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ILC plan of action

Plan of Action for the ILC 2014 event in London

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ILC plan of action

  1. 1. ILC 2014 London, April 8-13
  2. 2. AGENDA (1 of 2) PRE EVENT PLANNING A Poken Event Manager should structure and lead all the event preparation steps, including discussions with customer & partner about operational deliverables 1. CAMPAIGN PORTAL Branded web portal where event visitors log in to access event content 2. CUSTOM LOGIN PANE, MOBILE PORTAL A branded landing page to easily link from event website, and mobile app 3. VISITOR LIST IMPORT Obtaining the visitor list, importing, planning barcodes for fast registration 4. BADGES & REGISTRATION Coordinating with the badge printer 5. DEVICES & BRANDING Obtaining the graphics on time 6. MEDIA WALL A wowing experience if properly coordinated and executed 7. TOUCH SURVEY ON MEDIA WALL Touch survey is an opportunity for the client to get feedback from a high percentage of event visitors 8. INFO CARDS A handy way to inform visitors of login details and device how-to
  3. 3. AGENDA (2 of 2) PRE EVENT PLANNING 9. GAME TO DRIVE BEHAVIOR If you plan additional engagement via a game 10. EVENT PLACARDS Client specific on-site communication placards 11. SESSIOIN CHECK-IN PLACARDS To measure attendance at each session 12. EXHIBITOR TOUCHPOINTS Getting the exhibitors equipped in a sponsored trade show, to showcase a real live working Poken Green Event 8. SYNC STATIONS Not always applicable, but a nice addition 10. SET UP THE LEAD GEN SURVEY You want to maximize the ROI of your event 11. COMMUNICATION PLAN AND TIMING Some key steps to get visitors and exhibitors on board 12. PRE-EVENT VISITOR AND EXHIBITOR EMAILING Tight planning with organizer is key to have lean, effective communication 13. EVENT PHOTOS & EVENT STATS Sample photos & stats extracted from this successful event
  4. 4. CAMPAIGN PORTAL • A branded campaign portal was created • Includes standard widgets + chatroom + game widget • Event Details filled in so the ILC Mobile app is populated with useful event info (agenda, map, etc.) • Plan the Portal content strategically, consider the event participant’s needs and the organizers’ expectations Done ☑
  5. 5. CUSTOM LOGIN PAGE Done ☑ • A custom URL is set up at • It is also accessible on mobile at • The color scheme is adjusted in the Partner Tools, to fit the event branding Branded Login Page Branded Mobile App
  6. 6. VISITOR LIST Done ☑ • The full registration list (excel export) is be provided by the organizer • Registration file’s columns are rearranged for import using Poken’s Partner Tools • Customer’s uniquely identifiable “Conf#” field is used as the RefID for Poken, to issue a unique barcode to each badge for scanning and linking of devices • “Conf#” is also used as the file name (appending .png) for the individual Poken QR codes that are exported by Poken, and sent to the badge printer in a zipped directory. Images are exported at 300dpi. Registration file from organizer “Conf#” field is used as the RefID Registration file converted to Poken import format
  7. 7. BADGES & REGISTRATION WTO 2012 STATISTICS • Badges for the preregistered are printed at home or on site. • We simply provide the updated registration database (xls file) appended with a column including our RefID (barcode) and the Qrcode image name for each record. • For the unregistered- Linking Pokens to account will be done using a barcode scanner (scan badge, scan Poken barcode) for speed. • If any problems occur, an alternative will be using the Poken Pro mobile app to scan the QRCode, then touch a Poken. This method allows for easier update of the participant’s photo: Ideal if there aren’t too many people waiting in line. Try me! Take note of the clip: This is the ideal kind to attach a Poken! Done ☑
  8. 8. POKENS Done ☐ WTO 2012 STATISTICS • Some attendees are pre-registered directly through the EASL website, but we are ready to handle on-site registrations too • The list of preregistered visitors will be sent to us prior to the event • Branding will be done using Doctor caps Registration desk Preregistration through EASL website Customized Poken doctor caps
  9. 9. AGENDA / SURVEY WALL Programme from the 9th -13th April