Southeast marina market services


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Southeast marina market services

  1. 1.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC                                                       Southeast  Marina  Market,  LLC   Polly  Fuqua,  Principal       6071  Round  Hill  Lane   Knoxville,  TN  37912   Phone:  865-­‐414-­‐0501     Fax:  865-­‐300-­‐5187   E-­‐Mail:   Web:      
  2. 2.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           1                            About  Us  Business  Valuation  Marina  Business  Brokerage  Today’s  Market  and  Recent  Transactions  Marketing  Consulting  Company  Branding  Design  Services  Identity  &  E-­‐Commerce  Collateral  Package  Social  Media  &  Networking                                              
  3. 3.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           2  We   are   specialist   in   our   field   with   special   insight   in   a   niche   market   but   our   vision   and   strategy   works.   Do   you  need  an  effective  deal  initiator,  expediter  and  closer;  an  experienced  experts  working  with  banks,  investment  firms,   a   variety   of   sellers,   buyers   and   well   versed   in   the   complexities   of   a   marina   transaction.     We   are  specialist   in   our   field   with   special   insight   in   a   niche   market   with   a   vision   and   strategy   that   works.     Our  strengths  include  analysis,  positioning,  targeting,  strategic  alliances,  business  development  and  orchestration  of  client  resources.        Today  more  than  ever  you  need  the  expert  services  of  an  experienced,  energetic  professional  with  a  proven  track   record   and   the   wherewithal   to   roll   with   the   rough   tides.   A   marina   specialist   with   a   reputation   in   the  marketplace   for   successfully   completing   complex   marina   transactions   during   the   economic   downturn   with  insight  is  a  value-­‐based  solution  in  any  economic  environment.  Business  Valuation  Our   first   step   is   to   create   a   Business   Valuation   and   Offering   Memorandum   –   This   document   provides   a  detailed  description  of  the  offering,  including  history,  discussion  of  ownership  transition,  data  and  statistics  regarding   operations   and   recent   financial   performance,   some   high   level   market   analysis,   and   photographs   of  the  business  location.  This  document  is  provided  to  prospective  buyers  if  they  have  continued  interest  after  reviewing  the  detailed  offering  summary.    In   valuation   marine   related   businesses,   our   marina   specialist   uses   market   comparisons,   the   estimated   fair  market  value  of  tangible  business  assets;  typically,  current  assets  such  as  cash  and  cash  equivalents,  accounts  receivable,   inventory   and   prepaid   expenses,   together   with   fixed   assets   such   as   real   estate,   and   most  importantly   the   financial   status   and   history   of   the   business   which   include   revenues,   cash   flow,   profit  consistency,   customer   base,   and   intensity   of   competition,   industry   recognition,   growth   potential   and   the  probability   of   continued   operation.   Total   Liabilities   can   include   accrued   expenses,   accounts   payable   and  notes  payable.  We  will  also  assist  in  determining  any  perceived  risks  and  other  characteristics  associated  with  the  business  enterprise  in  which  the  investment  is  made.    We  use  the  Market   Value  approach,  the  Asset   Value  element  is  the  estimated  fair  market  value  of  tangible  business   assets;   typically,   current   assets   such   as   cash   and   cash   equivalents,   accounts   receivable,   inventory  and   prepaid   expenses,   together   with   fixed   assets   such   as   real   estate,   machinery,   equipment,   vehicles,  furniture,   fixtures   and   other   fixed   assets   including   computer   hardware   and   software.   Components   of   the  Business   Value   (Goodwill)   element   include   revenues,   cash   flow,   profit   consistency,   customer   base,   and  intensity  of  competition,  industry  recognition,  growth  potential  and  the  probability  of  continued  operation.  Total  Liabilities  can  include  accrued  expenses,  accounts  payable  and  notes  payable.  Determination  of  Risk  –  Expected  rates  of  return  can  vary  among  business  investments,  depending  on  the  perceived  risks  and  other  characteristics  associated  with  the  business  enterprise  in  which  the  investment  is  made.    
