The Top 10 Strongest Non Legendary Pokemon


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An in-depth Analysis on the strongest pokemon that aren't legendaries

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The Top 10 Strongest Non Legendary Pokemon

  1. 1. The Top 10 Strongest Non-Legendary Pokemon<br />A Pokemonprof analysis<br />
  2. 2. Qualifications<br />First of all, I would like to note that I have played every single series of the pokemon games, and I have raised most of the pokemon inside of them. Here is my analysis of the pokemon who rise above the others. I will give an explanation on why these particular pokemon are in my top ten and I’ll even give some suggestions to their recommended moves.<br />Enjoy!<br />
  3. 3. #10: ElectivireType: Electric<br />When you trade Electabuzz with an Electerizer (I apologize if I misspell anything, by the way) you give up Electabuzz’s high special attack and pretty good defensive stats for Electivire’s crazed attack and speed. Electivire is one of the strongest electric types in the entire series which is why it made my top ten. It makes weaker electric moves like thunderpunch a death strike to opponents with its awesome attack power. However, its defensive stats are not all that awesome, which is why it is #10. Still, it makes a very powerful ally.<br />Recommended Moves:<br />Thunderpunch<br />Giga Impact<br />Cross chop (can be obtained through breeding a male Machamp that knows Cross Chop with a female Electabuzz)<br />Thunder<br />Recommended Item: Magnet/Zap Plate<br />
  4. 4. #9: GyradosType: Water and Flying<br />Gyrados is one of the most badass pokemon on the face of the planet. It has the looks, the intimidation ability, and a huge array of moves and tms that it can learn. Gyrados has a frightening special attack and also has a very good speed. However, the fact that it is both water and flying makes it incredibly vulnerable to electric types. Still, those who are patient with the pitiful Magikarp are in good standing.<br />Recommended Moves:<br />Hydro Pump<br />Thunder<br />Earthquake<br />Hyper Beam/Ice beam (I know Hyper beam is a signature move, but if Gyrados knows ice beam, it is able to defeat grass types easier.)<br />Recommended item: Mystic Water/Scope Lens<br />
  5. 5. #8: SceptileType: Grass<br />Sceptile is one of, if not, the quickest grass types in any game. It has a wicked speed and a well-above-average attack. Not to mention that it can learn rock slide to fend off those pesky flying, fire, and ice types. However, it doesn’t have the best defense or hp, but if you defeat your opponent quickly, who cares?<br />Recommended Moves:<br />Leaf Blade<br />Rock Slide<br />Crunch<br />Frenzy Plant<br />Recommended item: Miracle Seed/Scope Lens<br />
  6. 6. #7: GardevoirType: Psychic<br />Gardevoir is a good Psychic type to have because of its great special attack and its freakin’ awesome defense and special defense. It is always a pain in the butt to defeat one of these splendid pokemon, so why not get one for yourself?<br />Recommended Moves:<br />Psychic<br />Shadow Ball<br />Thunderbolt (I am not exactly sure if it can learn thunder, but if Gardevoir can, go for it)<br />Calm Mind <br />Recommended item: Twisted Spoon<br />
  7. 7. #6: CharizardType: Fire/Flying<br />Seriously, who could forget one of the most beloved starter pokemon? Charizard has all-around stats that are incredibly high and mighty. Charizard’s attack and special attack scores are almost unmatched by any other fire type and the fact that it can defeat many types makes Charizard a handy part of your pokemon team. The only problem is Charizard’s many weaknesses. The fact that it is two of the most vulnerable types is a drawback, but Charizard’s crazy speed is well enough of an asset that it shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, Charizard is in my top pokemon team and is usually the first pokemon that I send out for battle. Also, in double battles, I highly recommend you send out Charizard with a Groudon. Groudon’s drought increases Charizard’s fire moves and if you taught charizardsolarbeam, you can decimate rock, ground and water types, and since charizard is a flying type, you can happily blast away your opponent with Groudon’s earthquake as much as you like. <br />Recommended Moves:<br />Flamethrower<br />Blast burn<br />Fly<br />Solarbeam<br />Recommended item: Charcoal<br />
