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Executive Summary

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Poke'n Call

  1. 1. Executive SummaryConfidential. The information contained in this document about Poke’n Call, Offsite Solutions andBeApp SA and its projects can be shared, only with written permission from their owners.
  2. 2. The way we communicate has changed, but not all of us accepted the change. Welcome to Poken Call the revolution of social networks.
  3. 3. Facebook with +750 Million, Twitter with +200 Millions, Linkedin with +100 Millions and Google+ with +20Millions users connected worldwide, along with email, have become the most used ways of communication.Websites too have been adopted as a clear way of contact; every each year +2 Billions domains areregistered. Actually there are created more than 357 billion websites. But still missing "tools" to unify and enhance these communications.Its a historic moment,the revolution incommunicationsbegan and manycompanies and peoplecommunicate by phoneyet, even with havingat their service the Our proposal allows the integration, demographicpowerful capabilities and social, between the developed andoffered by the Internet technologically advanced and the other with simple basic needs.and social networking. In this way, we contribute to the continued global communication, to promote the adoption of new technologies and to generate a unique experience. 2011 There are +6 billion people and only +2.1 billion Internet connectivity, leaving more than 65% of the population in an isolated segment and separated from the technologically advanced tools.
  4. 4. About usPoken Call was createdby integrating the ideasof two companies:Offsite Solutions, withextensive experience indevelopment telephony,Contact Center andcommunications projects.BeApp, with experience inthe "market 2.0" and mobileand social applicationsdevelopment. Website: http://www.pokencall.com Full Time HC: 0, totally outsourced Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/ with partners. company/poke’n-call Apps in development: 3 Crunchbase: Poke’n Call Localization: Buenos Aires, Founders: Diego Mussio Zanotta, Argentina. Montevideo, Uruguay Leonardo Graziano, Pablo Vittori Office: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Initial investment: u$ 50,000.- Montevideo, Uruguay Angel Funds: TBD. Objective : u$ 2,000,000.-
  5. 5. Experience Poken Calls team was form by professionals with a lot of experience in business, communications and development. Which provide not only knowledge and technical expertise but also its contact networking, allowing the project be scalable with global reach. Diego Mussio Zanotta Leonardo Graziano Founder VoIP Leader Father, Husband and techies, with 10 Electronics Engineer with a postgraduate years of expertise in the area of contact degree in Telecommunications. centers and technology services, has Specialist Access Networks, Intelligent vast experience in implementations Networks and Telephony VoIP Open and reengineering of Call Centers with Source developments. a strong customer orientation. With over 17 years in roles of research, In his career he has held positions of design, development, testing and leadership and coordination in various implementation of various services companies in Argentina and USA, and technologies in the area of among them are Movicom, Millicom telecommunications for leading Argentina, EDS, IBM and IPLAN. companies. Pablo Vittori Eric Ertl Strategic Advisor Development Manager Serial entrepreneur specializing in Project manager and entrepreneur, mobile platforms for IOS and Android currently co-founder and partner in and Web 2.0, with proven experience BeApp has extensive experience in in developing applications based on management development and social Facebook and Twitter. mobile applications. Given his resume, In his career has been in charge of the leading companies such as EDS / HP, Management of several companies in PSA Peugeot Citroen and Despegar. Argentina and USA, such as HP / EDS, com Millicom Argentina / Ertach, MacStore, Pictage Inc. and others. Ariel Barrios Creative Manager Daniel Aranda Expert in creating a unique user CFO experience on new platforms. Manage UCEMAs MBA. Specialist in a creative team with an outstanding management of technological projects, experience building interfaces adapted with extensive experience in Start-Ups. to new media platforms.
  6. 6. Social ResponsibilityOffsite Solutions and BeApp, seek to maintain a deep commitment to everycommunity in which we operate, that’s why our solutions are targeted to incorporatehuman resources that promotes diversity.The products our companies offer, createa friendly environment for the employmentof people with special needs, using toolsthat make possible new ways to interact,allowing the inclusion of people with sensoryand motor capabilities reduced, thatthrough telepresence and VoIP tools cancommunicate without having to leave theirplace of residence.We encourage social inclusion by offeringproposals that allow access to the entire ITcommunity, regardless of nationality, socialstatus or physical condition of the user,employee or employer.
  7. 7. Innovation and TechnologyThe irruption of the Web 2.0 technologies in all markets anddistribution channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, accompanied by the development and implementationof VoIP communications and telepresence, all togetherwithin the global context in which we operate, require theadaptation technological changes that arise every day.Individuals and businesses, any business that claims to be"inside", you need access to new forms of interaction.Poke’n Call emerges as the alternative to build an agileand dynamic environment, with simple and direct contactbetween those different market players. It is a tool ofsocialization, satisfaction with face communication needsB2B, B2C and C2C.Our philosophy "Click-Talk-Ring" seeks to fulfill the pressingrequirement of immediacy, while providing added value ineach of the proposed solutions. The premise: Simplicity!
