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Get on the Map: Local Search Optimization


Published on - This presentation covers the basics of local search engine optimization (Local SEO). You'll learn what local search is, where search engines look for local data, and how to optimize local accounts.

Published in: Technology, Design
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Get on the Map: Local Search Optimization

  1. 1. Get on the Map: Local Search Optimization Ruth Burr – Client Manager Jessica Fisher – Associate Client Manager May 25, 2011
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda About Point It• Launched in April 2002• Seattle’s largest independent search marketing firm• PPC & SEO• $30 MM in managed media/yr• 40+ yrs of SEM experience• Servicing clients across all verticals and revenue models
  3. 3. Logistics & Introductions Presentation Agenda• Being Recorded• Link to slides will be emailed later this week• Ask Questions throughout
  4. 4. Agenda• What is local search?• Where do search engines look for local data?• How to optimize your local accounts• Advanced tactics for local• Local search & mobile phones• Accumulating customer reviews• Q&A
  5. 5. Presentation Agenda About Local SearchLocal-Specific Queries Geolocation from Generic Queries 5
  6. 6. Google Place Search Location Specified in Search Query3rd PartyListing SiteResultsNew GooglePlaces ListingView Scrolling Map
  7. 7. Google Place Search No Location SpecifiedNationalResultsLimitedInfoGooglePlacesImageResults
  8. 8. How Much Are People Searching Local?• 35% of All Search Queries Contain a City, State or Zip Code. 90% 80%•First Place 70%People Are 60%Looking For 50% Online First Offline FirstLocal 40%Business 30% 20%Info: 10% 0% 55 & Older 35 to 54 18 to 34
  9. 9. Where Do Search Engines Look?
  10. 10. On Page Local Factors• Title tags<title>Search Engine Marketing Services | Point It - Seattle, WA</title>• Text Address
  11. 11. hCard Microformat• Specific HTML code that says “here is an address”• Notifies bots/spiders of each piece of address information• Eliminates data confusion caused by inconsistencies in formatting (Street/st, Suite/Unit/#, etc.
  12. 12. Address MicroFormat<div id="contact" class="vcard"><br><h1 style="margin-bottom:0;" class="fn org">Point It Inc.</h1><div class="adr"><div class="street-address">3131 Western Ave<br>Suite 428</div><span class="locality">Seattle</span>,<abbr class="region" title="Washington">WA</abbr><span class="postal-code">98121</span> </div> </div><div class="tel">1-888-33-POINT (76468)</div><div class="tel"> <span class="type">FAX</span> 1-206-374- 1300</div>•
  13. 13. All About Sitemaps• XML: Default sitemap• Specialized Sitemaps for Google Webmaster Tools: – Video – Mobile – News – Code Search – Image – Geo/KML
  14. 14. Making a KML SitemapDownload bulk upload sheet from Google Places for Business:Dashboard  Upload a data file  Download our template
  15. 15. Making a KML SitemapUpdate with your info and upload to Google Earth Pro
  16. 16. Making a KML SitemapCreate KML sitemap and upload to Google Webmaster Tools
  17. 17. Google Places GooglePlaces Listing for“Frozen Yogurt Seattle”
  18. 18. Fisher Refrigeration
  19. 19. Importance of Verification1. 2.
  20. 20. Google Places Metrics
  21. 21. Google Boost
  22. 22. New Bing Business Portal• Free Mobile Website w/Listing• Invite Multiple Users to Manage Account• Custom QR Code
  23. 23. Yelp
  24. 24. Other Listing Sites
  25. 25. Tips for Multiple Data Sources• Consistency, consistency, consistency – No tracking phone numbers!• Accuracy• Don’t be a fibber!
  26. 26. How to Optimize for Local Search
  27. 27. Local Keyword Research York 2004-Present California 2004-Present
  28. 28. Description• Implement Keyword Research in Descriptions• Make it Readable and User-Friendly
  29. 29. Categories• Categories:
  30. 30. Profile CompletenessFill Out Everything You Can… And You are Likely to See Impressions Improve!
  31. 31. Case Study – CLEAR® Added: • Photos • Videos • Testimonials • Store hours • Payment methods
  32. 32. Local Search & Mobile PhonesImpact of Mobile:• 164 Million People have PCs• 293 Million People have Mobile Phones VS.
  33. 33. Google App1. 2.
  34. 34. Customer Reviews
  35. 35. Accumulating Customer Reviews
  36. 36. Accumulating Customer Reviews Replace This: With This:
  37. 37. Accumulating Customer Reviews• In Person: – Fliers and handouts – Receipts – Posters and placards• Online: – Email – On site
  38. 38. Q&A