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  1. 1. Pitching To Angels #Winning
  2. 2. Understand Your Target Audience•You have thefirst ninetyseconds to gettheir attention.
  3. 3. • What Moves Them? I. They are motivated by more than profit, they want to help, and be a part of something bigger II. They are inclined to say “no”. Your deal isn’t the only deal they are going to see. III.They know their industry really well, and will try to frame things in terms of itIV.They don’t know everything, even though they have been successful
  4. 4. Why?• Why does your organization exist?• What “pain point” are you solving?• Why do you get up in the morning and go to work on a pointless start up making no money when you are perfectly talented enough to go work in corporate America and make a nice living?
  5. 5. Inspire Them• Example: The Coop is a co-working space where start up companies can come and work. Want to rent a desk here?That doesn’t inspire, get your attention, or tell you why. It tells you a lot of facts about “The Coop”What if I say: The Coop is changing the culture of “work”. Ideas are exchanged, collaborations happen and the results change the world. Want to rent a desk here? See the difference?
  6. 6. Is it• This pain point--->do a lot of people have this problem? How big is the market?Most people say that they are attacking an $X Billion dollar market and will get X% of it. (ho hum) Angels Ask: Why Aren’t You Getting It All?In the Pitch, Show How You Can Get it All. Make Them Believe You Can Get it ALL Due diligence and conversation after the pitch will allow you to elucidate in finer detail about your strategy to get the market percentage points at a time. (Your “Go To Market” strategy) Anyone can get 2-4% of the market. It’s getting to 15% that makes your company different from everyone else.
  7. 7. How? Talk About What You Believe Tell them how you are going to execute your business. Appeal to their gut-connect with them emotionally, not with facts and figures. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”Facts and Figures support Gut Feel-but they are not the most crucial thing to your presentation. Have command of them and in your backpocket. But tell everyone why no one can live without you.This is the part of the pitch where you begin to connect with someone in the room. This is where your relationship starts. (Be likable, smile) This is where they begin to get a real good sense of who you are-and they follow you, instead of you chasing them. The worm turns in this segment. You know your business and why it exists better than anyone you will pitch to. This should give you confidence.• People begin following you here
  8. 8. Why You? Inspire them!They might like your idea, but they are investing in YOUIf they invest only in the idea, You are expendable. They will wait for someone more compelling with a similar idea or they will pass altogether.Have a Closing that Creates the Need For A Deeper Meeting-Don’t end with the NumbersYour final slide should be your company logo-The focus needs to be on YOU Leave them with 2-4 key points you want them to remember most of all they should remember you
  9. 9. TIPS-- shhhhh.....keep it a secret!• Keep it Simple. Not a lot of jargon and fancy pants terms. Clear Slides: talk about what’s NOT on the slide-People can read. Graphics and Charts are Easy to Understand Use Body Language to connect, move around, nod your head when you want them to agree with you Get them to dream! (Inspire them) Leave some things open ended so they fill in the blank. The Empty Suit analogy. (Create an empty suit, and they will fill it) Clean Slides: Some Sexiness to them-not boring, but not too over the topIn the narration on execution, continually focus on why the customer needs you-not sales forecasts Don’t speak in a monotone........
  10. 10. Online Support• Practice Practice Practice. Don’t do this cold. Get friends to grade you. (video you can’t miss) (my blog)