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Pros & Cons of Having a Policy Management Software On a Mobile Device


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Through our years of interacting with clients, we have recognized the necessity of having policy documents and guides to be easily accessible, wherever and whenever the need may arise. The solution, for instance, may be having a policy management software accessible from a mobile device. With that said, just like with every other technology, having a mobile policy management software app has its pros and cons. Hence, we wrote this article to help you assess the advantages and disadvantages of having such an app available for your organization. We believe that this is a personal choice for each organization to make, and through this guide you should be able to choose whether or not a mobile app is something you require, regardless of what policy management software you employ.

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Pros & Cons of Having a Policy Management Software On a Mobile Device

  1. 1. Pros & Cons Of Having A Policy Management Software On A Mobile Device
  2. 2. 1) Pro Ever since the first cell phone made by Martin Cooper on August 3rd 1973, the world has seen an enormous growth in mobility, and it has been becoming ever more popular as the time goes. As the global mobility increases, so does the need to have an app that is accessible from a mobile device. Therefore, we believe that a mobile policy manager software will give our audience members the freedom of being anywhere and still be able to access their policies and procedures. Mobility
  3. 3. 2) Pro There is nothing better than having what you need in the palm of your hand and this is definitely one of the greatest advantages the smart phones have brought us. So how would you feel if you were able to have your whole library of policies in your pocket? We would assume, it being extremely beneficial as you would be able to search and read your policies within seconds. Easy access
  4. 4. 3) Pro As mentioned in previous articles, we have seen the pace of the world increasing at an unimaginable pace and life has been getting busier and busier. Technology comes to aid our need to manage our time better and, as a result, relieves our pressure. One form of doing this is by helping to keep us on track by having our schedule organized and by notifying to regularly remind us of what is the next task on the list. With a mobile app, these reminders and notifications could be set on your personal calendar all in one place so you never fall off track. Notifications
  5. 5. 1) Con As technology advances, devices are getting smaller, lighter, and thinner, which could be fantastic in some areas, but not so great in others. For a policy manager software, it is one of the former. This is due to the fact that screen size is a concern when large amount of text comes into play; trying to fit in a small screen may make the readability unviable or, in some cases, very tedious when using the zoom-in functionality. Screen size
  6. 6. 2) Con If screen size is a challenge by itself, editing could be a nightmare. Majority of mobile devices do not have a physical keyboard and to supply the need of one, a screen keyboard may appear, which consumes from 20% to 50% of the screen area. Another aspect to be considered in this area is the comfort of typing big chunks of text on a screen keyboard. Hence, editing and making changes to a policy through a mobile device may be daunting and not so efficient. Editing Document
  7. 7. 3) Con Currently, the majority of the mobile providers charge the end-user per usage of their data allowance. It is very common that these apps may use up your data limit, and/or exceed it in some cases. Knowing through experience, policy documents could go from very small to considerably big in data size; hence, the data consumption acts as a challenge to this type of software. Setting up limits on what can be opened over a mobile network is essential in order to avoid unexpected surprises in data usage charges. Data consumption
  8. 8. Mobile Application for PolicyManager Trying to take advantage of all the pros above and mitigating the cons, PolicyMedical is working on a mobile app which will come out in the near future adding even more value to our customer base, as well as our management solutions. If you like to know more about our PolicyManager, please contact us. Alternatively, you may also experience our PolicyManager™ in live action through booking a demo.
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