  4. 4.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           3  Marina  Business  Brokerage  Specializing   in   privately   owned   and   commercial   marinas,   our   experienced   team   of   highly   trained   consultants  and   intermediaries   assist   you   throughout   a   merger,   acquisition   or   divestiture   process   of   marina   transactions.  As  your  advocate  we  provide  a  discreet  consultative  approach  to  each  and  every  business  transaction  that  is  unrivaled  in  the  industry.  Because  our  team  is  built  of  the  most  seasoned  and  experienced  professionals  and  we  continue  our  ongoing  training,  you  can  rely  on  our  intermediaries  to  bring  to  you  exactly  the  same  level  of  service   and   professional   resources   that   a   much   larger   company   would   receive   from   the   finest   top   tier  investment  bank.    Our   experience,   marketing   strategies,   industry   relationships,   repeat   clientele   and   referrals   has   built   an  impressive   company   database.   We   leverage   all   of   our   resources   including   a   strategic   marketing   plan   to   reach  around  the  GLOBE  that  best  fits  your  needs!    Marina   properties   can   be   a   tricky   animal   to   sell   given   their   host   of   unique   attributes:   confidentiality,  environmental,   operating   business   and   government   leases.   We   manage   the   entire   sales   and   marketing  process  throughout  the  transaction.  Our  client  services  also  include  working  in  your  best  interest,  qualifying  sellers  and  buyers  for  reputation  and  financial  capability,  coordinate  the  negotiations,  and  act  as  intermediary  until  the  deal  is  completed.  We  do  our  work  so  you  as  the  owner  can  do  what  you  do  best  -­‐  run  your  business.    We  will  create  a  marketing  summary  for  promotional  purposes  only.    –  This  document  provides  a  generic  description  of  the  offering  with  summarized  historical  financial  data.  This  document  will  form  the  basis  of  the  listing  and  be  used  on  various  web  sites,  marine  related  magazines  as  marketing  material  and  is  intended  to  give   the   reader   only   enough   information   to   determine   if   the   industry,   size   and   general   location   of   the   marina  business  match  his/her  interest  and  acquisition  criteria.      All   prospective   buyers   must   sign   a   Confidentiality   and   Non-­‐Disclosure   Agreement   and   provide   proof   of  financial   qualification   in   order   to   receive   any   specific   listing   documents   according   to   our   company   policy.  Specific  sellers  may  have  certain  conditions  to  obtain  this  document.      We  have  identified  and  prioritized  a  list  of  possible  suitors  to  fit  a  certain  criteria  and  region.  From  here  on  out  it   is   just   be   plain   old   hard   work,   with   all   of   us   contacting   people   in   our   database,   marina   companies   and  investment  firms  with  spending  capital  those  companies,  using  both  a  top  down  approach  (call  the  president)  and  a  bottom  up  approach  (call  the  dock  manager).    Most  marina  consultants  or  any  type  of  business  brokers  will  not  take  the  time  necessary  to  pursue  a  list  of  companies  or  strategically  find  buyers.      
  5. 5.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           4  We  will  continue  to  take  advantage  of  all  the  online  communities  and  social  networks.    Its  pays  to  stay  up  with  the  times  as  networking  evolve.  But  it  is  critical  to  the  end  result  to  utilize  all  your  marketing  tools  to  be  in  front  of  the  right  buyers.  We   believe   in   establishing   a   rapport   with   the   interested   buyers   to   understand   their   ownership   capabilities,  wants,  and  needs.    Qualified  buyers  with  continued  interest  will  receive  a  forward  looking  profile  with  explicit  descriptions   including   history,   data   and   statistics   regarding   operations   and   recent   financial   performance,  some  high  level  market  analysis,  and  photographs  of  the  business  location,  assets,  and  more.      We  create  a  video   that   allows   prospective   buyers   "a   look   into   the   business"   without   physically   coming   to   your   location.  This   protects   confidentiality   while   distinguishing   your   business   from   the   competition   allowing   the   buyer   to  “see”  themselves  as  owners  of  the  business..  We   will   address   specific   questions   and   highlight   the   benefits   and   all-­‐important   factors   regarding   marina   of  interest  to  assist  buyers  during  their  decision  process.    We   want   buyers   who   are   prepared   to   buy   now!     By   asking   all   the   right   questions!   Do   you   understand   the  lending   and   approval   procedures   involved   in   a   marina   purchase?   Prior   to   touring   a   marina   have   you   talked   to  a  lender  as  we  review  your  personal  financial  statement?    Can  you  afford  the  initial  down  payment?    Are   you   prepared   as   a   buyer   to   purchase   a   property   today?     Have   you   prepared   a   personal   financial  statement,  copies  of  2  years  of  tax  returns;  a  resume  and  a  business  plan  to  present  to  a  banker  for  review?    Did   you   prepare   a   business   plan   stating   the   purpose   of   the   loan,   use   of   funds,   business   summary,   financial  statements,  and  just  incase  you  find  the  right  property  at  the  right  purchase  price?  Do  you  have  provisions  are  thoughts  of  a  letter  of  intent.      We   will   assist   the   both   marina   owner,   seller   and   buyer   with   the   lending   process   by   providing   a   detailed  description   of   the   marina   business,   any   significant   improvements   made   to   the   property,   asset   list,   inventory,  3   years   of   tax   returns   and   updated   profit   and   loss   statements   for   review.     The   lease   summary,   rent   roll,  customer  and  vendor  list  will  also  be  available  for  review  during  the  due  diligence  period.            
