Latin I Lesson 07


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Future tense; 2nd Declension

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Latin I Lesson 07

  1. 1. Latin 1 / Intro to LatinA study of the Latin language and the history, culture, and geography of ancient Rome
  2. 2. Verb formation• Latin verbs: stem + tense sign + personal ending• Present tense: tense sign = n/a + stem + tense sign + personal ending• Imperfect tense: tense sign = ba stem + tense sign + personal ending ba• Future tense: tense sign = bi stem + tense sign + personal ending bi
  3. 3. Verb formation – Future Singular1st Person ama + bi + o amabo I will love/be loving2nd Person ama + bi + s amabis You will be loving3rd Person ama + bi + t amabit He/she/it will love Plural1st Person ama + bi + mus amabimus We will be loving2nd Person ama + bi + tis amabitis Y’all will love3rd Person ama + bi + nt amabunt They will be loving
  4. 4. Second Declension – Endings Singular Plural M N M N Nom -us -um -ī -a Gen -ī -ī -ōrum -ōrum Dat -ō -ō -īs -īs Acc -um -um -ōs -a Abl -ō -ō -īs -īs• For neuter, Nominative = Accusative
  5. 5. Second Declension “r” NounsMasculine nouns w/ stem ending in “r” will oftenomit the “us” ending in the Nominative Singular.When necessary, an “e” will be added before the“r” to make a full syllable.Nominative Singular Genitive Singularpuer puer ivir vir imagister magistr iliber libr iager agr i
  6. 6. Second Declension “r” NounsNotes:• Does not apply to all nouns whose stem ends in “r” – primarily those ending in “er” or a consonant + “r”. e.g., taurus, tauri, M: bull is regular.• “vir” is the only “ir” noun; the rest end in “er” for Nom Sg.
  7. 7. Second Declension “r” AdjectivesDexter, dextra, dextrumLiber, libera, liberumMiser, misera, miserumPlucher, pulchra, pulchrum
  8. 8. Second Declension – Declinedpuer, puerī, M: boy Singular Plural M MNom puer puerīGen puerī puerōrumDat puerō puerīsAcc puerum puerōsAbl puerō puerīs
  9. 9. Second Declension – Declinedager, agrī, M: field Singular Plural N NNom ager agrīGen agrī agrōrumDat agrō agrīsAcc agrum agrōsAbl agrō agrīs
  10. 10. Adjective/Noun Agreement• The good boy (nominative) – Boy • Puer, puerī, M • Nominative Sing Masculine • Puer – Good • Bonus, bona, bonum • Nominative Sing Masculine • bon + us = bonus• Puer bonus
  11. 11. Adjectives without NounsWith a be verb to describe the subject.• The girl is beautiful.• Puella est pulchra.• Must match the noun it describes in C,N,GWhere the noun is assumed. (generic or context)• The good (man) was praising the queen.• Bonus laudabat reginam.• Must match C,N,G of the assumed noun
  12. 12. Speaking of Be Verbs… Present Imperfect Future1st Person Sing sum eram erō2nd Person Sing es erās eris3rd Person Sing est erat erit1st Person Pl sumus erāmus erimus2nd Person Pl estis erātis eritis3rd Person Pl sunt erant eruntSumus = We are Erat = She was Eritis = y’all will be