The white-pencil


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The white-pencil

  1. 1. The White PencilThe D&AD White Pencil is awarded to a creative idea that changes the world for the better. A creative idea that demonstrates the ability to influence real and positive change in the world: an idea that raises awareness or changes behaviour around a pressing social, environmental, health or humanitarian issue. Each time the competition runs D&AD will partner with an organisation or cause chosen by the members and set a brief, challenging the creative community to use their skills to solve global problems that touch everyone. The White Pencil will address communication problems that, if solved, could make a real difference. Not just awareness-raising, but behaviour changing: it is an opportunity to demonstrate the immensely powerful nature of creative thinking.The brief is open to anyone, individuals, organisations or collaborations. The work must have been produced andrun, even if only on a very small scale. Read the Rules and T&Cs for clarity on this, but consider that we arelooking for brilliant ideas and the determination and ability to drive those ideas forward and make them happen.One White Pencil will be awarded each time the competition runs and a nominations shortlist promoted andcelebrated. The White Pencil will be awarded at the D&AD Awards Night in that year.The 2012 PartnerFor the Inaugural White Pencil Award D&AD is partnering with Peace One Day.In 1999, filmmaker Jeremy Gilley founded the non-profit organisation Peace One Day todocument his efforts to establish an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence with afixed date. In 2001 those efforts were rewarded when the day was unanimously adopted bymember states of the United Nations as 21 September - Peace Day.With the day in place, POD is working to institutionalise Peace Day, making it self-sustaining.For more information on Peace One Day visit www.peaconeday.orgThe 2012 BriefGrow awareness of and engagement with, Peace Day, establishing September 21 as a global,self-sustaining, annual day of peace, when everyone can take action to end conflict in theirown lives and in the lives of others.ScheduleThe competition is provisionally intended to run to the following schedule (but please see the rules of thecompetition for full details of the finalised schedule and all relevant dates): April 2011 White Pencil and Peace One Day brief launch 21 September 2011 Peace Day – One year countdown Please give us a heads up at 3 September 2012 Entry opens for submissions 21 September 2012 Peace Day before you launch your idea 24 October 2012 Entry closes for submissions November 2012 Judging and winners announced For more information visit