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Engaging Influencers or Schmoozing for Success


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People judge you by the company you keep. Why not connect with the best and the brightest in your niche? It will take your game up!

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Engaging Influencers or Schmoozing for Success

  1. 1. Engaging Influencers or Schmoozing for Success Catherine MorganCareer Transition and Entrepreneur Coach Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. February 13, 2012
  2. 2. Congratulations!• For making it here today• You might rather be here
  3. 3. Question• Who would like to be able to engage influencers to gain visibility for their business?
  4. 4. Some examples of influencers?• Celebrities• Famous speakers• Bloggers• Maybe even people who are just a little further ahead in their businesses than you are
  5. 5. Who would you like to meet?• ????
  6. 6. How could you get their attention?• Direct outreach by e-mail?• Via social media?• Mining LinkedIn to get introductions?• Attending events? – Hint: Think about attending smaller events where you will actually get to talk to the speakers
  7. 7. How I got to SOBCon• How I met Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie and Liz Strauss and got to go to SOBCon
  8. 8. People started asking me• How did you meet all these “famous” people?
  9. 9. Today we will cover• The mindset shifts you need to make• How to find influencers• One process that works• The right ways and wrong ways to approach influencers• Why this process works for other things in your business too
  10. 10. Mindset shift #1 “Collaboration is the new competition.” ~ Pamela Slim and Michele Woodward• Do not be afraid to reach out to people who do similar things – in fact I encourage it! – I do teleclasses with other professionals who do very similar work or serve a similar target market – I suggest that you find people who offer complementary products/services to your target market
  11. 11. Mindset shift #2 “Rapport before request.” ~ Elizabeth Marshall• Relationships online, as in real life, take time to build• Be prepared to consistently show up over time
  12. 12. Who here uses social media now?• Which platforms? – Note: Social media can be a way to create visibility and credibility quickly and inexpensively!
  13. 13. Life as an entrepreneur
  14. 14. A process that works• Research• Identify• Observe• Engage• Be consistent• Be respectful
  15. 15. Research• Search engines such as Google•• LinkedIn• Blogs
  16. 16. Identify• People who do what you do (or want to be doing)• Where your ideal clients naturally congregate (you want to tap into those places!)• Existing “tribes” or “communities” of people you could join
  17. 17. Observe• Start “liking” fan pages on Facebook• Start following people on Twitter• Start reading blogs of people you would like to know
  18. 18. Engage• Start commenting on fan pages on Facebook• Start answering questions and re-tweeting on Twitter• Start commenting on blogs
  19. 19. Be consistent• And show up authentically!• Remember that relationships happen over time and there is no such thing as a quick fix – If you try to rush the process, you will just look like a jerk – Don’t pretend to be something you are not. (Over the long term you won’t be able to keep it up.)• It is OK to be new in your business – we all start at the beginning 
  20. 20. Be respectful• Influencers have people asking them for things all day long• Give first without expectation of return• Over time, they may notice and offer to return the favor• BUT don’t assume it is a pleasure and a blessing for influencers to promote you
  21. 21. Train wreck example• Don’t be this gal or guy – please!• Liz Strauss blog post – Please Don’t Ask Before You Say Hello and Another 9 Don’ts
  22. 22. Always remember “Consistency builds credibility.” ~ Michael Port
  23. 23. And never forget“Social media isn’t part of your personal brand. It IS your personal brand.” ~ Sally Hogshead
  24. 24. One way to think about it• Think about your engagement in social media as a body of work. – It is OK to be silly and personal sometimes but try to stay professional and true to your personal brand
  25. 25. How to comment on blogs• Aim to add value with your comments• Don’t self-promote• You can disagree with the blogger’s point of view but be respectful
  26. 26. Most importantly• If something really gets you mad, walk away for 2 hours and then respond
  27. 27. When you think nobody is listening…• Carol Roth• Barry Moltz – Hint: Once you build rapport with one influencer, others follow
  28. 28. Maybe you find a mentor
  29. 29. This process works for DIY PR too!• Reporters are influencers – And everything we just talked about can work with them too
  30. 30. And if you are writing a book• This works for building your “platform”• Need to be doing this 1 to 2 years in advance if you want to have a bestseller – Elizabeth Marshall knows her stuff. Check out her interview How To Build Relationships With Everyone From Best-Selling Authors To Influencers
  31. 31. Selling we is easier than selling me• Collaborating can: – Build your business – Give you a shot of energy and enthusiasm for your business – Reveal potential mastermind partners – Help you to find mentors
  32. 32. The company you keep• People judge you by the company you keep• Why not hang out with the best and the brightest in your niche?
  33. 33. Who are you going to meet now?• ?
  34. 34. Questions?Catherine MorganCareer Transition and Entrepreneur CoachPoint A to Point B Transitions Inc.877.672.5333Catherine@PointAtoPointBTransitions.comTwitter @PointA_PointB