How to Turbo Charge your SEO Rankings with Video


Published on - In this presentation, you'll learn why video is important for SEO, tips for video content and creation, how to incorporate video into your page, on-page SEO for video, and case studies with results.

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How to Turbo Charge your SEO Rankings with Video

  1. 1. Video for SEOJennifer Jantzen – Director of Marketing, .advancedMethodRuth Burr – Client Manager, Point It Inc. May 26, 2010
  2. 2. About Point It Presentation Agenda• Launched in April 2002• PPC & SEO• $50 MM in managed media• 12 team members, 40+ yrs of SEM experience• Servicing clients across all verticals and revenue models
  3. 3. About .advancedMethod• Also Launched in 2002• Has local and international client base• Designs and deploys digital content, to screens great and small• Green-screen video production studio• Staff of interactive designers and video producers• Servicing clients across all verticals and revenue models
  4. 4. Agenda• Why video is important for SEO• Tips for video content and creation• How to incorporate video into your page• On-Page SEO for video• SEO for video on distribution channels• Case studies and results• Q&A
  5. 5. Basics of Blended SearchClassic Search Blended Search
  6. 6. Video in Blended Search
  7. 7. Why Video is Important for SEO• 38% of searches result in at least one video result (Jupiter Research, 2008)• Since 2008 YouTube has been the 2nd most popular search engine (ComScore, 2008-2010) – #1 is Google (owner of YouTube)• Zappos: Video increased SEO conversions 6-30%
  8. 8. Quicktime (.MOV) & Windows (WMV)Positives• Easy to use “plug and play"• Robust ideal for business users• Turn key encoding of video• Encoders pre-installed on Mac/PCNegatives• Giant download for either player• Windows incompatible with some mobile devices• Limited design /customization ability
  9. 9. Adobe Flash (.SWF/.FLV)Positives• 98% of all computers have Flash• Designers choice,• Ideal compression for streaming content• Relatively small download• Plays on Mac, PC and LinuxNegative• Ease of use
  10. 10. MPeg4 (MP4) / H.264• The new era of online Flash, QuickTime,• Files compatible with: HTML 5 Windows QuickTime Windows & Mobile• HTML5 browser support: Mobile Safari, Chrome vs Firefox & IE• Supports HD, small file sizes MPEG4/ H.264
  11. 11. Tips for Content and Creation#1 Use concise,dedicated contentwith a call to action.No re-purposing of TV spots.1-2-minutes is a good duration followingintro/teaser/call to action format.Close with a clickable action such:register, download, sign-up, or buy!
  12. 12. Tips for Content and Creation#2 Keep it personal, Interactive Videoengaging & relevant. Landing pagesUse video talent that matches yourdemographic, has good productknowledge, and can speakenthusiastically about your service orproduct.Consider celebrity talent!Leverage the interactive nature of theInternet and give them a couple call toaction choices (e.g. fill out form for a trialvs. download pdf).
  13. 13. Tips for Content and Creation#3 Deploy it whereyou can measure it. From HTMLDesigning SEO optimized landing emailpage with video is a great start.You can tie this landing page intoemail campaigns, PPC, link to is insocial media/blogs and create amobile version if relevant to thecampaign.After you’ve done your first Tocampaign, measure and optimize to Landing-pageget the best results! w. video
  14. 14. Incorporate Video Into Your Site• Make every video page a landing page – One video per URL• Place all video files in one directory – Ex:• Use an embedded player• Consider external hosting
  15. 15. Good SEO is Good Video SEO
  16. 16. On Page SEO for Video• Keyword research – – – • Add text to the page – Transcripts – Descriptive content – Closed captioning
  17. 17. On Page SEO for Video
  18. 18. Link Building for Video• Make it easy to share and comment• Link from your site content• Cross-link to other videos• Link from social media and video sharing sites
  19. 19. Help Search Engines Find You• XML sitemaps and RSS feeds• Free XML sitemap tools: – – Xenu’s Link Sleuth• Links, comments and sharing
  20. 20. SEO for Distribution Channels
  21. 21. Video Distribution ChannelsYouTube The largest video distribution site on the Internet.Google Possibility for users to download videos in various formats, including download and share them on their iPod.Yahoo Video The search feature brings up results from Yahoo Video and other video distribution sites.AOL Uncut Video Lots of traffic. User profile integration with AIM.Ifilm Enter many contests and other promotions (site is part of MTV).Daily Motion Has more channels than other providers and no length limit on clips.VidiLife No video length limits or size restrictions. Many community features like messaging, friends and blogs.Grouper Free video editing software.Veoh Tool to easily upload a video, supports high-definition videos.Revver Puts ads at the end of each clip. Every time someone clicks on them after the video of you paid for it.
  22. 22. Q&A