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SEO Horror Stories


Published on - This presentation covers some true stories of SEO campaigns gone wrong; from penalties caused by keyword stuffing to duplicate content, bad backlinks and more. You'll learn what SEO tactics can get your site penalized in search engines and what to do instead.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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SEO Horror Stories

  1. 1. SEO Horror StoriesCory Banks – Client Manager Ruth Burr – Client Manager February 11th, 2010
  2. 2. About Point It Presentation Agenda• Launched in April 2002• Seattle’s largest independent search marketing firm• PPC & SEO• 12 team members, 40+ yrs of SEM experience• Servicing clients across all verticals and revenue models
  3. 3. Overview Presentation Agenda “… the site “… turns out, had been the whole site banned!” is Flash!” “… he knew “… they keep just enough focusing onabout SEO to one term…” bedangerous…” “… but we can’t even use the term on their site!”
  4. 4. Presentation AgendaOld Engine Penalties Coming Back to Haunt You Keyword Cloaking Stuffing Evil Links
  5. 5. Common Site Penalties Presentation Agenda• Keyword Stuffing: hiding hundreds of keywords in the page’s code.• Cloaking: Creating pages that present different content to search engines than to people.
  6. 6. Common Site Penalties Presentation Agenda• Bad Links: Selling links, or excessive linking out to other sites deemed to be poor quality or spammy. • Malware: Viruses or spying software that auto-download to a visitor’s computer.• Duplicate Content: Content that is the same or substantially similar to another page on the internet.
  7. 7. Exorcise Those Ghosts! Presentation Agenda• Are you sure you’re being penalized?• Use the site: query• Yahoo only: Site Explorer•
  8. 8. Exorcise Those Ghosts! Presentation Agenda• Figure out what was done wrong• Fix it• Say you’re sorry• Wait• Don’t do it again
  9. 9. Make a Reinclusion Request Presentation Agenda• reconsideration•• search_support.html
  10. 10. PresentationGet Back In If You Can’t Agenda• Start over with a new domain• Be squeaky clean• Build for users
  11. 11. A LittlePresentation a Dangerous Thing Knowledge is Agenda Let’s ALL No, I’M an I’m an SEO be SEO SEO expert! Experts! YAAAY! expert!
  12. 12. Educate, Don’t Mourn Your Fate Presentation Agenda• Set expectations early in the process• Educate early, educate often• Set clear goals and deliver• Get signoff on your “SEO Charter:” timeline of events, deliverables and expectations
  13. 13. Don’t Question My Authoriteh! Presentation Agenda• Use data to back up your claims• Report results - Everybody likes charts!• Don’t be afraid to brag • Build up your SEO champions • Go back to the charter when things get rough
  14. 14. Presentation of Flash The Perils Agenda
  15. 15. Presentation of Flash The Perils Agenda
  16. 16. Using Too Much Flash Presentation Agenda• Limits Your Audience• No Alternate HTML Content• Crawlers Don’t Know Where To Go. • Makes Your Site Look Sloppy
  17. 17. Flash OptimizationPresentation Agenda • Make your site nav static. • Keep your URLs unique. • Move away from one lump of Flash. • Use real text in your flash, not image text.
  18. 18. SWFObject 2.0 Presentation Agenda• Lets you provide alternate HTML content for engines and users.• Don’t overdo it!• Beware Cloaking!
  19. 19. More Resources Presentation Agenda• Adobe Developer Connection for SEO:• SWFObject – A better way to embed Flash:• Google’s Blog about Flash Indexing:
  20. 20. “I want to be #1Agenda Presentation on ‘shoes!’”
  21. 21. PresentationIsn’t Better Why Broad Agenda “shoes” “Blue shoes” “blue shoes for party” “buy blue shoes”
  22. 22. Personalized Search Presentation Agenda Middle-Aged Suburban MotherLate-20s Urban Male
  23. 23. Web History = Personalized Search Presentation Agenda • Tracks what you search for, what you visit. • Provides individual SERPS.• Turned on for everyone by default.
  24. 24. “C” Is For CookiePresentation Agenda • Text files generated by your site visits. • Saves login info, personal options. • Not edible.
  25. 25. PresentationTarget? What To Agenda• Specific, action-based terms.• Relevant to your content and services• Most competitive opportunity.
  26. 26. Ranking for Terms You Can’t Use Presentation Agenda Don’t say “man purse.” It’s a murse. Man + purse = murse.
  27. 27. Ranking for Forbidden Words Presentation Agenda• Create new content• Get social or get paid• Document your conversations• Educate!
  28. 28. Can’t Use It? Go Around It. Presentation Agenda• Get creative with your keyword research Leather murses murse Men’s bags
  29. 29. Q&APresentation Agenda