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Oito dicas para transformar likers em clientes


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Oito dicas para transformar likers em clientes

  1. 1. Silverpop Tweet This!8 Tips for Turning Facebook“Likes” into CustomersW ith the seemingly endless growth of Facebook—more than 800 million users and counting—it’s easy to get caught up in the giddy rush of seeing how many “likes” you can generate. But at theend of the day, the number of fans you have isn’t very important if those “likes” don’t tie into overallstrategic goals such as increasing sales, leads, brand awareness and overall revenue.As you’re racking up those precious “likes,” remember to focus on both turning casual fans intocustomers and engaging already-loyal customers so they become even more passionate about your brand.In this tip sheet, we’ll focus on the 51 percent of people who “like” a brand but don’t classify themselvesas “loyal customers.”1 Here are eight tips for converting them to the cause:1 Use Facebook to drive email opt-ins. Facebook offers a golden opportunity for you to boost subscribers to your email program, where nurturing of relationships and conversions is more likely to occur. frequency and use screenshots of recent email newsletters or other communications to show potential subscribers what they can expect from your emails. And finally, remember to promote email sign-ups in wall posts visible 2 Yet only about one in 10 companies are leveraging to anyone who comes to your page. Facebook for this purpose2. Start turning fans into customers by creating a unique tab on your company Offer coupons for use in your ecommerce or brand’s Facebook page that houses an opt-in form, store or at physical store locations. where fans can sign up for emails without leaving According to a CMO Council study, 79 percent Facebook. To maximize your success, make sure it of consumers are using social media to take advantage appears in your top three tabs so it’s displayed just of special offers and discounts, but only 43 percent below your main image. of companies are offering deals and savings via social1. Give customers what they want by serving Give the tab a distinct name such as up coupons on your Facebook wall for your physical “Newsletters” or “Email Offers” and use locations or online store. Be creative with your it to describe the contents of your core offers, perhaps making the email program and reinforce specific value discount amount a surprise propositions, such as being notified of until the coupon is redeemed special sales before non-subscribers or or tying coupon redemption recieving invitations to events. to a loyalty program. Communicate your Extra perk: This is the typical email type of content your fans will love to share with their social networks. │ 1
  2. 2. Tweet 8 Tips for Turning Facebook “Likes” into Customers This!3 Display customer-centric videos on your Facebook page. Video can be a powerful tool for nudging a person toward a purchase, so consider embedding videos on your wall to your website and spreading the word about your big news. Related tip: When applicable, consider running Facebook promotions offering fans exclusive sneak peeks at new products—you’ll increase loyalty, build 7 buzz and promote sharing. or creating a special tab on your Facebook page to house your videos—or both. Imagine the possibilities: Customer Share links to your tabs on your Facebook wall. testimonials or product demos can help nurture a prospect Putting tabs on your wall is a savvy tactic, but there are through the sales funnel. A how-to guide or online tool can challenges: Facebook limits the number you can display position your company as an industry leader. A humorous at one time, and some visitors aren’t used to them ad can encourage a purchase and build loyalty. And as an and may not understand their function or importance. added bonus, videos are one of the most potentially viral What can you do to drive traffic to these “hidden” or pieces of content you can feature.4 overlooked tabs, then? One suggestion: Try putting them front and center by teasing to them on your wall. Run sweepstakes to get fans to engage with you. Given that 65 percent of social media users connect Remember to take a service-oriented tone with these with brands on Facebook for the games, contests and teaser posts so they come across as helpful rather promotions1, gamification can be a savvy way to give than self-promotional, explicitly communicating the your marketing campaigns some pizazz and connect value that they deliver to the Facebook user. Also, more strongly with your followers. Try offering you may want to consider putting a “Fan Gate” in Facebook-exclusive sweepstakes and awarding cool front of these pages, requiring visitors to “like” your prizes to build buzz, perhaps providing an extra entry page in order to complete the form. While this tactic if the user shares the promotion with his or her social can increase “likes,” use it judiciously as it can also network. Consider announcing the winners via your lead to form or page desertions and may not seem Facebook wall and making the announcement as very “social” if overused.5 8 interactive and shareworthy as possible. Integrate Facebook with your other Offer sign-up tabs for white papers, Webinars, marketing channels. how-to guides and more on your Facebook page. Since your customers and prospects are likely moving Those who “like” your brand or business on Facebook in and out of multiple channels throughout the day, could be just about anywhere in the buying cycle. cross-pollinating your message across platforms will Make sure, then, to prominently feature thought- help you reach more people and maximize your chances leadership pieces and educational resources on your of success. Use your Facebook wall to communicate the page, creating sign-up tabs (and related download value proposition of your other social networks, mobile forms) specifically for the purpose of highlighting these apps, check-in programs, etc., as well as promotions documents. Remember to embed social-sharing calls to involving these channels. Whether it’s highlighting action within these documents—for example, a “Tweet your email content in wall posts on the same day you This!” social-sharing button at the top of each page send it to regular subscribers, inviting fans to join your prepopulated with a sample Tweet—to help create more loyalty rewards check-in campaign via Foursquare, or awareness for your content. allowing in-store visitors to fill out an on-site iPad form6 Tease fans with product updates, news and using their Facebook login, the possibilities for cross- promotion are many. announcements, driving them to your website. Although you don’t want to get too product-heavy on For more tips and tricks on location-based your Facebook wall, you shouldn’t shy away from sharing marketing, check out our blog and Resources page. exciting product news either. Given that 55 percent of 1-CMO Council, “Variance in the Social Brand Experience,” 2011 consumers connect via social for new product news1, 2-Silverpop, “Mocial Survey: How Companies Are Using Social, Facebook can be a fantastic platform for pushing traffic Mobile, Local and Email,” 2011 Like our content? You’ll love our product. Contact us for a demo. Like us on Facebook © 2012 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. The Silverpop logo is a registered trademark of Silverpop Systems Inc. │ 2