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Interaction13 Conference: Lean Startup in Design Consulting - Lessons Learned

Given at Interaction 13, 28 Jan 2013 with Johanna Kollmann.

As fast, user-centered development gains acceptance, many startups have successfully adopted a Lean Startup philosophy. But, why is it that many agencies and their clients still struggle to apply this methodology to larger-scale projects? What can – and should – consulting firms learn and embrace from startups? In this presentation, Martina Schell from Method and Johanna Kollman from Sidekick Studios will discuss the evolution of a product development philosophy for clients and agencies. Drawing from their experience leading UX and product design at startups, in-house, and now at consultancies, they will explore how they have applied Lean Startup methodologies in a consulting context. Are interaction designer and product people who apply Lean Startup the next big thing in consulting, or is it just another buzzword? Expect war stories and hear personal anecdotes about what has or hasn't worked, and judge for yourself.

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Interaction13 Conference: Lean Startup in Design Consulting - Lessons Learned

  1. 1. Lean  Startup  in  Design  Consulting:Lessons  Learned.Martina  Schell ~ @polaroidgrrlJohanna  Kollmann ~ @johannakollInteraction  13,  Toronto
  2. 2. Photo  by  Ed  Stevenson:
  3. 3. Lean  Startup?
  4. 4. Photo  by  Betsy  Weber:  h3p://  Ries  @ericries
  5. 5. Photo  by  Jason  Rodman:  h3p://“A  startup  is  a  human  institution  designed  to  create  a  new  product  or  service  under  conditions  of  extreme  uncertainty.”~  @ericries
  6. 6. Photo  by  A.N.M:  h3p://
  7. 7. Get  out  of  the  building!Photo  by  h3p://  Blank  @sgblank
  8. 8. “Three  central  principles  to  Lean  Startup  are  Photo  by  Salim  Virani:  h3p://  Salim  Virani  @saintsal­‐history-­‐of-­‐leanstartup-­‐and-­‐how-­‐to-­‐make-­‐sense-­‐of-­‐it-­‐all/-­‐  the  importance  of  measuring  the  big  picture.  “-­‐  the  culture  of  continuous  improvement  and-­‐  the  goal  of  minimising  waste,  
  9. 9. Setup Make Finish
  10. 10. Can  we  build  businesses  and  products  through  consulting  projects?
  11. 11. Setup
  12. 12. Photo  by  Adam  Fagen:  h3p://
  13. 13. Problem/Solution  FitProduct/Market  FitScaleAdapted  from  Ash  Maurya,  ‘Running  Lean:  Iterate  from  Plan  A  to  a  Plan  That  Works’
  14. 14. Founder?
  15. 15. Photo  by  Anders  Zakrisson  h3p://­‐zakrisson/4982281184/
  16. 16. BusinessDesignTechnology
  17. 17. Photo  by  Helen:  h3p://
  18. 18. Make
  19. 19. Photo by eelke dekker
  20. 20. BuildMeasureLearnPhoto by RDECOM
  21. 21. Manuel  Rosso,  Food  on  the  Table
  22. 22. BuildMeasureLearnPhoto by RDECOM
  23. 23. CC Image credit: ts smallImage by
  24. 24. Source
  25. 25. Photo by Thomas Hawk
  26. 26. Photo by @polaroidgrrl    Assumption  /  Hypothesis    How  you  tested  it    Who  with    What  you’ve  learned    What  you’re  going  to  do  next    Keep  track  of  your:
  27. 27. Photo by RikVan Colen
  28. 28. Photo by Pat00139
  29. 29. Finish
  30. 30. Photo  by  Rudi  Riet:h3p://
  31. 31. Support?  Coaching.
  32. 32. Photo  by:  h3p://
  33. 33. Conclusion
  34. 34. Thinking  about  things  as  business  changes  everything.
  35. 35. My  role  as  a  consultant  is  tohelp  the  client  learn.
  36. 36. Certainty  is  a  closing  of  the  mind.  ~  Milton  GlaserIImage credit:
  37. 37. Resources:Eric  Ries:  The  Lean  StartupAsh  Maurya:  Running  Lean:  Iterate  from  Plan  A  to  a  Plan  That  WorksSteve  Blank:  The  Four  Steps  to  the  EpiphanyBrant  Cooper  &  Patrick  Vlaskovits:  The  Entrepreneur’s  Guide  to  Customer  DevelopmentSalim  Virani:  www.saintsal.comJanice  Fraser:  Halley:  Constable:  Gothelf:  many  others!