How to Improve Click-Through-Rates with Google Ad Extensions


Published on - This PDF describes how to improve click-through rates with Google ad extensions.

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How to Improve Click-Through-Rates with Google Ad Extensions

  1. 1. Amazing PPC TacticsLisa Sanner – Senior Client Manager June 28th 2011
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda About Point It• Launched in April 2002• Seattle’s largest independent search marketing firm• PPC & SEO• $30 MM in managed media/yr• 40+ yrs of SEM experience• Servicing clients across all verticals and revenue models
  3. 3. Logistics & Introductions Presentation Agenda• Being Recorded• Link to slides will be emailed later this week• Ask Questions throughout
  4. 4. Google Ad ExtensionsTypes, Tips, Tracking, Tradeoffs
  5. 5. Types of Ad Extensions• Sitelinks• Product Extensions • Call Extensions• Location Extensions• Seller Ratings• Alpha’s & Beta’s for a LOT, LOT More: – Jobs, Communications, Video, Offer/Coupons, Contact Forms, Store Locator
  6. 6. But How Do Extensions Work Together… or Not Work Together?
  7. 7. Hierarchy of Extension ServingAlphas & Betas (Video, Offer, Coupons, Communication, etc.)Sitelinks (two-line) Product Extensions Location Extensions Call Extensions* Sitelinks (one-line) Seller Ratings
  8. 8. Sitelinks
  9. 9. Sitelinks3-Line SitelinkEmbedded Sitelink
  10. 10. Two+ Line Sitelinks
  11. 11. Sitelink FormatsType Quality Format With Other Threshold ExtensionsTwo+ -line Sitelink Highest (Brand Extra 2+ lines Yes with Plusbox terms & 10s)One-line Sitelink Higher (7+s) Extra line NoEmbedded High (Top) In Desc text TBD Manage at Campaign Level Up to 10 sitelinks per Campaign Shorter text works better (CTR) In latest AdWords Editor 9.0.1 released in May 2011 (Yeah!!)
  12. 12. Tracking Sitelinks• Good: Create unique tracking tag for each link.• Better: Use new ValueTrack parameters to track sitelink to kw{keyword}&matchtype={matchtype}
  13. 13. Product Extensions (PEs)
  14. 14. Location Extensions
  15. 15. Call Extensions
  16. 16. AdWords UI Reporting –“Clicks”in Extensions tab are NOT clicks on theextension.
  17. 17. AdWords UI ReportingDimensions Tab – Free ClicksSegment by Click Type
  18. 18. Seller Ratings Account level Automatic, 30+ reviews, 4.0+ avg rating Stars & # reviews (top); stars only (right)
  19. 19. Summary of Google Ad Extensions Type of Extension Where on SERP Format Control Notes Search Campaign;Two-line Sitelinks Top only Extra lines highest QS kws Yes, with Plusbox Plusbox (Top & Right) Merchant Center, AllProduct Extensions Top & Right or Extra Lines (Top) Search Campaign Products or Filter Google Places or Search Campaign or Manual, DirectionsLocation Extensions Top & Right Plusbox or Extra Line Ad Level clicks In Headline (Top) Google Voice #, Extra line (Right & $1/call desktops,Call Extensions Top & Right Mobile) Search Campaign clicks on mobile Search Campaign;One-line Sitelinks Top only Extra line high QS kws Not w/ Plusbox Search Campaign; New, LaunchingEmbedded Sitelinks Top only Links in Desc Lines good QS With Plusbox???Seller Ratings Top & Right Extra line Account Automatic
  20. 20. Aligning Extensions with Business Goals
  21. 21. Ad Extensions Considerations & Implications• Look at the SERP – do queries!!!• Achieve DIFFERENTIATION and Performance• Be thoughtful about Campaign ArchitectureTest, track, learn. Optimize. Repeat.
  22. 22. Q&A
  23. 23. Thank YouLisa @LisaSannerPoint It Search Marketing Agencywww.pointit.comWe’re hiring!