POLS3620 medicine 2011


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POLS3620 medicine 2011

  1. 1. POLS 3620 Comparison of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine09051694 LI Youzhi, Yugi09017143 Tsang Wing Cheong, Randy
  2. 2. How do they perceive TraditionalChiense Medicine2 yugi
  3. 3. How do they perceive TraditionalChinese Medicine Keyword Superstitious Not scientific Religious Old ingredient, use herbs Different diagnose system (eg. look at the color of tongue) Taker longer time for the effect to take place Preventative medicine3 yugi
  4. 4. Rundown Different perspectives Traditional Western Chinese Medicine Medicine Ancient philosophy Philosophy YinYang Five Phases religious (WuXing) Modern Western Medicine Qi Integration4 yugi
  5. 5. What is Western Medicine ?Ancient Western Medicine Western medicine: a combination understanding of different doctrines during ancient time  Ancient Greek (started from 3000BC)  Similar to Chinese Medicine in understanding the nature of human  There is a mixture of philosophy, religions and medicine  Empeddocles: four natural elements  earth土, air氣, water水 and fire火  four characteristic:  dry乾, cold冷, hot熱, humid濕  Hippocrates, Galen  Humoral theory  Blood, mucus, black bile, yellow bile5 Randy
  6. 6. What is Western Medicine ?Religious background Asckeplius (God of Heal)6 Randy
  7. 7. Religious Christian view  Emphasize on the power of faith to cure disease  Shrines of saints and martyrs were clinics  Priest as a doctor  Religions didn’t deny the use of medicine  Building hospitals  In medieval time, churches could provide medicine7 Randy
  8. 8.  After the development of natural science, there is a spilt of medicine and religions It became a study in university studying8 Randy
  9. 9. Modern Western Medicine  Divided into different categories  Physical and mental  Development of studies and treatment  Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, etc.  Physiotherapy, Cardiology,  From pray to pill and surgery  Relationship of Medicine and Society Western Medicine: theory could teach us what can be done to solve the problem; there is one way go and one way out9 Randy
  10. 10. Traditional Chinese MedicnePhilosophy: Yin-yang (陰陽) Taoism asserts that everything is defined in the unity of opposites, namely Yin and Yang. Yang conducts change and Yin brings it up. Therefore everything is interconnected and unbreakable.10 Yugi
  11. 11. Yin-yang (陰陽) Yin (陰) Yang (陽) •Yin consists blood and all •Yang is the body’s other fluids in the body. transformative capacity, especially its ability to •Yin is moistening, cooling generate and maintain and nurturing. warmth. •It provides warmth, activity, libido, appetite, digestion and assimilation.Yin is the material basis for the transforming power of Yang. Yugi 11
  12. 12. Five Phases wu xing (五行) The human body, like matter in general, is made up of five elements. The Five elements represent the tangible activities of Yin and Yang as manifested in the cyclic changes of nature which regulate life on earth. Yugi 12
  13. 13. Qi (氣)  “Animating life-force energy”  Qi flows through the body along channels called meridians(經絡).  In the TCM model of health and disease, when Qi flow is blocked or stagnated, it caused illness. Yugi 13
  14. 14. Myocardial Infarction [MI](Heart Attack) TCM Western Medicine Causes Obstruction of vein and weak Obstruction of the blood in Qi (氣) supply to the heart muscle Treatment NO SOLUTION for the Surgery attempts to as acute(急性) attack possible and to prevent further complications as soon as possible. Notes Preventable but not curable•Doing surgeries could be the most effectiveway to save the emergency patient.14 Randy
  15. 15. Cancer TCM Western Medicine Causes No this disease titled “cancer” Carcinogens (致癌物) including therefore the causes are chemicals and radiation uncertainTreatment Recuperate patient’s whole Aiming at killing tumor cells or body system to let himself fight stopping tumor growth: the tumor Physical removal + radiotherapySide-effect Very long-term treatment Normal cells are killed at the procedure same time Notes “Live with tumor” Ease the tumor cell as much as possible15 Yugi
  17. 17. Integration of Traditional andWestern Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine Patent Prescription (中成藥) Internationalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine  Affirmation of the Chinese medicine in supportive care  Use of Acupuncture in Germany: 77%  Legislation of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Australia  FDA has sought for advice about the making of herbal medicine17 Randy
  18. 18.  SARS18 Yugi
  19. 19. ~THANK YOU~19