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Chisholm Gallery Exhibition at The Willcox Hotel, Aiken, SC


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Rave reviews for Jeanne Chisholm & Chisholm Gallery,LLC for their ongoing exhibition at The Willcox Hotel in Aiken, South Carolina!

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Chisholm Gallery Exhibition at The Willcox Hotel, Aiken, SC

  1. 1. Food • Fashion • Personal Finance • Travel & Leisure • Books • Games The Internet • Television • Movies Living on Go! Friday the February 4, 2011 News from theEDGE www.aikenstandard.comIn Theaters Sanctum (R) Opening todayThe Roommate (PG-13) Louise Mellon’s “Love Among Friends.”Frankie and Alice (R)Cold Weather (not rated)Midway to Heaven (PG)The Other Woman (R)Waiting for Forever (PG) Submitted photos Susan Smolensky’s “Coming in for a Landing.”Gnomeo and Juliet 3D (G) Coming next weekJustin Bieber: NeverSay Never 3D (G)Just Go With It (PG-13)The Eagle (PG-13)Cedar Rapids (R)Today in Tammy Bality’s “The Dun”history “The Great Hitchcock,” a Freudy vintage photograph. bronze. Patty Davis’ “Wall Street Rodeo” bronze.!Today is Friday, Feb. 4,the 35th day of 2011. Thereare 330 days left in the year. 20-plus artists featured in Willcox exhibition!Today’s Highlight By ASHLEEY WILLIAMSONin History:!On Feb. 4, 1861, Staff writer The walls of The Willcox are Master list of artists on display at The Willcox:delegates from six southern beaming with equestrian pridestates that had recently this month,seceded from the Union as the Chish-met in Montgomery, Ala., olm Gallery, Works featured in The • Henry Koehler, Ameri-to form the Confederate a leading Willcox: can contemporary, limitedStates of America. international • Michael Antonio Ponce, edition polo lithographs!On this date: dealer of American contemporary, • Francesco Scavullo,!In A.D. 211, Roman sporting art, paintings and drawings photographsEmperor Lucius Septimius has brought • Frederique Lavergne, • Hazel Morgan, BritishSeverus died at age 65. an exhibition French contemporary, contemporary, limited edi- Mellon of more than paintings tions!In 1783, Britain’s King 20 artists fromGeorge III proclaimed • Tammy Bality, Ameri- • Jonathan Routh, British all over the world. can contemporary, sculp- • Soren Froberg, Swedisha formal cessation of Paintings, drawings, sculp- Louise Mellon’s “Spring Brake.” tures botanical photographshostilities in the American tures, needlepoint collec- • Celou Bonnet, French • Asuka Hishiki, Japa-Revolutionary War. tions, vintage photographs, contemporary, sculptures, nese contemporary, botani-!In 1789, electors chose pearls, botanical water colors, featured in the Glass Vitrine cal watercolorsGeorge Washington lithographs, caricatures and • Catherine Ingleby, Brit- • Tsolmon Damba, Mon-to be the rst president more are on display and sale ish contemporary, paintings golian contemporary, paint-of the United States. throughout the hotel for the ings rest of the month. Featured Artists: • Rollin McGrail, Ameri-!In 1932, New York Chisholm Gallery ownerGov. Franklin D. Roosevelt • Susan Smolensky, can contemporary, limited Jeanne Chisholm said, in her American contemporary, edition printsopened the Winter Olympic business, she strives for a paintings • Enrique Castro, Argen-Games at Lake Placid. mix of fine art from new and • Patty Davis, American tine Contemporary, oil on!In 1941, the United established artists in a variety contemporary, sculptures paper polo portraitsService Organizations of media and subject matter. • Mary Bridgman, • Freudy vintage pho-(USO) came into existence. One of Chisholm’s favorite American contemporary, tographs; equestrian &!In 1948, the island nation exhibits in the gallery is that paintings, photography and societyof Ceylon – now Sri Lanka of Susan Smolensky, an art- illustration ist who depicts Steeplechase • Louise Mellon, Ameri- Also in the Hunt Room:– became an independent horses and scenes. can contemporary, paint- • Freudy vintage photo-dominion within the “She has captured a dyna-British Commonwealth. ings graphs; equestrian and soci- mism that nobody else has,” • Paul Desmond Brown, ety The Alexander Needle!In 1961, Angola began said Chisholm of Smolensky. American 1893-1958, illus- Point Collectionits war of independence “The elevation, the angle at trations • Freudy vintage pho-from Portuguese which she depicts the steeple- • Leslie Shiels, American tographs; equestrian andcolonial rule. (Although chase horses jumping – she contemporary, canine cul- society Stork Club Limitedindependence was really makes you feel like ture paintings Edition Treasuresachieved in 1975, the you’re right there with her, • Freudy vintage photo-country was then plunged right there in the moment of Works in the Hunt graphs; equestrian and soci- the jump or landing.” Room: ety Passport Pearlsinto a 27-year civil war.) Also on exhibit are Freudy vintage photographs. These This medallion is one of 500 limited edition Stork Club orna- p photographs depict equestrian ments for sale at the Chisholm Gallery this month at The Will-Inside cox. The ornament and stand are cushioned inside a custom Movie picks 4" a and society images taken %23 % m more than a half century ago. red box with a gold Stork Club logo on the cover. 3%" "7 -+%$1 19 34" “A lot of (the images) $>4?Boggle 5C !"#$#%&(&) 7$8 "7 ,; ,"7$ $1%2 ,6/+ d depict scenes of polo at “It’s interesting, we have Pearls and artwork by local "%+ !"#$ 19 6), *+,#-./011+,# %-*Comics 4C 40" +0) 9$: Meadowbrook for the Inter- two sculptors depicting bulls artist Louise Mellon. %"&"# +;" --,"$ 4"+ +,$* 2+3$+ $< ./*Crossword 5C national Game, but also polo and bears for Wall Street and Mellon paints out of her =/, 8"+ ()* 54 ()7 5+ 4/5+65Dear Abby 5C here (in Aiken) in the 1930s,” the fluctuation of the market,” home studio where the @A%BC/2D%& said Chisholm. “Freudy cap- said Chisholm. “It’s really ponies, cats, dogs and chick-Horoscope 5C tures moment that are such kind of interesting when you ens are encouraged in as live =-0/<+6?%&./;0&Jumble 5C indelible imprints.” think of how cosmopolitan models, and also paints polo =-0/>()-#0,Movie showtimes 3C American and French this collection is.” and general equine art. =-0/F(&)G$/2?00B- bronze statues are also on Other exhibits in the gallery The exhibition will run =-0/;0B-%&(BSchool menus 3C display. Besides equestrian art include a collection of vintage until the end of February in E+/2#,(&)$/4##%B-0Sudoku 5C sculptures, American sculp- Stork Club menus and limited the main lobby of The Will- =-0/H(#0TV Listings 2C tors Tammy Bality and Patty edition photos and medal- cox and the Hunt Room and Davis also create a similar lions, individually crafted is free and open to the public =-0/*%./@%BCWeather 8C type of suggestive art. freshwater pearls by Passport for viewing. 7/89::/;<=