  6. 6.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           5  TODAY’S    MARKET  Commercial   Lending   has   never   been   an   easy   task   for   the   average   marina   buyer   because   of   the   complexity   of  the   sale   and   lender   requirements.       The   lack   of   understanding   a   marina   operation   has   limited   new   buyers  entering   the   market.     After   the   stock   market   crash   any   commercial   loan   is   considered   to   be   a   risk   and   almost  impossible  for  new  a  buyer  without  the  cash  ability  in  addition  to  have  a  specialized  knowledge  to  run  a  niche  business  such  as  a  marina.    Southeast  Marina  Market,  LLC  Recent  and  Present  Projects  Polly  Fuqua,  Principal    East  Port  Marina,  TN         $1  ,600,000         9/2007  Roger’s  Nursery/Marina,  PA       $    650,000           8/2007  Carr  Creek  Marina,  KY     $  1,200,000         2/2008  RandN  Marina,  NC       $  3,450,000         8/2008        Lakeview  Marina       $  2,200,000         10/2008  w/United  Realty  Elm  Hill  Marina       $10,500,000         12/2008      Beach  Island  Marina       $  3,500,000         1/2009  Wisdom  Dock  Marina       $  6,092,000         1/2010  Heron  Point  Marina       $        900,000         4/2010  w/United  Realty  Cotton  Port  Marina       $        650,000         9/2010  Under  Management  Lease  Swann’s  Marina       $  1,800,000         Under  Contract  w/United  Realty    2010-­‐2011  Consulting/Marketing/Valuations  Projects  BBT-­‐  Marina  Consulting,  TN  Jamestown  Bank,  Marina  Consulting,  TN  Herbert  Pritchard  Appraisals,  Marina  Consulting,  KY  Michael  and  Christine  Kelly,  Buyer  Representation,  MA  Bass  Inc,  Buyer  Representation,  AR  MariCorp  US,  Marketing  Consulting,  MO  James  Owens  Appraisal  Service,  NC  Mcpherson  Appraisals,  Marina  Consulting,  TN          
  7. 7.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           6  MARKETING  CONSULTING  Any  business  owner  when  it  comes  to  marketing  talk  is  cheap,  effective  marketing  is  priceless.    Our  marina  and   marketing   experts   are   focused   on   moving   your   business   forward;   our   strategies   begin   with   results   in  mind.     Our   first   goal   is   to   ensure   a   smooth   transition   as   a   new   owner.   From   past   experience   that   isn’t   always  how   a   new   business   with   a   new   owner   will   start   out.     Our   job   is   to   ensure   no   tenured   employees   are   resistant  to   change,   stuck   in   the   past   and   believe   what   may   have   worked   well   in   the   past   when   there   was   little   change  in  the  external  environment  however  that  will  no  longer  be  the  case.    To   grow   your   Marina,   Campground   or   Resort   to   its   earning   capacity   we   recommend   mentor   management   to  adapt   the   staff   successfully   to   an   organizational   change   with   positive   reinforcement   and   open   the   staff   to  continual   learning   and   reinvention.     We   will   mentor   the   staff   in   different   areas   of   marketing,   management  and   communication   to   understand   what   the   customers   are   going   through,   overcoming   objections   and  providing   more   personalized   services.     Like   any   other   marketing   strategy   using   offline   tools,   you   need   to  know  your  goals  and  customers.    We  will  recommend  different  ways  on  how  to  interact  with  your  customers.  Challenge  status  quo  by  finding  new  markets  and  revenue  streams.    Our  marketing  plan  is  to  build  a  strong  team,   customer   rapport,   greater   profits,   lead   generation,   higher   quality   of   clientele,   and   creating   activities  and  events  to  unite  the  campground,  slip  owners  and  staff  on  a  foundation  to  build  on  and  more.      Busy  places  get  business;  slow  ones  don’t.    Your  needs  will  be  our  top  priorities,  and  our  experienced  team  will  ensure  that  your  brand  is  in  a  constant  state  of  positive  evolution.        
  8. 8.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           7    “You  never  get  a  second  chance  to  make  a  first  impression!”    Since   a   website   creates   your   companys   image   on   the   Internet,   it   is   important   that   this   dynamic   first  impression  holds  the  visitors  attention.        The  attention  span  on  the  Internet  is  only  seconds.  If  a  visitor  to  your  website  is  not  impressed  immediately  that  your  website  is  professional  and  useful  for  their  purpose,  over  60%  will  move  on  in  search  of  information  elsewhere.   That   is   why   a   visually   appealing   form,   user   friendly   along   with   easily   identifiable   functions,   is  absolutely  the  key  to  good  web  page  design.  Your  navigation  scheme  must  be  clear  and  effortless,  and  your  message  needs  to  be  clearly  understood  and  informative.       Design,  Web  Presense,  Google   Specialty  Packages,  Internet  Consultant  Services,   Tac.cs,  Search  Engines,  Linking   NewsleOers,  Direct  Mail,   iTarget  and  Market  Posi.oning,   Sites  on  Top  Affiiate  Directories,   Specialty  Ads,  Website  and   Promo.on  and  Event  Planning     Internet,  Email  and  Joining   Printed  Brochures  and  Business   Social  Media  and  Networks   Forms          
  9. 9.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           8  Our   team   makes   it   a   point   to   put   our   customer’s   first,   to   better   understand   your   needs   and   respond  appropriately   whether   it’s   by   phone,   email,   face   to   face   and   ensure   your   satisfaction   during   the  implementation  phase  of  our  consulting  services.  Here  are  some  of  the  services  we  offer  in  other  marketing  and  management  consulting  packages:  •   Discussion  of  goals  and  objectives  regarding  new  marketing  initiatives,  ideas  and  strategies    •     Review  of  existing  vendors,  suppliers,  media,  including  suggestions  on  creative  ways  to  enhance  and   promote  your  message  and  build  value    •   Strategic  marketing  plan  development,  complete  with  budget,  and  recommend  tactics    •   Customer  profiling  who  participate  in  the  marina,  boating,  fishing  and  any  other  marine  related  and   vacation  industry    •   Competitor   espionage,   including   review   of   product/service   offerings,   rates,   promotions,   web   strategies,  messaging,  and  key  competitors  positioning  •   Brainstorming  for  new  product  or  service  promotions,  and  ever  changing  marketing  strategies    •   Social  network  media,  set  up,  and  promotion  •       Customized  website,  Google  tools  with  analytics  data,  logo  design  and  collateral  packages    •       We   will   specialize   a   package   based   on   our   initial   meeting   and   recommendations,   phases   based   on   your  budget  and  new  and  or  operating  business  with  established  brand.          
