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Collaboration Is The New Black


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As a small business owner, collaboration is a great business strategy. Get support and referrals, add to your bench, and enjoy your business more.

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Collaboration Is The New Black

  1. 1. Selling ‘We’ is Easier Than Selling ‘Me’:Collaboration is the New Black Catherine Morgan Transition and Entrepreneur Coach Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. June 18, 2012
  2. 2. Fact• Selling / sales is the thing that trips up most entrepreneurs and small business owners – Especially people who are newer in their business
  3. 3. Life as an entrepreneur
  4. 4. Partnering to fill gaps• Partner with someone who provides complementary services – Someone who fills a gap for your prospects and clients
  5. 5. Similar is not the same• You may even want to connect with people who provide very similar services to yours
  6. 6. It’s a big pie• I urge you to get out of the scarcity mindset – There are plenty of clients to go around
  7. 7. It’s all about chemistry• The No. 1 rule of business is that people will do business with people they know, like, and trust – It’s all about chemistry and connection, especially if you are a service provider
  8. 8. And there are huge benefits• Share knowledge, resources, and best practices – Even leads!
  9. 9. Referring out is a win-win• Refer a prospect to someone who can help them – Prospect will remember you as a valuable resource and may even refer others to you – Other professional will remember you referred someone and will want to reciprocate
  10. 10. Add to your bench• You may find partners who can help you with overflow – When a bigger project comes in, you will know who to call
  11. 11. Get experience• New in your business? Get experience by partnering with someone more established – Learn about a topic or technology – Get exposure – Get testimonials
  12. 12. Get enthusiastic• When you’re frustrated or bored is a GREAT time to plan something with someone else – It is easy to gush enthusiastically over the other person
  13. 13. Start small• Try starting with a one-time event – Teleclass – Webinar – Interview
  14. 14. Are you compatible?• Try to have a relationship over some time – You don’t run off and get married after a great first date, do you?
  15. 15. Partner with the right person• Make sure: – They are as committed to the project as you are – Their business practices and values match yours
  16. 16. Check out their work• Sign up for their event and attend – Do you like their style? – Are they professional?
  17. 17. Getting the word out• We don’t like to blow our own horn but… – As a small business owner, if you don’t blow your own horn, who will?
  18. 18. Why “we” is easier• Selling “we” is easier than selling “me”• It doesn’t set off those alarms around: – Not bragging – Not being self-centered – Not drawing attention to yourself
  19. 19. Make it a point to collaborate• Why? Because it’s fun!• You will: – Learn a ton – Make friends and get support – Stay excited about your business – Grow your business• And it’s the new black
  20. 20. Questions?Catherine MorganTransition and Entrepreneur CoachPoint A to Point B Transitions Inc.877.672.5333Catherine@PointAtoPointBTransitions.comTwitter @PointA_PointB