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almost done


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almost done

  1. 1. Devin GainesJessica RangelJimmy GoCarlos Ramirez
  2. 2. “Give me a break” Fact Check• Clinton is a “good soldier, helping his party’s president,” but adds, “What did Bill Clinton say about BarackObama in 2008?”• Assumption:• Ominous tone, that the voter is going to hear the “real news”• Emphasizes emotional appeal and style.
  3. 3. • In 2008 primary election between Hillary Clinton and BarackObama, Bill Clinton said “Give me a break. This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen”• Assumptions:• - Spectators reckon that Bill Clinton was criticizing BarackObama’s view of handling of the economy when he said “Give me a break.”• - The purpose of the Ad was to tell voters that Bill Clinton sometimes never agreed with Obama because Bill Clinton is helping Obama with his campaign in 2012.
  4. 4. Clarifications:- Bill Clinton said “Give me a break”, so he couldhelp his wife Hilary Clinton, win the Democraticnomination.-BarackObama had said he opposed the Iraq Warat the beginning of the campaign; and then on July27thObama told Chicago Tribune that US soldiersshould remain in Iraq. So, Bill Clintonwas insteadreferring to Obamas claim that he was one of theearliest opponents of the Iraq war.
  5. 5. - “Hillary Clinton accused Obama of changing his views on Iraq, and failing tocarry through on his initial opposition to the war once he got into the Senate in2005.”October 2002: “Obama [gave] a speech that stated his opposition to the War onIraq.”July 27: “Obama [told] Chicago Tribune that U.S. forces should remain in Iraq tostabilize the war-torn country. Says "there is not much difference between myposition and George Bushs position at this stage," but is critical of Bush forbungling the occupation.”2007: “Obama [had] decided that American troops should return to the US.”
  6. 6. “23 million Americans struggling for work.”Clarifications: - 23 million unemployed = “the number of unemployed (12.5million) plus those working part time who would like to be workingfull time (8 million) and those “marginally attached” to theworkforce (2.6 million), which includes workers so discouraged bythe bad economy that they have stopped looking for work.”- What does this mean? It means the republicans attempted to makeit seem as if President Obama’s handling of the economy is terrible.But, there are different categories of being unemployed, which theypurposely didn’t clarify.
  7. 7. Give me a break speech against Iraqwar on Iraq War
  8. 8. Obama for America TV Ad: "Firms" (anti-Romney ad) Fact Check• Assumptions:• In the ad, Romney is singing “America the Beautiful” and reports pop up about Mitt Romneys history with a company (Bain Capital) that shipped American jobs overseas.
  9. 9. • This ad is meant to question Romneys finances and history at Bain. Democrats are attacking Romney in this ad by stating Romney is bad for the American economy because he ships jobs overseas. By shipping jobs overseas American workers are then put of out of an occupation.
  10. 10. Clarifications:• - We still do not know whether Romney was managing Bain while it was shipped US Jobs overseas.• - Supposedly Romney had left Bain in February 1999 to run the 2002 Winter Olympic and wasn’t actively in charge of the company at the time. Reports declare that Romney is still the CEO at Bain. ( years-new-evidence-same-conclusion/)
  11. 11. “Facts” About Bain Capital• Bain Capital• Mitt Romney is co-owner, but left in 2002• An American alternative asset management and financial services company based in Boston, Massachusetts.• Specializes in private equity, venture capital, credit and public market investments.• Bain invests across a broad range of industry sectors and geographic regions. “In business, Mitt Romney’s firms shipped jobs to Mexico and China” (Los Angeles Times 6/2/00
  12. 12. • Two electronic outsource manufacturing services companies controlled by Bain Capital closed plants in the U.S. and moved work to Mexico. But Romney had left Bain more than a year before the plants closed at both companies.
  13. 13. • - A picture frame company with operations in the Far East, including in China, closed a plant in South Carolina. The Obama campaign cites the plant closing, but those workers were manufacturing photo albums for professionals — a line of work that the company discontinued because it was such a small part of the business
  14. 14. As Governor, Romney outsourced jobs to India”• Romney vetoed a measure that would have prevented the state from doing business with a state contractor that was locating state customer-service calls in India. “
  15. 15. “Tax Havens like Bermuda..” (vanity fair august 2012)• According to filings at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Sankaty High Yield Asset Investors, Ltd. is a "Bermuda Corporation wholly owned by W. Mitt Romney." Romney included Sankaty on his 2010 tax return and 2011 estimated filing. The beginning balance is pegged at $10,432.
  16. 16. • On July 10, PolitiFact ruled as True as Democratic claim that Romney did to disclose Sankaty in filings when he was running for governor of Massachusetts and in his presidential campaigns. But he did disclose his blind trust, which has controlled Sankaty since 2003, when Romney began his gubernatorial campaign.
  17. 17. “He had millions in a Swiss bank account”• True, Romney had a Swiss bank account till early 2010.• Supposedly was in the Ann Romney blind trust• The account had approximately $3 million• No indication that Romney did anything illegally
  18. 18. “And the Cayman Islands”• Romney "has as much as $8 million invested in at least 12 funds listed on a Cayman Islands registry.• Obama’sad says Romney had millions of dollars in the tax-friendly Cayman Islands.• .
  19. 19. • Romney’s trustee acknowledged investing Romney’s money in funds, and several are listed on his financial disclosures. Those forms indicate the value of those investments is in the millions.• Theres no evidence of anything illegal or improper
  20. 20. Obama for America TV Ad: "Firms" (anti-Romney ad)