  8. 8. #5: TyranitarType: Rock/Dark<br />If badass-ity was part of this slideshow, then Tyranitar would definitely be in the higher tiers. Who in the right mind would even dare face one of these things?! Tyranitar is a beast when it comes to attack, hp, and defense/special defense. Its stats are through the roof…except its speed, but the other stats allow it to live on. The only problem is that Pokemon who are of fighting elements decimate Tyranitar because of its rock and dark types. Also, raising one takes sooo much precious time. Still, its defense and special defense allow it to endure many hits, and its hp will keep it going.<br />Recommended Moves:<br />Crunch<br />Rock Slide<br />Earthquake (if you raise Pupitar to lvl 56, if I remember right, it will learn earthquake. That way you won’t have to raise Tyranitar to its late 60’s before you get this precious move)<br />Thunder/Focus Blast/Hyper Beam (As with Gyrados, Tyranitar is known for its Hyper Beam attack. If you like that, be my guest, but if you want to take a more strategic approach, then listen to this: Focus blast takes down both steel (a type that Tyranitar is weak against) and it also takes down other dark types, but earthquake can still do just as well, your decision. Now, thunder is an excellent move because it can take down Pokemon like Skarmory and Aerodactyl who aren’t all that phased by rock type moves because of their other types (Skarmory: Steel; Aerodactyl: Rock) and it also takes down water types which can harm Tyranitar. My Tyranitar knows thunder, and I am sure that doesn’t influence much, but it works for me, mine’s at lvl 100 and I could take it through the elite four by itself.<br />
  9. 9. #4: DonphanType: Ground<br />Donphan is a very underappreciated Pokemon. Not many people actually know how wicked this little guy is. Its attack, hp, def/sp def stats are off the charts and it learns a ton of great moves making it incredibly versatile. For instance, thunder fang allows it to defeat flying and water types. Yeah, its ground type, but it can take a hard hit. <br />Recommended Moves:<br />Thunder Fang (can be obtained by going to the move tutor)<br />Stone Edge<br />Earthquake<br />Giga Impact.<br />
  10. 10. #3: LaprasType: Water/Ice<br />For being such a sweet pokemon, Lapras is a KILLER when it comes to battling. It possesses hefty hp, def/sp def, and sp attack stats and it learns such great moves! It is such a versatile pokemon and it is always hard to defeat. I remember playing Pokemon Stadium and I always had to watch out for both Lance’s and Lorelei’s Lapras. They always took two hits of thunder, from a Zapdos, mind you, before they finally went down. It makes for a good last-resort pokemon.<br />Recommended Moves:<br />Hydro Pump<br />Thunder<br />Ice Beam<br />Psychic<br />Recommended item: Mystic Water/Nevermeltice<br />
  11. 11. #2: GarchompType: Ground/Dragon<br />If you need speed, Garchomp is your lover. Garchomp is designed to get in there and get the job done. It has such great attack and speed skills. Garchomp makes flygon look like an oversize, helpless bug. It learns such great moves and it is one of those pokemon that you’ll come to love. It is not as versatile as our #1 contender, but man, if you get a Garchomp out in a battle, the momentum shifts in your favor almost immediately.<br />Recommended Moves:<br />Crunch<br />Earthquake<br />Rockslide<br />Dragon Rush/Outrage<br />Bonus note: Garchomp is actually able to learn Outrage, the best physical dragon type move (draco meteor being the strongest special move) but only if you breed a male Dragonite with a femalGible, Gabite, or Garchomp. The male Dragonite must know outrage in order for the baby to inherit the moves. In fact, you could probably just teach the Dragonite earthquake while you are at it and that way the little baby Gible will be a fierce fighter with Outrage and Earthquake from the start!<br />
  12. 12. #1: DragoniteType: Dragon/Flying<br />I love Dragonite. I will say it then and there. Every single thing about this pokemon screams “use in party!” It’s because Dragonite is A BEAST! Its offensive stats are wild, and its defensive stats are probably one of the best for any dragon type. Granted, its speed is not the best. Still, it’s only weak against three types (dragon, rock, and ice, with ice doing the most damage. Dragonite will live through a dragon type and a rock type move 9 times out of 10) and it is one of the most versatile pokemon! Along with Charizard and Tyranitar, Dragonite is another one of my party pokemon, and it is a phenomenal asset. I highly recommend use of this pokemon.<br />Recommended Moves (though there are so many):<br />Thunder<br />Outrage<br />Surf/Aqua Tail<br />Draco Meteor<br />Recommended item: Draco Plate/Dragon Fang<br />Bonus comment: Draco Meteor is the most powerful Dragon move yet, but it demolishes the sp. Attack. However, It doesn’t phase dragonite at all because of its super high attack. Outrage easily makes a great backup.<br />