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AND   Social Networks and Their Impact on the Flow of  Information in the Current World Political SituationHipothesis to t...
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Universidad carlos iii de madrid finnal essey podobny do kolegi


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Universidad carlos iii de madrid finnal essey podobny do kolegi

  1. 1. AND Social Networks and Their Impact on the Flow of Information in the Current World Political SituationHipothesis to test: Nowadays rapid flow of information which we can observe at social networksdramatically increased the awareness of the society and their impact on the political decisions and because ofthis nowadays politics in our society can be more democraticMy theory : During social networks exist we can observe that people have greater influence on this whathappens in our society nowadaysKey words: politic, social networks, politics and social networks, flow of information, informationRevista Digital : Carlos III de MadridOchocinski Piotr Report prepared for:
  2. 2. 2 Comparative Politics I-49 Ochocinski Piotr 1. INTRODUCTION Many times in our life we have situations when it is too late to do something (for examplebecause death line was five days ago) or even we do not have information that something exists, inwhich we are interested. The second part more complicated is that sometimes people do not haveopinion about some topics or they are not sure about things what they think. At the end of this examples is one of the most important thing – people very often take somedecisions without having enough information about some topic and this situation is the mostdangerous, how a person can make good decision when he or she does not have information aboutsome topic? People make decisions every day but if we will try to ask someone why they decidethis and not something else we can hear they decide something without any good reason.. It is reallydangerous.2. MAIN PART Here we can use Social Networks as a tool to remind people about important dates, events orabout elections in our politic and the most important to make people decisions more personal andbasal. Thanks to Social Networks people can communicate with each other and share differentopinions, they can exist in social world via the internet. We can try to imagine that before votes in Poland (or somewhere else in the world) we havea big room where we have more or less 300 000 of people and they are there 12 hours, they candrink, eat and discuses with each others at the same time. We can imagine that after one day likethis a lot of people will receive so many information that they will be able to make personaldecision with a access to such a lot of information. That was only an example of one day, now wecan imaging that at the same room we have meeting every single day (1 hour ) and we have here3,278,154 of people discussing about different topics*1 Social Networks give for us possibilities to do this, technology nowadays are suchwidespread, we have more les 518,512,109 internet users in Europe at mid-year 2012*2 and it givefor whole sociality possibilities to be more and more responsible and educated, we have really bignumber of the users - *1 *2
  3. 3. 3 Comparative Politics I-49 Ochocinski Piotr of the internet and 65 % of people use internet more than 10 hours every single day*3. Andone more important thing, we can meet there professional people or speak with politicians orprofessors and doctors which can be really helpful with making decision process. From other site this type of observation and discussion can be good also for politicians, theycan check what society need and they can use this information to improve their position ( it can bealso made by surveys which everyone can send using Social Networks) . We can also observe howit is working from both ways how many people comment movies and interviews with politiciansand also they can read society opinion and improve them self. The greatest strength of social networks is that social networks can reach all of the peoplewhich have access to the internet and influent for their opinion what is connected with this that itcan change their decision, in one case it is like nothing but we can imagine that Social Networkscan change decision of millions of people and in this moment we can imagine how powerful SocialNetworks are. We have really good example how social networks can work with government decisions –In 24 January 2012 in Poland government wanted to sign international copyright agreement(ACTA) all of the demonstration and conversation started because government want to sign updocument that Poland agree for ACTA and portably if we will not have social media it will beworking nowadays but because of social networks people can communicate with each others andafter firs day of Polish government decision at the evening in Warsaw we had everywheredemonstration, after 3 days everyone start to take part in demonstrations because people shareinformation how our live will be with ACTA, everyone share their opinion and decide where tomeet each others. That is how “normal” each people influence for government – they said “we do not wantthis !” , “this is not democratic country if it work like this” and they change government decision –the name of this time in Poland is called “ACTA revolution” and this revolution was possible onlybecause social networks. People decide at one of the social network portals to came to governmentwebsite and put ther information like "Polish government – we are more powerful than you. We have alot of your files and personal information. We warn you to exercise caution," and it works, people fromwhole polend stoped ACTA only because of social networks *3 %E2%80%A6-from-belgium-to-bulgaria-uk-to-ukraine---europeans-are-more- connected-than-ever-before.aspx
  4. 4. 4 Comparative Politics I-49 Ochocinski Piotr3. CONCLUSIONOpen network and portals oriented for people opinion and different point of view or ideas are one ofthe most important and innovative way to share people opinion and also we need to remember thatbecause of social network whole internet platforms people can change others opinions aboutdifferent topics the reason of situation like this is that Social Networks minimalist problem oftravelling and that is why people can share information between each other’s fluently without anyproblems, information give for people possibilities to decide what will be the best decision and inthis way simply tool which is Social Media each person can change political situation in wholeworld, power of each person are more strong then before. Nowadays Social Media are such a powerful tool for politics and we need to know aboutthis because it already changed and it will change world politics.4. BIBLOGRAPHY Social Networks in Comparative Perspective, Southern Illinois University Carbondale OpenSIUC, David A. Siegel, 1-1-2011 Social network – what is excacly is? Example, the existing use of social networks as a tool for communication check-out-electnext#r=nav-r-blog How we should use social networks, this may be your strong suit either your killer Example of the platform where people can share stands us-government-should-make-more-public-funds-available-for-science-and-technol How people comment politicians and this can be way to share opinions Politics mistakes, we need to watch what we post – about how strong are social networks mistakes-small-businesses-make-0311424 ACTA in Poland Ochociński Piotr December 2012