phone features that deliver a superior voice experience:  Speakerphone  Voice Activated Dialing  Bluetooth® support  Conference Calling
  4. 4. Instant Messaging  Instant messaging applications on BlackBerry® smartphones keep you in touch with your IM contacts — no matter where you are.  BlackBerry® Messenger  Yahoo® Messenger  MSN Messenger  AOL® Instant Messenger™  ICQ®  Google Talk™ Social Networking  Stay connected to your network with automatic notifications  Trade messages with your friends just like you would on your computer  Upload photos from your BlackBerry smartphone’s camera and tag!  Facebook®  Flickr®  MySpace®  Twitter®
  5. 5. Mobile Streaming  Access videos, music or even sports and news clips from supported mobile streaming websites.  Streaming content currently supported varies by service provider and device, but includes XM Radio, MobiTV and YouTube™.  Satellite Radio  MobiTV  YouTube GPS and BlackBerry® Maps  Chart your own course with built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) featured in selected BlackBerry® smartphones.  Pin-point your geographic location, even as your position shifts and changes. Plan your routes, build a reference list of go-to locations, and get turn-by-turn navigation. Camera & Video  Get the play-by-play. Many BlackBerry® smartphones have a built-in digital camera that lets you snap pictures and record video. Once the action is captured, share it easily with friends, or watch it yourself on a high resolution display. Camera features include:  Digital zoom  Built-in flash  1.3MP / 2.0MP / 3.2MP  Self-portrait mirror
  6. 6. How this technology has help to change the world?  It help to make the work easier without using lots of time.  It help to send mails and e-mail quicker than usual by typing the letter in the this phone.
  7. 7. What life was like before this technology?  Hard to contract with others.  Hard to send e-mail through phones.  Hard to contract for business.  Hard to know the new news around the world.
  8. 8. In the future I think this phone will be use all around the world and everyone will contract to each other easier than now. Also I think The Blackberry company will produce a better phone and smart phone for business man and teenagers.
  9. 9. Create by Ploy M.4/12 #20 Mint M.4/12 #17
  10. 10. Create by Ploy M.4/12 #20 Mint M.4/12 #17