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Facebook like dislike stamp o

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Facebook like dislike stamp o

  1. 1. Facebook Like/Dislike StampJanuary 9, 2011 - Comm entsIn the not too distant future we will determine success by Likes and Dislikes. Got a “D-” ona mathquiz? Now it’s just a “Dislike”. Received a promotion at your job? Now it’s simply a “Like” in yoursalary. Get with this new trend with this Facebook Like and Dislike Stamp.Buy It$12.95via Amazon.comEver felt like you wanted to “Like” something that you hear inconversation or read on a document? If you’re like the rest of themodern world, you may have had this common, thoughembarrassing, thought. Pretty soon, we’ll be all be wired into eachothers brains, and we can “Like” or “Dislike” the thought waves thatwe hear through the air; until that time, there’s the Like and Dislikestamp set from Jailbreak Collective.You can carry this likable stamp set around in your purse or yourmurse. When you’re in line at Starbucks and you dislike the serviceyou’re receiving, quickly pull out your “Dislike” stamp and slam thatbaby down on your receipt. T he barista will get your message loudand clear. When you’re on a first date, and you really dig what your newest mate is wearing, youcanstamp his or her hand withyour “Like” stamp. It might be creepy, but it’s faster than writing an “I like you” note while your partner is in the bathroom. It’salso clear that this set of stamps will have many uses in the workplace. Bogged down with TPS reports? Dislike.