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Yet another version of this! This one is for the April 20, 2010 workshop for the Capital Region School Library System.

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  • These are NOT suggestions from things you’ve searched before. Just suggestions from everyone.
  • Universal search results in Search Suggest
  • Synchronizes with your google bookmarks.
  • Search options sidebar introduced in mid 2009. New options are frequently added. Always check! Lots more limiters on the sidebar than there used to be. Will vary by search
  • Lots more limiters on the sidebar than there used to be. Will vary by search
  • Might be more helpful for this type of search. Note that options for further narrowing change as the type of result changes
  • Expands the content and shows preview of pages
  • Notice the NEWS at top Followed by news feed from twitter And then more results Click on LAST 24 HOURS
  • Handy for researching content in other languages – Picks the most appropriate language for your query Translates your query into that language Finds results and translates them back into your language for you.
  • Results from people you’re connected to and the people they’re connected to And from the blogs and resources you subscribe to.
  • Do a search Select options on sidebar Wonder Wheel view Helps focus topics.
  • Displays results that refer to dates along a timeline. Pulls from web pages, google books, articles and more.
  • Options sidebar for Images search Note: still have to go to ADVANCED SEARCH to limit to images that can be reused.
  • Incorporated into regular search now – had been in google labs Search for an image, look for SIMILAR IMAGES link below thumbnail
  • In Google Labs Gathers images based on visual and semantic similarity. Connects images based on their visual and semantic similarity.
  • Class project
  • Use article title or URL
  • May not see this yet. Partnering with music sites: like iLike, Pandora, Rhapsody, etc. Search on lyrics, etc.
  • Been around in Google Labs for years, but handy!
  • Day by day – top search terms
  • Lock safe search from SETTINGS – need password to unlock. Could you lock all the machines in a lab? And make sure browser doesn’t remember password? Mostly a visual thing. See the colored balls and you know safe search is on. Easy to defeat and not foolproof. I searched for ‘pornography’ – didn’t get any porn directly, but did get results that would lead me to it.
  • Recently acquired by google – searchable by texting and web.
  • While we’re on the topic of being organized…. Lets look at google’s calendars.
  • Select the sites you want to search Add them to the custom search and create your own search box You can put it on another web page Or add it to your iGoogle
  • Complete list of World Bank indicators currently available: CO2 emissions per capita , Electricity consumption per capita , Energy use per capita , Exports as percentage of GDP , Fertility rate , GDP deflator change , GDP growth rate , GNI per capita in PPP dollars , Gross Domestic Product , Gross National Income in PPP dollars , Imports as percentage of GDP , Internet users as percentage of population , Life expectancy , Military expenditure as percentage of GDP , Mortality rate, under 5 , Population , and Population growth rate .
  • Articles and citations from scholarly publishers, preprints, publication databases and more Links to full text articles where possible Connect to your local academic library through the Scholar Preferences screen.
  • Search options
  • Results – free articles linked on right. Cited by…. Related articles. Web search Check library holdings BL direct – british library - purchase on the spot – electronic download All versions.
  • Full text
  • Results –indicates a free online version of the article Cited by…. Related articles. Web search Import into EndNote Check library holdings BL direct – british library - purchase on the spot – electronic download All versions.
  • Add your local academic libraries Select a bibliography manager to export citations to
  • Add a google scholar search box to your own web pages
  • full text legal opinions from U.S. federal and state district, appellate and supreme courts
  • Basic News search focused on last 30 days. 25,000 constantly updating news sources Archived News Search Recently announced that in the past year the # of digitized articles has quadrupled. And they’re including more sources and further back in time. (source:
  • Standard news page with major topic categories on left.
  • For language students and students from other countries, get news in other languages For all students, these pages give view of news from other points of view
  • Story page is nicely organized. Timeline, images, videos, quotes, blogs, local news etc.
  • Do a custom search News IMAGE VERSION – pulls out the images from the stories. . Same stories, just a different view.
  • Search for a name, get one quote at top of results page, with link to more quotes From this page, you can search within the quotes.
  • Search by dates takes you into the archives search. Which can also be accessed from the advanced search screen. Back to 1700’s. Quadrupled the # of digitized stories over the last year.
  • Halifax Nova scotia Gazette from 1753
  • Google Search Update

    1. 1. Google Search Update Capital Region –School Library System April 20, 2010 Polly-Alida Farrington
    2. 2. General Search Tips
    3. 3. Google 411 – not new, but still handy!
    4. 4. Search Suggestions
    5. 5. Smart Results in Search Bar
    6. 6. Personalized Search with Stars
    7. 7. Rich Snippets reviews, people profiles, business listings, recipes and events.
    8. 8. Search Options sidebar
    9. 9. Search Options Sidebar
    10. 11. Results from Discussions
    11. 12. More Shopping Results
    12. 13. Page Previews
    13. 14. Timely Topic
    14. 15. Latest Results – real time stream
    15. 16. Twitter Timeline
    16. 17. Last 24 Hours & Sorted by Date
    17. 18. Translated Search
    18. 19. Social Search
    19. 20. Results Nearby
    20. 21. Related Searches
    21. 22. Wonder Wheel
    22. 23. Timeline
    23. 24. Images
    24. 25. Search Options - Images
    25. 26. Similar Images
    26. 27. Life Magazine Photos
    27. 28. Image Swirl (Google Labs)
    28. 29. Odds & Ends!
    29. 30. Google Search Stories
    30. 31. 5 Awesome Ideas For Using Google Search Story Creator In The Classroom
    31. 32. Subscriber Only Content
    32. 33. Music Search
    33. 34. Google Sets (Google Labs)
    34. 35. Google Trends (Google Labs)
    35. 36. Visualize Trends
    36. 37. Twitter Search Results - Firefox Greasemonkey Addon
    37. 38. Google Cloudlet – FF addon
    38. 39. Lock Safe Search
    39. 40. Aardvark
    40. 41. Mobile Search!
    41. 42. Google Custom Search
    42. 43. Google Custom Search
    43. 44. KidRex
    44. 45. Data
    45. 46. Public Data
    46. 47. Public Data – embed code
    47. 48. Google Data Explorer
    48. 49. Google Scholar
    49. 50. Google Scholar
    50. 56. https://
    51. 57. Legal Opinions
    52. 58. Google News
    53. 60. Add a Section
    54. 63. Fast Flip View
    55. 64. Image View
    56. 65. Quotes
    57. 66. Search within Quotes Set
    58. 67. Easy limits by date
    59. 68. News Archives - Timeline
    60. 69. Really Old News!
    61. 70. Thank you!