  10. 10.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           9  COMPANY  BRANDING  We   want   to   know   what   your   business   offers   and   create   more   possibilities   during   our   marketing   campaign   by  learning  everything  we  can  about  your  customers  and  your  competition.    We  almost  eat  and  sleep  it  until  its  second   nature   so   we   can   create   a   unique   brand   image   that   speaks   your   benefits   to   your   clientele   and  potential  customers.  In  our  pre-­‐discovery  we  will  prepare  a  few  ideas,  directional  with  different  logos,  website  options,  a  marketing  plan,  marketing  plan  and  business  model  to  fit  your  needs  based  on  our  extensive  research.    Our  Discovery  Meetings  will  continue  to  take  place  on  site,  in  person  and  conference  calls  with  you  and  your  staff.    We  want  everyone  to  understand  the  scope  of  the  project  to  learn  more  about  your  business,  your  challenges,  wants  and  needs.  You  have  a  choice  of  a  variety  of  services  and  products!  Consulting,  Mentoring,  Design  Services,  Logo,  Website  with   Interactive   Functions,   Social   Media,   a   variety   of   Collateral   Packages   including   Business   Forms,   Sales   Kit,  Brochure,  Newsletters,  E-­‐Commerce  or  Print  Advertisements  and  more.    We   position   you   to   stand   out   from   your   competition,   and   convince   potential   clientele   to   choose   you   because  it   is   the   best   choice   for   them.     We   personalize   our   packages   and   services   just   for   you   and   your   business.     The  marina   industry   is   a   niche   market.     Every   marina   is   unique,   as   your   needs   will   be   as   we   walk   these   steps   with  you  as  our  client.          
  11. 11.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           10  DESIGN  SERVICES  Our   designers   are   skilled   at   creating   attention-­‐getting   logos,   web   design,   blogs,   e-­‐commerce   newsletters,  brochures,  and  more.  They  also  specialize  in  the  creation  of  marketing,  advertising  and  collateral  packages.  You  need  to  spice  up  your  image,  well  create  the  right  design  to  catch  your  audiences  eye.  Our  professionally  trained   graphic   designers   are   computer   artists   who   know   how   to   use   their   creative   abilities   to   improve   the  look  of  your  printed  and  e-­‐commerce  projects.    A  well-­‐designed  logo  captures  your  business  and  is  invaluable  in  communicating  your  value  to  potential  clients  and  your  current  customers.  Creative   use   of   color,   typography,   photos,   and   illustration   can   dramatically   improve   the   effectiveness   of   your  project.   Good   design   can   help   create   a   favorable   impression   that   makes   your   resort   stand   out   in   the   crowd   in  the  boating,  marina,  travel  and  leisure  industry.    We   are   professional   group   with   our   own   niche   to   think   out   of   the   box   in   a   niche   market.   Were   ready   to   work  with   you   to   get   your   design   done   on   time,   correctly,   and   provide   you   with   the   highest   quality   at   favorable  prices.            
  12. 12.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           11  IDENTITY  &  E-­‐COMMERCE  Logo   Design   –   Is   a   picture   worth   a   thousand   words?     Absolutely!     Our   logo   design   service   includes   the  complete  professional  design  of  an  illustrated  or  text  logo.  Process  starts  with  visual  direction  presentation.  Once  approved,  we  will  design  3  or  more  concepts  in  color,  based  upon  approved  visual  direction,  and  up  to  2  rounds   of   revisions   of   a   chosen   concept.   Final   logo   will   provided   in   vector   or   raster   format   and   in   several  common  electronic  formats.  (.eps,  .tif,  .jpg,  .gif,  in  black/white  and  color).  Website  Marketing  &  Promotion  »  Search  Engine  Optimization  (SEO)  »  SEO  Design  Techniques  »  Search  Engine  Results  For  Local  Businesses    Research  shows  that  a  company’s  website  is  the  most  highly  rated  factor  that  turns  a  prospect  into  a  client.    Will   the   World   Find   Your   Website?   Not   unless   it’s   designed   to   be   found,   creates   enough   interest   to   stop  surfing  and  understand  that  your  resort  does  offer  everything  they  need.      Business  on  the  Internet  is  about  people   finding   your   website   quickly   and   easily.   The   whole   point   of   having   a   website   is   to   promote   your  business.  Simply  submitting  your  website  to  the  major  search  engines  isnt  enough.      We  already  have  the  top  marina,  travel  and  resort  business  listing  ready  for  submission.  We   create   websites   that   are   optimized   around   relevant   keywords   and   phrases   that   relate   to   your  business,   picked   after   careful   research   and   discussion   with   you.   Keywords,   link   relevance   and   several  other  techniques  are  designed  into  your  web  site  to  help  bring  your  message  to  the  world.        
