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  1. 1. World War I Tristen Polkenhorn 1-24-12 Honors World History Period 5
  2. 2. The Battle of TannenbergThe Battle of Tannenberg was when German Empireand The Russian Empire went to war with each other.It was one of the first battles of WWI and it went onfrom August 23-30, 1917.The Germans pretty much wiped out The Russianssecond army and also the first one.The battle took place near Allenstein, East Prussia
  3. 3. Continued...The Battle of Tannenberg was the mostspectacular and complete germanyvictory of the first world warRussia lost 170,000 casualties total andGermany lost 12,000 casualties total.
  4. 4. The Battle of VerdunThe Battle of Verdun took placeFebruary 21 - December 18, 1916 inVerdun-sur-Meuse, France.It was the longest battle of WWIAll together 306,000 people were killedon the battle ground
  5. 5. Continued...Philippe Pétain & Robert Nivelle leadFrance to victoryErich Von Falkenhayn & Crown PrinceWilhelm lead The German Empiresarmy.France had 75 divisions total and TheGerman Empire had 50 divisions total
  6. 6. The Battle of SommeThe Battle of Somme took place July 1 -November 18, 1916.It was between the United Kingdom andThe German Empire.One of the biggest warssuffered 1 million casualties
  7. 7. Continued...One of the bloodiest military operationsever recordedThe battle was a stalemateGerman Army withdraws 40 miles to theHindenburg lineThe Allies had a tactical and strategiceffects on the Germany Army.
  8. 8. The First Battle of The MarneThe The First Battle of The Marne wentfrom September 5 - 12, 1914. It was Allies vs. The German Empire The Allies wonThe Allies pushed back the GermanEmpire from the edge of paris
  9. 9. Continued...The Allies had 1,071,000; 39 FrenchDivisions and 6 British DivisionsThe German Empire had 1,485,000; 27German DivisionsThe allies lost 81,700 casualties and theGerman Empire lost 220,000 casualties.
  10. 10. Gallipoli CampaignThe Gallipoli Campaign or Battle of Gallipoli beganApril 25, 1915 - January 9, 1916.British Empire, France Vs. Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire defeated the British EmpireThe British and French wanted to capture the capitalof Constantinople and secure a sea route to Russia,but it was a failed attempt due to heavy artillery onboth the sides
  11. 11. Continued...The British Empire had 489,000 men and France had79,000 menThe Ottoman Empire had 315,500 men; 6 divisions(initial) and 15 divisions (final)The British Empire lost 56% of their men and TheOttoman Empire lost 60% of their menThe Gallipoli Campaign was one of the greatestvictory’s for the TurksIt was the first major battle undertaken by theAustralian and New Zealand Army Corps
  12. 12. The StalemateBritish Empire, France Vs. GermanEmpire.The War was on the Western Front whenBritish and French troops encounteredthe Germans in a trenchThe Germans used the trench forprotection against grenades and bullets.
  13. 13. Continued...British and French Troops caught on tothe trench warfare, so they madetrenches themselvesBritain and France lost 7,947,000 menin the warGermany lost 5,603,000 mean in thebattle for the Western Front
  14. 14. The Christmas TruceThe Christmas Truce happened along theWester Front in 1914.Both countries were at war for a longtime and they were all sad because theycouldn’t spend christmas with theirfamiliesSome of the men started singingchristmas carols and everyone elsestarted joining in.
  15. 15. Contiuned...The countries in the war decided to calla truce on christmas and celebrate.They started mingling with each otherand playing soccer even though theywere in a full out war the day before.When the day was over everyone wentback to the trenches and the next daythey went right back into war.