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Itu fg ava meeting 7 version 2


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Itu fg ava meeting 7 version 2

  1. 1. Focus Group Meeting 7 21 January 2011 ITU-Geneva ITU-T Focus Group onAudiovisual Media Accessibility (FG AVA) version 1 Peter Olaf Looms Chairman FG-AVA International Telecommunication Union
  2. 2. FG AVA: What are we aiming to do? 2nd Q 2013 May2011 International Telecommunication Union
  3. 3. FG AVA: Where are we now? What is the final deliverable?January 2013 International Telecommunication Union
  4. 4. FG AVA: the final deliverableFrom AVA-I-0002: Suggested objectives and procedures for the first Focus Group meeting By June 2013 we will have complete the first 6 of our 8 deliverables. Number 7 - the recommendations - wil lbe completed at the June 2013 meeting for submission in October 2013.• The FG AVA roadmap: suggested accessibility actions that provide ITU with solid basis for future work (e.g. What needs to be changed or added to standardization,legislation and media regulation to make AV media more accessible?)• Our roadmap gives concrete examples of good practice (How can we make AV media accessible?)• Our roadmap shows how the UN CRPD* can be applied to the delivery, use and enjoyment of digital AV media (How can CRPD make a difference?) International Telecommunication Union*UN CRPD = UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  5. 5. FG AVA Deliverables International Telecommunication Union 13
  6. 6. FG AVA Meetings - plans in Sept 2011 International Telecommunication Union 14
  7. 7. FG AVA: 2012 was a busy year International Telecommunication Union 7
  8. 8. FG AVA: 2012 was a busy year International Telecommunication Union 8
  9. 9. FG AVA: 2012 was a busy year International Telecommunication Union 9
  10. 10. FG AVA: 2012 was a busy year International Telecommunication Union 10
  11. 11. FG AVA: 2012 was a busy year International Telecommunication Union 11
  12. 12. Accessibility = AV Media for AllListening Watching Sharing Participating Enjoying International Telecommunication Creating? Union
  13. 13. Which AV-Media?(=Content Delivery, End-to-End) International Telecommunication Union 6 Source: The Economist Print Edition December 10, 2011
  14. 14. Which AV-Media? How much is spent globally? ForecastSources: The Economist Print Edition December 10, 2011; IDATE Next Gen TV 2011 - from World Television Markets January 2010 7
  15. 15. Which AV-Media? How many have access? Approx. 20% of the global population have no electricity* Mobile statistics will be added TV Internet Source: ITU Geneva November 2011* Ban Ki-moon Powering sustainable energy for all International Herald Tribune 8page 12 January 12 2012
  16. 16. AV-Media ≈ Digital MediaFrom AVA-I-0003: Scoping the terms “audiovisual media” and “accessibility” TV & Radio Digital Digital programs Broadcast TV Receivers PCs Social Media Smartphones & Tablets IPTV Peripherals Films Open Internet e.g. Remote ControlsVideo games (?) Mobile & Assistive Technologies Wireless Net e.g.Hearing aids Content Platforms Devices (networks) International Telecommunication Union
  17. 17. Our road map - the processPutting the pieces together Future Gap between vision and current situation Present International Telecommunication Union 11
  18. 18. Our road map - the process Putting the pieces together Where do we want AV Media to be? Future What roadmap of actions and metricsdo we recommend Gap between to the ITU? vision and current What actions situation can bridge the gap? Where are we now? What are the key obstacles?Present International Telecommunication Union 12
  19. 19. Our road map - the process Putting the pieces together Share a vision of media that are truly accessible Propose a roadmap of actions and metricsto measure progress Identify actions that can turn the vision into reality Have a clear view of the current situation and key obstacles International Telecommunication Union 32
  20. 20. AV-Media Accessibility What can we do?Usability: do something to makeprograms as intelligible as possibleContext of use: platform issues Remote control design Pips on mobile keyboards user profiles to access media direct connections from TV and mobile to hearing aidsAccess services: offer captioning,audio description, sign languageIntelligent devices: make devicestruly assistive International Telecommunication Union 10
  21. 21. FG AVA Working GroupsWorking Group A: CaptioningWorking Group B: Audio/Video description and spoken captionsWorking Group C: Visual signing and sign languageWorking Group D: Emerging access servicesWorking Group E: EPGs & on-air promotionWorking Group F: Participation and digital mediaWorking Group G: Digital Broadcast TelevisionWorking Group H: IPTVWorking Group I: Mobile and handheld devicesWorking Group J: Key Performance IndicatorsWorking Group K: Accessible Working Procedures International Telecommunication Union 21
  22. 22. FG AVA Working Group Activities WG coordinators to identify interdependencies at regular meetings via Web International Telecommunication Union 22
  23. 23. Questions? FG AVA International Telecommunication Union 23