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DAVID CHANDLER: "Vulci" bronze sculpture 2013 ppt


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VULCI is a small bronze maquette for amuch larger public sculpture project. It is the last of a group of three small sculptures that includes "GATE" (for Aquinas College) and "X+W".The group is inspired by Etruscan tripods, saints haloes, books and pages, forms that occupy each other's space, large full stops, organic shapes/landscapes in frames and light projecting shadow makers. The mirroring element works well in three dimensions.. The edition is limited to 3 only. 2013. They are roughly patinated in a custom designed caramel brown patina which seems t look like a rust effect.

Published in: Design
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DAVID CHANDLER: "Vulci" bronze sculpture 2013 ppt

  1. 1. VULCI David Chandler 2013 Bronze sculpture 133 mm x 110 mm / caramel patina: edition 3