Advanced PPC and What Google Told Us Behind Closed Doors


Published on - This presentation discusses advanced PPC tactics, including expansion, conversion, measurement, and improvement

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Advanced PPC and What Google Told Us Behind Closed Doors

  1. 1. Advanced PPCFrank Coyle & Joe Weller April 15th, 2009
  2. 2. About Point It!• Seattle-based Search Engine Marketing Firm• Incorporated April 2002• SEO & PPC
  3. 3. Point It Seminars• Logistics – This webinar will be recorded. Look out for an email with link by end of week. – Ask questions via the Question tool• Heads up – Point It SEM seminars beginning late May – PPC, SEO, Landing page optimization – Lookout for notice in May
  4. 4. Advanced PPC ExpansionMeasurement & ConversionImprovement
  5. 5. Agenda• Expanding keywords and search networks• Plugging the leaks in the Sales Funnel• Segmenting your results to improve performance• Keyword performance management• What’s with the Google Quality Score?
  6. 6. Search Based Keyword Tool
  7. 7. Search Based Keyword Tool
  8. 8. Search Based Keyword Tool
  9. 9. Advanced Search
  10. 10. Google Insights for Search
  11. 11. Aggressive Content Expansion • Find successful content pages • Test Image ads to achieve more volume • Display ad builder • Bid 3x to own entire sponsored links box • Look at it as a test • Measure results and decide if worth continuing
  12. 12. Content Network ResultsNov-Jan Spend Conversions CPAContent Network $10,185 295 $34.56Converting sites $1,851 295Non-performing sites $8,392 0• 82% of cost yields zero conversions• Site exclusion not being used• Break out and track the content network performance separately
  13. 13. Performance Measurement Tip• Tip: Report to senior management the cost savings of excluding sites (as well as improvements to traffic quality) on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis
  14. 14. Search Partner ExpansionCannot bid separately on Search partners, always tied to Google Search
  15. 15. Expanding Search Partners• Search partners data is aggregated• No way of knowing which search partner is profitable• Should you go direct to the partners?• Use Google Analytics to dig deeper
  16. 16. Search Partner Performance
  17. 17. Example Domain Parking Site
  18. 18. Ensure High Quality• Can block domain parking sites on Content AND ON SEARCH NETWORK
  19. 19. Expansion Summary• New Search based Keyword tool• Google Insights for deeper searches• Analyze the search partners before going direct
  20. 20. Sales Funnel Unqualified Qualified Hot Sales
  21. 21. Tracking Performance with GA• It’s not the LP it’s the Funnel that matters• Set up goals in GA to create the sales funnel• Finding where the process is broken
  22. 22. Google Analytics Funnel Leak Leak Leak
  23. 23. Plug the Page Leaks in the Funnel• Form field drop off• Measuring what is clicked on & Analyzing user interaction with site – Google Analytics Site Overlay – –
  24. 24. Form Field Drop Off High drop-off at email address field
  25. 25. CrazyEgg.comLinks 170 clicks RSS NewsFeed
  26. 26. ClickTale • Watch movies of website visitor actions – Keystrokes, mouse actions, etc. • Heatmaps – How far do users scroll down – What part of pages do they skip • Form analytics
  27. 27. Sales Funnel Summary• Plug the leaks• Find the form drop off points• Track visitor movements
  28. 28. Segmentation
  29. 29. Get some Focus Medium of Visitors PPC, Organic, Referral Source Google, Yahoo, MSN,, Direct, Other Purchase Behavior Purchasers Non-Purchasers Site Behavior# of pages viewed, site search, new vs. returning, time of day, geography
  30. 30. Segmentation
  31. 31. Segmentation• Segments: Quick Buyers, Slow Buyers, Average Buyers• Behavioral Differences: – # of pages viewed: Average PPC buyers view 25 pages; spend 15 minutes on site, over 3x the site average (All Visitors) – Site Search behavior: slow & Average PPC buyers use site search over 2x the site average (All Visitors) – New vs. Returning: No new quick PPC buyers, slow PPC buyers are 80% return visitors, average ppc buyers are 60% returning visitors – Time of Day: Time of purchase for 3 segments very similar: Sales Peak at 1pm for Quick buyers, 2pm for Average buyers, & 3pm for Slow buyers – Geography: Buyers in 3 segments are evenly distributed throughout US
  32. 32. Keyword Performance Management
  33. 33. Save $$$ Immediately1. Must be tracking conversions – Lead capture, downloads, sales2. Conversion analysis3. Match type analysis
  34. 34. Conversion Analysis• Find the top converting KWs – 5% vs. 95% – What to do about the 5% ? – What to do about the 95% ?
  35. 35. Top 10 Converting KWs Top 6 KWs = 50% of conversionsKeywords Conversions CPAComputer Camp 390 $7.10Cybercamp 366 $1.60Cybercamps 328 $1.53Summer camp 274 $92.07Technology camp 273 $12.34Summer computer camp 178 $5.50Computer camps 97 $12.78Camp 71 $ (Content network) 66 $132.68Summer computer camps 59 $13.84
  36. 36. 5 vs. 95• Break the top 5% into separate LPs – Of the top 5, there’s likely one that’s above all others• For the remaining 95%: – Look at the bid prices and positions – It could be the LP, not the KW/ads – Perform the analysis before pausing
  37. 37. Match Type AnalysisNov-Jan # of KWs Cost Conversions CPAExact 8 $2,869 204 $14.00Phrase 17 $704 56 $12.58Broad 2,561 $31,724 849 $37.30Total 2,586• Excessive use of broad terms• Few campaign or ad group negative terms being used• Examine broad searches to find popular search terms• CPA out of control
  38. 38. Measuring Effect of Adding Negatives• For a B2B Technology client, we noticed a poor performing keyword (incident reporting broad match)• Previous 30 day period ($700 in cost, 4 conversions, $174 CPA)• Used GA Raw Query Report to identify negatives
  39. 39. GA Report to Add Negatives •Added campaign negatives using this report •Result following OK month: $165 in OK Cost, $33 CPA & OK 5 conversions •81% drop in CPA OK OK
  40. 40. Quality Score
  41. 41. Quality Score Components Heard at Google: •CTR is most important •About the interplay between these three elements •Performance (CTR) drives the score, so •Landing Page Content is NOT a factor in Quality Score •Keyword Matching Ad Text is NOT a factor
  42. 42. Quality Score Benchmarking Track aggregate changes in Acct QS over time Track # of keywords by QS over time QS Indicator Metric Monitor these impressions
  43. 43. Summary• Expand your KWs with the new Google tool• Increase sales when you plug the sales funnel• Gaining further insights with segmentation• Cost savings with KW performance management• QS is all about CTR
  44. 44. Q&A or
  45. 45. Point It Seminars• Point It SEM seminars beginning mid-May – PPC – SEO – Landing page optimization – Point It Offices – Evening sessions – Lookout for notice in May
  46. 46. Survey Idea• Avinash Kaushik, Analytics Evangelist @ Google• 4 key questions: – How satisfied are my visitors? – What are my visitors at my website to do? – Are they completing what they set out to do? – If not, why not? – If yes, what did they like best about the online experience?•• Also: