Social Media for Biz and Buzz


Published on - This presentation covers the basics of social media marketing and how businesses can use it to gain a competitive advantage. You'll learn what social media is, and how to leverage it for B2B and B2C. Specific social channels covered include Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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Social Media for Biz and Buzz

  1. 1. Social Media for Biz and Buzz
  2. 2. About Point It Presentation Agenda About Point It!• Started in April 2002• Seattle’s largest independent search marketing firm• 12 team members, 40+ yrs of SEM experience• Servicing clients across all verticals and annual revenues• Managed over $30 million in PPC in 2008
  3. 3. What is Social media? What is social Media? “By creating compelling content, you can become a celebrity.” – Paul Gillin, author of “Secrets of Social Media Marketing”
  4. 4. How can you leverage it?How can I leverage social networks?
  5. 5. TwitterPresentation Agenda
  6. 6. Twitter ExamplesPresentation Agenda
  7. 7. Twitter ExamplesPresentation Agenda
  8. 8. What About B2B?Presentation Agenda
  9. 9. PresentationTips Twitter Agenda• Focus on tweet quality, not tweet quantity.• There’s no easy way to gain followers.• Focus on the networking.• Share. Events? Knowledge?Tweet it!• Respond. Genuinely.
  10. 10. What is LinkedInPresentation Agenda
  11. 11. How businesses get LinkedIn Presentation Agenda
  12. 12. LinkedIn Questions and Answers Presentation Agenda
  13. 13. Become a LinkedIn Expert Presentation Agenda
  14. 14. How individuals get LinkedIn Presentation Agenda
  15. 15. LinkedIn ApplicationsPresentation Agenda
  16. 16. LinkedIn Tips Presentation Agenda• Customize your public profile URL• Take advantage of the three URLs availablein your profile• Give and you shall receive: referrals, advice,recommendations, answers• Integrate it with Twitter and Facebook
  17. 17. What is FaceBookPresentation Agenda
  18. 18. How businesses Facebook Presentation Agenda
  19. 19. Facebook ApplicationsPresentation Agenda
  20. 20. Facebook Tips Presentation Agenda• Complete your profile• Share content: links, pictures, video• Use Applications – and make your own ifyou can• Allow comments and respond to them
  21. 21. Useful Tools andAgenda Presentation Resourceso To claim your name, use To know what is said about anything in real-time, usehttp://www.backtype.como To learn which tags to add to your Tweets, use To schedule your tweets, use To track URLs for social, use http://bit.lyo To find followers and get yourself some additional Twittercoverage, list your business with
  22. 22. Follow Point It Presentation AgendaOn Twitter @pointitincOn Facebook @Point-It-Search-Marketing-AgencyOn LinkedIn @
  23. 23. Q&APresentation Agenda Maria Nikishyna, Point It Cory Banks, Point It