  13. 13.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           12  Why   Be   First   on   Google".   Everyone   wants   to   be   number   one,   or   at   least   on   the   first   page.   There   are   even  some  SEO  firms  out  there  that  guarantee  front-­‐page  positions.  How  do  they  do  it?        The   first   way   is   to   pay   for   Google   Ad   words.   You   select   the   major   keywords   or   phrases   and   bid   up   how   much  you  will  pay  when  someone  uses  them  in  a  Google  search,  and  how  much  you  will  pay  if  someone  clicks  on  your   link.   This   wasnt   too   expensive   in   the   old   days,   when   there   wasnt   much   competition   for   key  words/phrases.  However,  it  can  become  quite  expensive  now  with  some  key  phrases  costing  $10.00  and  up  per  click.        The   second   ploy   is   to   pick   obscure,   long   key   phrases,   something   that   no   one   else   would   use   to   optimize   their  website.   So   when   you   type   in   the   obscure   phrase,   your   website   will   probably   come   up   first   on   the   Google  search  because  no  other  website  uses  the  phrase.  But  we  don’t  take  chances!!!  We  will  utilize  all  the  Google  tools,  interactive  maps,  address  from  here  to  there,  and  location  pins  on  your  website.      We   apply   all   of   our   knowledge   about   search   engine   optimization,   Internet   marketing   and   how   to   design   your  website  to  get  maximum  traffic  and  exposure.        
  14. 14.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           13  Our  Company  Website  Style  -­‐  Includes  Sub  page  style  design,  including  typography,  Website  HTLM  coding,  CSS  styles,  Flash  and  Java  Script  headers.  Also  includes  interactive  design  for  promotional  and  "call  to  action"  areas   and   sub   navigation   as   needed   and   agreed.     We   will   hand-­‐code   your   site   using   the   latest   web   standards  and   (Cascading   Style   Sheets).  Our   standard   Home   page   Flash   Animation   package   includes   1   main   scene,   and  up   to   3   additional   "scenes"   of   images.    Additional   page   styles,   such   as   product   or   services   pages   that   demand  a   unique   look,   e-­‐commerce   styles,   landing   pages,   blogs,   demos,   etc.   can   all   be   purchased   at   additional   costs,  as  their  demand  varies  from  client  to  client.  Home   Page   Interactive   Animation     -­‐   Specialized   and   Priced   Per   Client   -­‐   Our   website   has   ZIP   because   we  created   it   with   some   FLASH   and   Various   Java   Script   options.     This   can   add   some   "zip"   to   your   brand   by  displaying   your   message   in   a   time-­‐lined   or   on   demand   sequence   that   maximizes   readability   or   allows   your  users  to  interact  with  on  screen  images  that  will  animate  in  key  information,  imagery  or  offers.      Additional  page  styles,  such  as  product  or  services  pages  that  demand  a  unique  look,  e-­‐commerce  styles,  landing  pages,  blogs,  demos,  etc.  can  all  be  purchased  at  additional  costs,  as  their  demand  varies  from  client  to  client.  Link   Strategy  -­‐  High  quality  relevant  websites  that  link  to  your  website  are  a  major  factor  to  demonstrate  your   websites   importance,   and   therefore   improve   search   engine   ranking.   Listing   your   website   with   well-­‐established  directories  also  improves  your  site  popularity  and  search  engine  ranking.  We  have  researched  the  top  trafficked  sites  vacation,  marina  listings,  boating,  cabins  and  boat  rentals,  campgrounds,  and  other  travel  and  water  sports  related  sites.  Our  link  strategies  is  to  improve  your  rankings  and  bring  more  traffic  to  your  website.    Our  network  affiliation  within  the  marine  industry  and  affiliate  with  will  put  us  at  the  top  of  the  list.  Blogs   -­‐   Our   standard   blog   package   includes   categories,   archives,   links,   social   media   buttons,   subscribe   to  email,  RSS,  promotional  offering  for  widgets  from  provided  files  (up  to  5).  Our  Blog  is  completely  customized  designed.  Blog  search  and  other  functions  can  be  added  for  an  additional  fee.    Custom  Blogs-­‐  The  modern  day  newsroom,  our  custom  interactive  blog  is  designed  to  match  your  brand  and  is   one   of   the   fastest   ways   to   build   a   web   presence,   promote   news,   interact   with   potential   customers,   and  enhance  your  SEM  efforts.    We   manage   and   implement   your   e-­‐commerce   from   initial   website   design   layout   on   through   to   final  implementation   and   ongoing   maintenance   using   latest   technology   to   continuously   improve   website  visibility.        
