PA209- Tools for Ethics Managers Report (Part 2 of 2)


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Part 2 of 2

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PA209- Tools for Ethics Managers Report (Part 2 of 2)

  1. 1. Code Implementation integrated into the fabric of the organizational culture Codes should be regarded as living documents
  2. 2. FUL CODES must have clear behavior objectives must fit with the mission of the agency must have pragmatic goals must be supported by feedback
  3. 3. not-so-successful CODES raise unrealistic expectations try to control too much shift in political leadership they get old
  4. 4. Oaths Tool # 4
  5. 5. used to encourage ethical behavior defines the public servant as a professional
  6. 6. provide officials with the legitimacy and empowerment to carry out their duties in a transcendent manner that is both ethically and morally sound.
  7. 7. Ethics Audits Tool # 5
  8. 8. It is a PROACTIVE tool for building organizations of integrity
  9. 9. It is not an accounting or It is used to determine if financial changes need to be made in management the climate, environment audit codes and the enforcement of ethical policies.
  10. 10. Yet, it is an uncommon tool.
  11. 11. why? • threatening- if presented as an effort to root-out wrongdoing.
  12. 12. why? • requires a lot of time, effort and money to ensure comprehensiveness of audit in terms of information solicited and coverage of members
  13. 13. why? • doubt on confidentiality of the audit ?
  14. 14. But there are important reasons to conduct an ethics audit!
  15. 15. Pay-offs greater work satisfaction increased productivity
  16. 16. Pay-offs building of public trust and confidence in the agency
  17. 17. Pay-offs policies Identify the GAP procedures
  18. 18. Pay-offs Life of Integrity Assess occupational risk or vulnerability
  19. 19. Pay-offs Identifies ethical training priorities.
  20. 20. Methodology University-conducted audit questionnaires are sent to randomly selected employees
  21. 21. Methodology respondents provide information about the ethical climate of his/her organization
  22. 22. Result strong ethical climate effectiveness efficiency teamwork quality excellence
  23. 23. ethics high performance
  24. 24. Human Resources Management Tool # 6
  25. 25. should ethical behavior of a person be considered in these decisions: 1. hiring 2. evaluating 3. promoting 4. firing
  26. 26. Hiring and promoting honest people is NO easy task
  27. 27. codes audits staff meetings Ethical awareness committees
  28. 28. HIRING PRACTICE ask applicant to respond to hypothetical situations Applicant HR Manager
  29. 29. ANNUAL EVALUATIONS treats others with respect and dignity incorporate ethics undergo ethics component in education/training employee’s annual course evaluation
  30. 30. ETHICS COUNSELORS function as consultants when people confront dilemmas and wish to discuss them
  31. 31. Human Resources Management can be drawn on to promote ethics and integrity in governance.
  32. 32. Are some tools more effective than others?
  33. 33. leadership > oaths/codes ethics audit
  34. 34. No s ngle tool is sufficient.
  35. 35. Ethics managers must use all tools at their disposal
  36. 36. THE END Thanks for listening!