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Illinois preso


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Gave a couple of lectures at the University of Illinois. Hit on a couple of themes. Where I see new pain points, and that they should stay in the Midwest and build their business.

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Illinois preso

  1. 1. Short Sweet With Some Meat
  2. 2. Who Am I? • 1984 Graduate of the College of Business • @pointsnfigures; • Was an Independent Commodity Trader, CME Board • Co-Founder of Hyde Park Angels in Chicago • Funder, and connector • Idea guy
  3. 3. PAIN POINTS • • • • • • What’s a Pain Point? Can it be solved? Future Pain Points (no more copycats) Novel Pain Points New Pain Points Caused by Innovation Employment! (Set a goal to work for yourself)
  4. 4. Advice From Twitter and Facebook • Avoid Wall Street (LaSalle St)-Better for Engineers to look somewhere else @talentedblonde @reformedbroker • Engineering is great training for Entrepreneurs@JLM73TX • Find a great designer (especially mobile)@howardlindzon • Move to Chicago!! @troyhenikoff @rahmemanuel @brucemontgomery @jbpritzker • Go work for a startup. Opens options for you. @aaronklein • Test the boundaries of knowledge like Claude Shannon @warrenmurdoch • Break stuff and make stuff @nileshtravedi • What skills are in demand today? What matters? Use that answer to evaluate companies as you search. @coreyferengul • Build your network. Create your own opportunities. @johnkish • The great tech problems aren’t sexy. They transform industry and change the world. @fredhoch
  5. 5. Chicago, It’s an Innovative Town • Startups are thriving in Chicago.
  6. 6. Broader Midwest Innovation • St. Louis, Minneapolis, Madison, Indianapolis, An n Arbor. • Great place to start a company • On the QT-Stealth mode is easier • Many customers and Fortune 1000 firms • Easier to bootstrap (Cheaper) • Future (Healthcare and B2B)
  7. 7. Chicago, Hub of Industry • Rivers, rail, distributed power, modern retailing, modern architecture, atomic age, electronic trading, Second City • NOW Chicago is synonymous with TECH • Orbitz, CDW, CareerBuilder all Chicago • Groupon, fastest growing company EVER • GrubHub-0 to HUGE in 8 years • Cleversafe-providing some of the biggest storage devices in the world • Guaranteed Rate-billions in mortgages • Braintree sold for $800 million in 7 years
  8. 8. Great Ecosystems are Entrepreneur Lead • There is support for entrepreneurs where there wasn’t before • You can build a business. • There is talent, just have to find it (HINT: A lot of it is toiling away at HFT firms) • Great talent in marketing, sales, accounting
  9. 9. Infrastructure • 1871, Technori, Catapult, Junto Institute, Nextspace, TechStars, Impact Engine • HydeParkAngels, Irish Angels, Harvard Angels, West Suburban Angels, Cornerstone Angels, Firestarters, • Chicago Innovation Mentors, iBio/Propel, Illinois Technology Association (ITA) •
  10. 10. Do You Want It? • It’s here, it’s free, it’s easy to get. • What are You afraid of? • The time is now.
  11. 11. Time For a Beer (Microbeer Hopefully) Q+A