  15. 15.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           14  COLLATERAL  PACKAGE  WE  CREATE  WHATEVER  IS  RIGHT  FOR  YOUR  BUSINESS!  Brochure   Design  -­‐  A  custom-­‐designed  brochure  to  showcase  your  company,  products,  and/or  services,  our  professional  design  team  will  create  a  custom  brochure  layout  for  your  brand.  Our  fee  is  based  on  a  design  equivalent  to  a  3-­‐  to  4-­‐panel  brochure.  (Printing  not  included.)    Business  Stationary  Design   -­‐   stationery   package   consisting   of   business   card,   letterhead,   #10   envelope,   10   x  13"  envelope,  and  graphic  standards  to  import  into  Microsoft  Word  for  e-­‐letterhead.  Includes  preparation  of  electronic  files  for  professional  printing.  Up  to  3  unique  business  cards  to  choose  from  to  ensure  satisfaction.  Sales   Kit   Design   -­‐   Our   sales   folder   kit   is   ideal   for   face-­‐to-­‐face   meetings,   leave   behinds,   trade   shows,   and  mailers.   This   interactive   piece   includes   a   full-­‐color,   custom-­‐designed   single   pocket   folder   with   a   matching  insert   template   that   allows   for   easy   in-­‐house   production.   (Printing   not   included.)   Graphic   layout   of   your  copy/content  into  the  insert  template  design,  if  needed,  is  charged  separately.            
  16. 16.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           15  AD  DESIGN  CHOICE  OF:  ONLINE  EMAIL  AD  OR  PRINT  AD  Print  Ad  -­‐  A  well-­‐conceived  and  professionally  designed  ad  can  draw  up  to  10  times  more  attention.  Our  print  ad  development  service  includes  conceptualizing,  graphic  design,  copywriting,  and  file  preparation/delivery  to  the  best  printing  company  depending  on  the  product.    We  will  plan;  negotiate,  on  your  behalf.  Online/Email  Ad  -­‐  You’ve  probably  received  some  of  these  in  your  inbox  from  major  retailers,  business  offers,  etc.  They  differ  from  templates  in  that  they  are  essential  just  one  graphic  "ad"  with  working  HTML  buttons  for  all’s  to  action.    It   applies   to   online   ads   placed   in   various   directories,   partner   sites,   or   online   advertising   for   tradeshows   or  specific   events.   Our   online/email   ad   design   also   includes   the   messaging   and   creative   writing   involved   in  developing  compelling  copy  to  complement  the  design.  They  are  used  to  promote  any  campaign,  services,  products  or  event  your  may  think  of,  and  are  usually  tied  to  landing  pages  that  can  track  and  monetize  your  success.   This   service   includes   the   creative   time   and   content   writing   for   the   ad,   the   graphic   design   and   the  coding  into  HTML  for  release.    The   advantage   of   hiring   our   marina   specialists   that   are   also   experts   in   marketing,   they   know   the   needs   of  your   clientele   and   how   to   meet   them.   Examples   include:   pre-­‐booking   for   rentals,   customer   incentives,  customer   interactive   pages,   special   events   that   become   tradition   that   customers   have   to   RSVP   and   buy   a  ticket  to  ensure  a  place  at  this  year’s  Mardi-­‐Gras  party,  Special  Contests  and  the  advantages  of  why  create  reasons  people  to  register  online.          