  8. 8. AppsIt is the product that allows the Is the product for end This product has specialsystem of the Contact Center users, allowing them to be attributes that allows:s to be integrated into your communicated simply and,website and social networking. moreover, enjoying special • SMEs: Add your business to SCM and also enableGenerates synergy and features: internal virtual phone to theirefficiency. employees. • Integrated PSTN TelephonyIn this way, can be contacted • Voicemail • Companies: customerwith their Customers directly • Conference Calls loyalty and give differentialwith a simple • Numbers for Travelers communications services via the SCM. Click-Ring-Talk
  9. 9. MarketingOur team has years of experience in campaign development and promotion of projects and platforms,with an extensive network of contacts to develop and disseminate ideas. We believe that this type ofmarketing tools is essential.We developed our product based on the requirements of hundreds of users and experience, but witha strong concept of feedback and continuous improvement, to incorporate the ideas and requirementsthat are been received.Strategy Business ModelViral for the residential product. Using social Our goal is to develop the platform locally Pokennetworks and spread via the same users in exchange Call for 3 customer segments: contact centers,for benefits and services, differentiation is the key to end users and SMEs, establishing in Latinsuccess. America during the first year and expand, in later stages, Europe and USA.Viral + Launch event. It is vital for the segmentsof Contact Centers and SMEs, to show them the Freemium: Poken Call.mecompetitive advantages of product, expand the Monthly billing of premium services.imagination in its use, cost savings, and so on. Credit recharge. Recommendation system for obtaining benefits. No installation charges or penalties for permanence. Buy & Refund: Poken Call.us & Poken Call.biz Monthly billing services. 30 days satisfaction guarantee. No installation charges or penalties for permanence.
  10. 10. The time is nowSocial networks are expanding out of FACEBOOK USAGE AND INTERNET STATISTICS FOR JUNE 30, 2011 Population FB Users FB Users FB Growth Facebookcontrol, and communications platforms Region ( 2011 Est.) Aug. 31, 2010 June 30, 2011 (10 Months) Penetrationare not developed commensurate with the Asia 3,879,740,877 93,584,580 152,957,480 59,372,900 3.90% Africa 1,037,524,058 17,607,440 30,665,460 13,058,020 3.00%growth of networks. Europe 816,426,346 162,104,640 208,907,040 46,802,400 25.60% Latin America 555,856,161 68,189,920 115,288,940 47,099,020 20.70%Latin America, Europe and USA are our North America 347,394,870 149,054,040 167,999,540 18,945,500 48.40% Middle East 216,258,843 11,698,120 16,125,180 4,240,946 7.50%markets and we have a unique opportunity. The Caribbean 41,427,004 3,925,060 5,903,520 1,978,460 14.30% Oceania / Australia 35,426,995 11,596,660 12,881,560 1,284,900 36.40% WORLD TOTAL 6,930,055,154 517,760,460 710,728,720 192,968,260 10.30% Latin American Internet Usage Population Internet %Population Users% Facebook Region (Est 2011) Users,Latest Data (Penetration) inRegion Users Argentina 41,769,726 27,568,000 66.00% 13.00% 15,642,240 Bolivia 10,118,683 1,225,000 12.10% 0.60% 1,225,000 Brazil 203,429,773 75,982,000 37.40% 35.80% 21,239,380 Chile 16,888,760 9,254,423 54.80% 4.40% 8,527,460 Colombia 44,725,543 22,538,000 50.40% 10.60% 14,631,600 Costa Rica 4,576,562 2,000,000 43.70% 0.90% 1,443,700 Cuba 11,087,330 1,605,000 14.50% 0.80% n/a Dominican Republic 9,956,648 4,116,870 41.30% 1.90% 2,233,360 Ecuador 15,007,343 3,352,000 22.30% 1.60% 3,341,080 ElSalvador 6,071,774 1,035,940 17.10% 0.50% 1,035,940 Guatemala 13,824,463 2,280,000 16.50% 1.10% 1,491,960 Honduras 8,143,564 958,500 11.80% 0.50% 934,340 Mexico 113,724,226 34,900,000 30.70% 16.40% 26,770,300 Nicaragua 5,666,301 600,000 10.60% 0.30% 535,020 Panama 3,460,462 959,900 27.70% 0.50% 814,280 Paraguay 6,459,058 1,104,700 17.10% 0.50% 696,640 Peru 29,248,943 9,157,800 31.30% 4.30% 6,260,980 Puerto Rico 3,989,133 1,486,340 37.30% 0.70% 1,486,340 Uruguay 3,308,535 1,855,000 56.10% 0.90% 1,325,640 Venezuela 27,635,743 10,421,557 37.70% 4.90% 9,079,180 TOTAL 579,092,570 212,401,030 36.70% 100.00% 118,714,44
  11. 11. Initial Capital Use of capital researched, from startup to the enterprise.We believe that the period Capital Needs2011/2012 is critical to launch this We planned an annual expense, including:product and we are committed Overhead for sales, travel, presentations, interaction withto generate value to ensure that, our partners and customers.during 2012, our market is growingexponentially. Marketing and PR, to position our product in the global markets we need to make strategic agreements with differentThe team is ready, developing partners, who contribute their networking and broadcast.prototypes and tools and the Development and Infrastructure: We must develop andmarket is prepared to meet the maintain the tools and implement the suggestions andexpectations set. new features generated by the feedback from users. Also support the technical infrastructure of each location that we deploy our services. Human Capital: At this stage we prioritize the development through partners, but we strongly believe that the company must have its own staff in technical and commercial units.
  12. 12. Thank you! Web: www.pokencall.com Twitter: @pokencall Email: info@pokencall.com Phone: 54 11 5277 5223Diego Mussio Zanotta Pablo Vittoridmussio@pokencall.com pvittori@pokencall.com+54 9 11 57301899 +54 9 11 33994482