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Creative brief logobakers


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Creative brief logobakers

  1. 1. LOGO DESIGN BRIEFThe following questions would help our designers create your vision on the logo, so weappreciate your time and effort to fill it thoroughly.* Denotes required fields----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----Please provide your Contact Information * (Write Your Answer in the Right Hand column)Contact Name :Email AddressPhone NumberSkype : Linked In Facebook Twitter----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----Q1. Please fill in your exact Logo name and Tag Line (Write Your Answer in the Right Hand column)Logo Name : Click here to enter text.Tag Line( If Any) Click here to enter text.Q2. Where are you planning to use this logo? Please mention below (Write Your Answer in the Right Hand column)123Q3. Do you have a preference of colors in your Logo? Please mention below
  2. 2. Q4. Please mention the type of Logo you are looking for? The description against eachtype would help you put words to your vision of the logo. (Mark the selected option with an X in the left column) Text Only Logos -- incorporates your company or brand name into a uniquely styled type font treatment. Examples are shown below : Iconic Logos -- graphics with both text and a symbol/icon that signifies the brand image that you wish to project for your company or organization. Examples are shown below : Graphic Logos - - uses a bold linear style to create the essence of an actual object without the detail and resultant reproduction constraints of a fully illustrative logo. Examples are shown below : Not Sure – I need your help here and would like to see your IdeasQ.5 Do you have any specific imagery that you would Definitely Like or Don’t Like to see inyour logo?(e.g. "I want to see a Tree in my logo" or “I do not want to see a Building in my logo“ )Definitely Like to Click here to enter text.SeeWould Not Like Click here to enter See
  3. 3. Q6. Please write the type of Fonts you want in your logo. You can view the various typesof fonts in the Fonts Table below.Ans.5. My Choice is _______________________Q.7 Please provide any existing logos that you like. Feel free to have a look at our onlinegallery as well. (This step is very important as it gives the designers an idea of your vision) (Write Your Answer in the Right Hand column)S.No Logos I like Features I like In them 1 2 3Q.8 Please provide your Website address:http://Click here to enter text.
  4. 4. Q.9 If no website, then please provide some details about your Company/ Products/Services and what your Target Market would be:* Feel free to provide any additional information that you think might help. You can alwaysreach us at 1-647-722-8842 Ext 330 in case of further questions or queries. Thanks for filling up the Survey.