  17. 17.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           16  SOCIAL  MEDIA  &  NETWORKING  We  know  what  we  can  do  for  you,  you  have  to  recognize  your  clientele  will  miss  out  on  not  finding  you  and  what   you   provide.     We   know   where   they   network,   look   for   information   and   what   social   communities   they  want  to  join  and  want  to  actively  participate.    Regardless   if   you   don’t   believe   it   is   important   or   seems   it   has   been   beneficial   to   your   business,   you   would   be  surprised  that  is  where  they  publish  recommendations.    We’re  here  to  give  you  the  no  nonsense  advice  and  services  you  need  to  build  relationships,  share,  publish,  promote,  and  grow  sales  throughout  the  social  media  sphere.    Social  Media  Consulting  Our   social   media   consulting   services   are   customized   to   your   specific   needs.   After   we   build   your   social  network,  we  offer  training  for  your  staff  to  learn  how  to  use  social  media  websites,  like  Facebook,  Twitter,  LinkedIn,   Digg,   and   others.   We   can   help   find   and   engage   in   relevant   “conversations”   in   social   media.   We   can  also   build   your   corporate   social   media   policies.   The   ways   we   help   our   clients   leverage   the   power   of   social  media  are  as  varied  as  the  social  media  websites  themselves.  Have  questions?  Just  ask!  Social  Media  Set  Up  &  Customization  One   of   the   most   important   and   often   overlooked   aspects   of   social   media   marketing   is   the   profile   set   ups   and  customizations.   Utilizing   the   available   customization   tools,   profile   descriptors,   photos,   and   other   tools  available  on  each  social  media  website  can  make  a  huge  difference  in  your  overall  results.    We’ll  recommend  the  most  relevant  social  media  sites  for  your  business  and  then  create  and  optimize  profiles  that   are   search   engine   friendly   and   customized   for   your   brand.   Examples   include   custom   “tabs”   inside  Facebook,  Twitter  background  designs,  LinkedIn  company  descriptions,  YouTube  channel  setup,  and  more.                      
  18. 18.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           17  Social  Media  Publishing  &  Promotion  One  of  the  biggest  reasons  social  media  has  become  so  popular  among  businesses  is  for  the  ability  to  self-­‐publish  and  promote  a  company’s  content  to  a  wide  audience.    Here  are  just  a  few  of  the  ways  we  do  this:  •   We   promote   content   on   your   website   via   calls-­‐to-­‐actions   and   special   offers   that   are   shared   through   social  media  •   We  publish  content  on  article  submission  websites  with  links  back  to  your  company  website  •   We  publish  press  releases  through  our  partner,  PR  Web  that  are  optimized  for  social  media  and  shared   through  RSS  to  a  wide  range  of  media  subscribers.  •   We  bookmark  and  share  your  content  on  social  media  sites  like  Digg,  Stumble  Upon,  Delicious,  and   others  •   We  promote  your  content  by  sharing  links  on  Twitter,  LinkedIn,  Facebook,  and  others            
  19. 19.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           18      We   are   a   team   of   skilled   business   brokers,   marina   consultants   and   marketing   professionals   that   don’t   only  want   to   succeed   but   want   to   be   the   best   in   the   industry   by   making   a   difference   in   the   today’s   work  environment.   As   we   start   implementing   our   marketing   plan,   networking   in   the   community,   you   will   discover  the  proven  ways  to  succeeding  is  not  only  using  advertising  to  web  marketing  but  also  everything  in  between.  We   are   driven   to   shape   and   develop   marketing   strategies   in   the   buy   and   sell   market,   increase   profits   for  operating  marinas  and  create  longevity  for  business  owners  in  the  marina  and  boating  industry.      We   mentor   management   to   achieve   higher   level   of   accomplishments,   promote   team   building   and   overall  inspire   the   entire   staff   to   take   initiative   to   create   successful   daily   habits   improving   customer   service,  increasing  revenue  and  become  a  part  of  the  bigger  picture.      Our   goal   is   to   implement   a   marketing   plan   with   moneymaking   objectives   that   is   real   and   relevant   before   and  after   the   sale   of   a   marina.       As   marina   specialists,   marketing   and   sales   professionals,   we   will   show   you  everything   you   need   to   know   to   master   our   plan,   maneuver   a   user   friendly   website   that   makes   the   phone  ring,   letting   the   telephone   work   for   you,   while   establishing   rapport   with   your   customers.   As   part   of   our  consultant   package,   we   will   teach   you   how   to   make   everyone   into   a   potential   customer,   attract   more  qualified  customers  and  make  them  eager  about  wanting  to  be  a  member  of  your  marine  community.    We  will  show  you  how  to  close  the  sale,  on  the  phone,  online  and  off.                  
  20. 20.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           19           Southeast  Marina  Market,  LLC   Polly  Fuqua,  Principal       6071  Round  Hill  Lane   Knoxville,  TN  37912   Phone:  865-­‐414-­‐0501     Fax:  865-­‐300-­‐5187   E-­‐Mail:   Web:    
  21. 21.   Southeast Marina Market, LLC           20