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How to manage facebook pages


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This is a beginner's guide for how to manage a Facebook page. Learn about EdgeRank, Activity Log, definitions and more. This was created mostly before Facebook's March 2013 announce of its new News Feed, so it is not shown in this presentation.

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How to manage facebook pages

  1. 1. By Dan Polley@polleydan
  2. 2. Understanding Timeline Profile photo Cover photo Applications
  3. 3. Understanding Timeline
  4. 4. Understanding Timeline Creating a visual-heavy page timeline can be good, but most people will interact with your content on News Feed.
  5. 5. Facebook EdgeRank Whatisedgerank.comAffinity: Relationship between user and content sharer.Weight: Value of certain actions and content.Time Decay: How long content has been active.
  6. 6. News Feed• You reach fans in their News Feed.
  7. 7. Dominating with photos• Photos on Facebookgenerate 53% morelikes than the averagepost.• Users upload 300million photos toFacebook daily.• Instagram usage hasskyrocketed 1,179%since April 2012.Source: Hubspot
  8. 8. Dominating with photos• 50% of content in the average users News Feed is photo and other visual content.• 25-30% of the content in a users News Feed is Page posts.Source: Facebook, March 7
  9. 9. Dominating with photos On mobile, photos are much more dominant than link shares. Link share
  10. 10. Growing with mobile • Mobile daily active users exceeded web users for first time in fourth quarter of 2012. Source: Facebook
  11. 11. Tips & TricksYou can navigate inFacebook as yourpage, liking andcommenting as yourpage and reading in yourpage’s News Feed.
  12. 12. Tips & Tricks To schedule a post: • Post content in share box. • After, click clock in lower-left corner. – Select year, then month, then date, then time.
  13. 13. Tips & Tricks
  14. 14. Tips & Tricks Scheduled post Time to post See moreSee scheduled posts at “Edit Page” then “Use Activity Log.”
  15. 15. Tips & TricksOnce you paste in link and thumbnail and link appear, delete link intext box.
  16. 16. Tips & TricksUsing full URL Using shortened URLAlways try full URL first because people are more likely to click if they know where theyare going.
  17. 17. Tips & Tricks Be sure to @ mention a Facebook page if it is related to your post.
  18. 18. Tips & Tricks Mentioning others will help your content to be shared.
  19. 19. Tips & Tricks When one thing you want is link clicks, this can be especially powerful.
  20. 20. Tips & TricksApplications are another way to interact.Contests, giveaways and more MUST use these.
  21. 21. Tips & TricksKeep posts short. (Less than 80 characters best.)
  22. 22. Tips & TricksUse effective calls to action (CTA).This simple one resulted in lots of clicks compared to average for a post.
  23. 23. Measurement• Reach: Number of unique people who saw post, fans or not.• Page Stories: People Talking About This (TAT): Likes + Number of posts to wall + likes, comments and shares stories created of posts + questions answered + events about your responded to + page mentions + photo Page. tagged + check ins + recommendations.
  24. 24. Measurement • Consumers: The number of people who clicked on any of your content.• Consumptions: The number of clicks on any of yourcontent. Clicks generating stories are included in "OtherClicks." Stories generated without clicks on page content(e.g., liking the page in Timeline) are not included.
  25. 25. Measurement• Negative Feedback: Hide post + hide all posts + unlike• Link Clicks: Number of clicks on link.• Other Clicks: Number of clicks not counted in other metrics.
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