SharePoint Training for End Users


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SharePoint Training for End Users

  1. 1. Amar ShahEnd User Training Solution OverviewSharePoint 2010
  2. 2. About Us Microsoft Learning solutionsTrusted Microsoft Microsoft Valued SharePoint and experts and custom ISV Partner Professional Dynamics CRM training content expertise services
  3. 3. Products and Services Platform and Services Products ShowMe Studio Learning ShowMe SharePoint PlatformShowMe Dynamics CRM Custom Videos Custom ShowMe Dev
  4. 4. Featured Customers
  5. 5. Customer Challenges: SharePoint According to the AIIM State of the Market Microsoft SharePoint report, “While SharePoint is used broadly across the organization, survey respondents Adoption indicate that SharePoint functionality is predominately used in a very limited fashion. None of the SharePoint functions are used as an enterprise standardLower end user adoption to any significant degree. File-sharing, the genesis of SharePoint, is the only SharePoint functionality that has gained any real traction within organizations.” According to the Nucleus 2012 IT Spending Survey, “For new Cost applications, classroom-based training should be limited and supplemented by in-application training and training guides. For all three training types, the Higher training cost investment should be less than $10,000 per 1000 employees, and should take users off their jobs for fewer than five hours.” According to a study published in 2011 by CIO Insight titled “IT Adoption ROI Trends: Where is the ROI”, more than half the respondents say that corporate executives hold IT responsible for the success or failure of enterprise Lower ROI on software.SharePoint Deployment
  6. 6. Our Solution: Just-in-Time Training Affordable Practical & Easy to UseReplaces need for expensive Practical training right withinclassroom based training and SharePoint as and when user time away from work needs to complete a task Real-Time & Up-to-Date Context Sensitive New training content can beUsers don’t need to leave the quickly released through Cloud-application. Get the help from based content delivery, without within the application. having to download newer versions of the content. Read the Just-in-Time Learning WhitePaper:
  7. 7. Customer Benefits Cost Productivity User Adoption ROIReduced training and Increased end user Drive user adoption Increased ROI on new support costs productivity deployment or upgrade
  8. 8. ShowMe SharePoint Features Context Sensitive Engaging Training Integrated (New)Library of over 120 “How-to” Launch training within Content filtered based on the task based, 2-3 mins videos SharePoint user’s context or task Extensible Content Analytics (New) Flexible Deployment Add your own custom Install it in your corporatetraining content into ShowMe Get reporting on the content environment or on Office 365 SharePoint usage by your end users Personalization Cross Platform Support Customization (New) (New) (New) My Learning and Works on all modern Customize the UI to match recommended videos by browsers, devices & platforms your site design modules Rules-Driven Targeting Ever-growing SharePoint ShowMe Studio (New) training video library (New)Create custom rules to target As we add new videos, these Get access to ShowMe Studioassets based on rules-driven videos become available to to create learning solutions contexts you automatically for your specific applications
  9. 9. ShowMe SharePoint VideosWorking with Working with CreatingLists and List Libraries and Creating Lists Libraries Items DocumentsWorking with Working with Working withList Settings Library Settings Using Workflow Web Pages Using Customizing Connecting to Using SharePoint and Publishing Office 2010 SharePoint Workspace SharePoint Applications Designer 2010 2010 Sites SiteAdministration Operations 101 Video List:
  10. 10. ShowMe SharePoint Content Packs My Sites Social SearchSearch Administration Security Business Intelligence Using AccessUsing Excel Services Using Visio Services Services Future Content Packs
  11. 11. Next Steps Online Demo Watch a short demo video of ShowMe SharePoint Request a Demo Need access to our online demo environment, please write to us at Trial Download To try out ShowMe SharePoint in your SharePoint environment, download our trial software available at
  12. 12. What’s Your Message?THANK YOU