Google Product Ads & Killer Landing Page Tips


Published on - This presentation examines product listing ads (PLAs) and compares them to extensions. You'll learn the advantages of PLAs, setup, and best practices for landing pages.

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Google Product Ads & Killer Landing Page Tips

  1. 1. Google Product Ads &Killer Landing Page Tips Frank Coyle, President, Point It Serge Bondar, Client Manager Dec 9, 2010
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda About Point It• Launched in April 2002• Seattle’s largest independent search marketing firm• PPC & SEO• $30 MM in managed media/yr• 40+ yrs of SEM experience• Servicing clients across all verticals and revenue models
  3. 3. Google Product Ads
  4. 4. What is Product Agenda Presentation Listing Ads? Product Listing Ads
  5. 5. Listing Ads (PLA) vs. Agenda (PE) Presentation Extensions
  6. 6. Advantages Presentation Agenda1. Better Click-through Rates (CTRs)2. Better Lead Quality and Conversion Rates3. Easy Targeting4. Increased Exposure5. No risk (CPA)
  7. 7. Setup Presentation Agenda1. Open Google Merchant Center Account2. Compile Product data feed3. Link your AdWords & Merchant Center Accounts4. Create PLA campaign, extend existing campaigns with PE5. Set up filters and product targets
  8. 8. Google Merchant Center Account Presentation Agenda
  9. 9. Verify Website Ownership Presentation Agenda
  10. 10. Organic ExposurePresentation Agenda
  11. 11. Product Feed Format Presentation Agenda• Text/tab delimited (.txt/.xls), XML• API• 30 days
  12. 12. Product Feed Specification Presentation AgendaRequired attributes: Recommended attributes:• id • author • mpn• title • availability • online only• link • brand • product review• price • color average• description • edition • product review count• Condition • excluded destination • product type • expiration date • quantity • feature • shipping • featured product • shipping weight • genre • size • gtin • tax • image link • year • manufacturer
  13. 13. Merchant Center and Product Ads Presentation AgendaAttribute Product Filtersc:adwords_grouping Groups products(string) Use for Product Filters to limit a campaign to a group of products Product Targets to bid differently for a group of products. One Valuec:adwords_labels Similar to the grouping attribute but it will only only work on CPC.(string) Can hold multiple values, allowing a product to be tagged with multiple labels.c:adwords_publish Use to exclude select offers from AdWords Product Ads.(boolean) “true” or “false” valuesc:adwords_redirect Track organic sources of traffic (i.e. Google Product Search) differently(url) to the paid sources of traffic (Product Ads).c:adwords_query_param Similar to adwords_redirect, but instead of overriding the product URL,(string) it will append the value to it at the end. You can also use {adtype} in this attribute, which will be replaced by “pe” or “pla” if the click came from a Product Extensions ad or a Product Listings one respectively.
  14. 14. PresentationAdWords Linking with Agenda
  15. 15. Enable PLA & PE Agenda Presentation in Adwords
  16. 16. Presentation Up Setting Agenda
  17. 17. Presentation Up Setting Agenda
  18. 18. Promo MessagingPresentation Agenda
  19. 19. TargetingPresentation Agenda
  20. 20. Product FiltersPresentation Agenda
  21. 21. TargetingPresentation Agenda
  22. 22. PresentationTargets Filters vs. Agenda
  23. 23. Tracking Presentation AgendaConversion tracking for Product Listings is not the same as the standard. • Adwords_queryparam • AdWords code for CPA bidding • Third-party tools on product level URLs
  24. 24. Final ThoughtsPresentation Agenda
  25. 25. Landing Pages Agenda Presentation Agenda1. Must haves2. Before/Afters3. Landing Page Checklist4. Images5. Landing Page Critiques
  26. 26. You Only Have AgendaPresentation 3 Seconds 1. They don’t know who you are 2. They don’t know what to expect 3. They have no reason to trust you 4. And You’ve Only Got 3 Seconds
  27. 27. 3 Basic Principles Presentation Agenda1. Immediate relevancy • Compelling headline with keyword2. Reason to do business with you • Unique Selling Proposition/Key specifics3. Clear direct path to offer/call-to-action
  28. 28. Case Study #1 Presentation Agenda1. Your house is overflowing with stuff2. You want to put your belongings in storage3. You’re searching on terms like: • personal storage, storage warehouse, etc.
  29. 29. BeforePresentation Agenda
  30. 30. AfterPresentation Agenda
  31. 31. Case Study #2 Presentation Agenda1. You’re responsible for the big rigs in your company2. You need to lease some new ones3. You’re searching on terms like: • Fleet leasing, truck leasing
  32. 32. BeforePresentation Agenda
  33. 33. AfterPresentation Agenda
  34. 34. Images
  35. 35. ImagesPresentation Agenda • Image on the left • Eyes looking at object if possible • Relevance
  36. 36. AfterPresentation Agenda
  37. 37. Landing Page Checklist Presentation Agenda• “Above the fold”• Eyeflow leads to target• Eliminate navigation where possible• Shrink the header graphic• Buttons, see them from across the room• Trust symbols, awards• Conversion tracking• Google Analytics Goals & Funnel
  38. 38. Landing Page Roadblocks Presentation Agenda• “One-off” mindset• Lack of resources• Going through IT• Sales requesting too many form fields• Desire to turn LP into “catch all” page• Solution: • Nothing gets the attention of senior management like the funnel (put a dollar figure on the exits!)
  39. 39. A LandingPresentation Expensive Salesperson Page is Your Most Agenda • Set it up for success • Establish benchmarks and quotas • Monitor results and performance • Continually train and improve • “Hire” lots of them!
  40. 40. Landing Page Critiques
  41. 41. Q&AFrank Coyle, Point Serge