The Dreamwatts Smart Meter


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Overview of the Dreamwatts smart meter technology that allows you to manage and control your building's energy consumption from your desktop. You can set your thermostats to start and stop automatically, and see clearly where you can save money. Visit for a demo.

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The Dreamwatts Smart Meter

  1. 1. DreamWatts® Energy Management for Light Commercial Facilities PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 1 Revised 8/16/09
  2. 2. Facility Manager Overview Do you have these Needs? The Current Situation for Light Commercial Facilities What DreamWatts Offers Building Owners and Facility Mangers DreamWatts System Overview How the DreamWatts Energy Management System Works Summary of Benefits Contact PowerMand or your HVAC Services Dealer PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 2
  3. 3. Do you need to: Reduce the energy costs for buildings you manage/occupy Improve facility management efficiency More effectively respond to complaints from occupants Receive alerts when key areas/units go out of range Bill tenants for energy use/HVAC use outside standard hours Participate in electric utility demand reduction programs Get LEED or Energy Star certification for your buildings PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 3
  4. 4. The Current Situation Energy use in most light commercial buildings (i.e. buildings under 100K sq. ft.) is poorly managed It is not cost-effective to install high-end control systems / cost- high- building automation systems in this type of building There is no way to remotely monitor or control HVAC system usage in these buildings, or to respond easily to complaints Without long-term trend data, it is impossible to improve long- the performance of these buildings/get them certified under LEED or Energy Star programs PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 4
  5. 5. What DreamWatts Offers A highly cost-effective solution for energy management in cost- light commercial facilities, esp. for retrofits Inexpensive to install: uses an existing broadband Internet connection and a wireless connection to thermostats, etc. Allows facility managers to remotely monitor and adjust settings for HVAC systems (and other equipment), ensuring effective programming while reducing operational costs Subscription service provides software upgrades with added features, plus optional service levels for expanded capabilities Collection of long-term data to our Data Center for trend long- analysis and building certification, etc. PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 5
  6. 6. DreamWatts® System Overview Facility Manager Facility Monitoring Remote: • Oversight Commercial Internet hosting • Control facility provides 24/7 uptime • Alarms •Stores collected data •System monitoring •Sends alarm notifications Managed Facility Sub-metering DreamWay™ Gateway Existing Local Area Network with Broadband Internet Access PowerMand New Devices Radio Thermostats Data Center (Inverters, etc.) 120/240 Volt Circuit Controls PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 6
  7. 7. Dealers Install & Configure DreamWatts is installed and configured by experienced HVAC Services firms that are Authorized DreamWatts Dealers These firms work with you to understand your requirements and bid a configuration that best meets your needs Since no control wiring is needed for retrofits, disruption of ongoing business activities is minimized Dealers provide an initial configuration that you can then easily adjust based on observed system performance PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 7
  8. 8. Simple User Interface DreamWatts provides the easiest to understand and simplest to use Graphical User Interface in the industry Set up thermostat schedules, override limits, PIN codes, etc. remotely using your Web Browser rather than going to each thermostat and using a tiny display/multi-function buttons display/multi- Use drag and drop to change to your calendar, adjust set points and timelines, etc. Get a quick overview of usage trends with interactive charts PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 8
  9. 9. Energy Management Dashboard PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 9
  10. 10. Check/Control Thermostats Check set points and current temperature Apply temporary overrides remotely PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 10
  11. 11. Monitor Building Performance Overrides PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 11
  12. 12. Building Performance History Cooling Set point Inside Temperature Heating Set point Outside Temperature Inside Stage 1 Humidity Cooling Stage 2 Heating Fan PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 12
  13. 13. Set Lockout PIN/Override Limits Set PIN codes to lock out changes Set temperature and time limits for temporary overrides entered at thermostat Apply temporary overrides remotely without limits PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 13
  14. 14. Adjust Schedules 2) Select the Day Type 3) Drag and drop Occupancy Modes onto the time line 4) Drag the start/stop points as desired 1) Select the Thermostat to adjust PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 14
  15. 15. Quickly Modify Calendars Simply drag and drop to add a holiday, etc. PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 15
  16. 16. Check/Control Loads Load Control Modules control & monitor 120/240V circuits Used for: Check current status of LCM Lighting Check current, Water Heaters power and Fans voltage levels Pumps Set temporary overrides remotely Etc. PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 16
  17. 17. Monitor Energy Use PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 17
  18. 18. DreamWatts “Building Smart Energy” Save Money Improve energy efficiency by effectively managing usage Measure and manage energy usage to leverage utility programs Remote oversight and control allows facility mangers to be more effective while reducing overhead Low installation, equipment and setup costs provide quick ROI Subscription service provides long-term growth path as needs change long- Improve Building Performance and Marketability Ensure that buildings are performing according to expectations Monitor for problems and respond quickly to complaints Collect long-term data to allow trend analysis/building certification long- Provide accurate and equitable tenant billing Bill flat rate tenants for HVAC usage outside standard hours Bill triple net tenants for actual energy usage – with real-time reporting real- PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 18
  19. 19. DreamWatts® Energy Management for Light Commercial Facilities Available through Polk Premier Service Call (800) 299-4824 for more information PowerMand, Inc. Facility Manager Overview 19