Basic Knowledge of CNC Cutting Tool


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Basic Knowledge of CNC Cutting Tool

  1. 1. Basic Knowledge of CNC Cutting ToolCommonly Used Material of CNC ToolsMaterials CNC tool is broadly divided into the following categories: high-speed steel, carbide,cermet, ceramic, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride, and polycrystalline diamond. Here mainlymention the ceramic, the time of the use of ceramics for the cutting tool is earlier thancarbide, but due to their brittleness, the development is very slow. But since the 1970s, it stillgets a relatively fast development. There are two major lines in the ceramic tool materials,namely alumina-based and silicon nitride department. Ceramics, as a cutting tool, have theadvantages of low cost, high hardness, high temperature performance and a good prospect.Category of CNC Cutting ToolAccording to cutting exercise and the blade shape, CNC cutting tool can be divided into threecategories. The general-purpose tool, such as turning tools, planer, milling cutters (excludingforming lathe tool, shaping the planer and forming cutter), boring tools, drill bits, reamers,reamers and saws, etc.; the forming tool, this type of tool blade has the same or nearly thesame shape with the workpiece cross section, such as forming turning tools, molding planer,shaping cutters, broaches, tapered reamer and threaded processing tool; The generating toolis to use the generating method to process gear tooth surface or similar artifacts, such ashobs, shaper cutters, gear shaving cutters, bevel gear planer and bevel gear milling cutter.Cutting tools, if classified in the form of the workpiece surface, can be divided into fivecategories. Cutting tools used to process a variety of the outer surface are including turningtools, planer, milling, outer surface pull knife and rasp; hole-making tools, including drills,reamers, boring tool, reamer and the inner surface of the broach; the thread processing tools,including taps, dies, thread cutting head automatically opening and closing, thread turningand thread milling cutters, etc.; and the gear cutting tools, including hobs, shaper knife,shaving cutter, bevel gear processing tool; the cutting tool, including inserts tooth circularsaw blades, band saw, bow saw, cut off lathe tool and blade cutter.
  2. 2. Alloy End MillsThe carbide end mills are the milling cutter made with carbide material. If you want to learncarbide cutters then you need to know what the cemented carbide is. Cemented carbide isbased on the high hardness micron level refractory metal carbide (WC, TiC) powder as amain component, and powder metallurgy products uses cobalt (Co) or nickel (Ni),molybdenum (Mo) as a binder, fired in a vacuum oven or hydrogen reduction furnace.Carbide cutter is mainly divided into: solid carbide tools, carbide straight shank slot cutters,carbide blade cutter, carbide spiral drill cutter, carbide machine reamer cutter, carbide endmill and carbide ball end mill.This article come from: