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  • DESIGN: Place twitter handleTARA:Thank you for joining, starting in 3 minutesComments can be sent via GoToWebinar and using our twitter handlePlease feel free to ask your questions during the presentation. We will do our best answer all of them by the end of our timeThere will be a number of polls during the presentation. We encourage you to participate so that our presenters can tailor their comments for you.The data from this presentation is mainly from North America, though in many cases is relevant for global audiences as wellThis webinar is being recorded, should you wish to refer to it or send it to a colleague.Finally, we are going to be as open as possible with our data, though we may have redacted some information to be respectful of the brands we are discussingPOLL 1: What stakeholder group are you representing today: Publisher, Advertiser/Agency, OtherTARA: Over to Kunal and Stephen
  • BOTH: 1 min background of each person and each companyKunal to focus on current stateStephen to focus on trends to watch, case studiesDESIGN: turn twitter handles green, space lines evenly
  • POLAR: We are going to focus on a number of key areas, and share with you successful case studies.
  • POLAR: Every activity for the mobile media business is tied up in this model. Today, we focus on the monetization piece of the puzzle.
  • POLL 2: Would you say that all or significantly all of your mobile revenue comes from advertising?POLAR: We are focusing the discussion on more well-understood programs for monetization, though there are others Stephen has used at the Globe.GLOBE:There are practical ways that can generate incremental revenue to media companies that include ePapers, and are worth a discussion outside the scope of this presentation
  • AdWeeek: Ads still not performing like they’ve been expected to in North AmericaWe have not reached our break-through year, most budget is still experimental
  • POLAR: Consistent adoption of html5 is making ad serving more consistent and effectiveGLOBE: What’s next for ads is an update in format. How Rising Stars comes about. How it gets entrenched in the industry. How long before we see agency, publishers using it.
  • POLAR: Spend is strictly increasing in North America and globally. This is no surprise.
  • POLAR: Money is moving from analog to digital permanentlyNewspaper industry in the US made the same amount last year, as in 1950 ($20B, adjusted for inflation)
  • POLAR: Summarize slideGLOBE: Talk about upcoming events from July 4 to Olympics. One time events hold special draw. Can create exciting content packages.
  • GLOBE: There are practical ways that can generate incremental advertising revenue to media companies and offer exciting opportunities to advertisers. DESIGN: Add Mercedes Logo
  • DESIGN: Add shot of Globe iPad app and Globe Life app
  • POLAR: Less than 500 apps for Newsstand today. Required that the apps must be paid.No other smartphone/ tablet OS has been progressive with thisBook retailers (BN, Amazon) bigger players in this spaceMagazine publishers looking to tie in traditional subscription fulfilment (trend to watch?)
  • POLAR: We are really looking forward to this. This brings niche Publishers who can’t (and don’t currently) survive on ads alone into the mixNote that in 6 years, in part due to the adoption of tablets, subscriptions are going to be a major source of revenue. Publishers will love this1We will focus on this as a whole webinar soon
  • POLAR: Pressure here is to charge a little or nothing.Note this is pre-Apple rev share split.This is why the freemium model has such high adoption in the mobile app worldDESIGN: Nielsen, May 2011 attribution for graphic. Can you turn something here green for contrast?
  • POLAR: How important is mobile? Not only is it making up a quarter of time spent, but look at the gap in how much is spent!Implication is billions in revenue, and the time spent in mobile will continue to increase as better devices and more tablets are released.
  • POLAR: Third major category of monetization. Leafs have been in mobile since 2009, but the team was founded in 1917.In 3 years, mobile has become a prime way to touch this brand after broadcast TVTheir mobile app is a great example of executing on content + context
  • GLOBE: With more and more distribution channels of screens, why limit yourself to the B2C marketplace? Explore the B2B market.And use a solutions-based-selling approach and explore creative partnerships.Consider also, out of home – though not a “mobile” channelGLOBE: Be on every screen that’s out there from mobile to Smart TV to DOOH to surfaces and appliances and generate new revenue streams. What’s important to The Globe is to distribute our content on new screens to generate new revenue streams. Mobile was just the start.
  • GLOBE: There are more and more Smart TVs being sold that can bring your brand’s content onto the large screen.Can generate incremental advertising revenueWhat is Globe doing with SMART TV?POLAR: Apple is making a number of announcements today. (In-stream comments from Marlon/ Tara)
  • GLOBE: Permeates across all screensDESIGN: Please lay this out
  • POLAR: Wrapping up this segmentGLOBE: Remember : Digital revenue is more profitable due to more variable vs fixed cost
  • DESIGN: Add website, blog, twitter, facebook, linkedin
  • Mobile Monetization Webinar

    1. 1. MOBILE MONETIZATIONCurrent State and Future Trends March 7, 2012 @polarmobile
    2. 2. PresentersKunal Gupta Stephen HenrikCEO Audience DevelopmentPolar Mobile The Globe and Mail@kunalfrompolar @stephenhenrik
    3. 3. Goals of this Webinar1 | Framework for the mobile media business2 | Current state of mobile monetization - Mobile Monetization programs3 | Trends to Watch - New Monetization Opportunities to plan for4 | Case Studies5 | Your unanswered questions
    4. 4. Mobile Media FrameworkREACH ENGAGEMENT MONETIZATION
    5. 5. Current state of mobile monetization 1 | Advertising 2 | Content subscription and purchase 3 | Marketing toward your existing business
    6. 6. The current state of mobile ad units
    7. 7. IAB new Rising Stars formats
    8. 8. Projection: US Mobile Ad Spend
    9. 9. US Print vs. Online Ad Spending,2011-2016 in $Billions
    10. 10. What does this mean for mobile?•  The money is already here to justify investment, but more coming•  Educating digital and integrated sales teams is a key investment•  Renewed focus on creative + context (recognizing that the opportunity is different on a mobile device than anywhere else)
    11. 11. Case Study: Globe TIFF AppSelling an event-specific content app toadvertisers is anexciting newopportunity
    12. 12. Opportunities for new ad sales•  Multi-platform product launches•  Niche content apps•  New device or platform launch•  Creating exclusive offers
    13. 13. Content Subscription and Purchase•  Apple Newsstand•  Other OEM systems•  Traditional Subscription Fulfilment
    14. 14. Subscriptions take a front seat
    15. 15. Amount Willing to Pay for Media SubscriptionsAll Connected Device Owners (n=11,955)
    16. 16. The hidden vacuum in mobile monetization
    17. 17. Marketing your existing business•  Building your digital presence to drive traffic to your primary desktop, print or live destinations•  Maple Leafs example mobile > desktop MOBILE > DESKTOP
    18. 18. It’s all about screens!
    19. 19. Smart TVs
    20. 20. What’s next for ads•  Location targeting•  Video pre-roll•  Micro-sites•  Merchandising•  User targeting across platforms
    21. 21. Future monetization opportunities 1 | Merchandising goods against content 2 | Advertising to the connected consumer 3 | The influence of Subscriptions will grow
    22. 22. Thank you @polarmobile |