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Theo song analysis


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Published in: Spiritual, Self Improvement
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Theo song analysis

  1. 1. “Anak” by Mr. Freddie Aguilar
  2. 2. Anak by Freddie Aguilar (1977) Freddie Aguilar left family and school unfinished at the age of(Filipino for childhadmore him to be "Anak" 18. His father, who or wanted aaccurately my son or myFreddie travelled to far- lawyer, was disappointed. daughter) is away places song writtenhim, solely, his guitar. a Tagalog carrying with by Filipino folk- singer Freddie Aguilar. It was a finalist for the With no one to guide and discipline him, he got inaugural 1977 Metropop Song Festival held into gambling. Realizing and regretting his mistakes in Manila. It became an international five years later, Freddie composed Anak, a remorse hit, and was translated into 26 song expressing apology speakparents. He went languages. The lyrics to his of Filipino family back home and asked for forgiveness from his values parents who welcomed him with open arms. After"Anak" became a finalist in the first MetroPop Song Festival. It went on tobecome very popular in the Philippines and read the lyrics of Anak, the two became his father eventually abroad. The song closer to each other. The homecoming provedgenerated a hundred cover versions, was released in 56 countries and in 26different foreign languages, and it has sold 30 millionhis father would pass timely as soon after, copies.Billboard reportedthat the song was the number two world hit of the 1980s. As de Leon, Jr.,was away.[1] According to Felipe of 2006 it anunsurpassed as the all-time highest-selling record of Philippine music.was authority in Philippine Music, the song composed in a Western style but has aspects of pasyon, a form that many Filipinos can identify with.
  3. 3. Freddie Aguilar Anak Nung isilang ka sa mundong ito Laking tuwa ng magulang mo At ang kamay nila Ang iyong ilaw At ang nanay at tatay moy Di malaman ang gagawin Minamasdan Pati pagtulog moAt sa gabiy napupuyat ang iyong nanay Sa pagtimpla ng gatas moAt sa umaga namay kalong ka ng iyong Amang tuwang-tuwa sa yo Ngayon nga ay malaki ka na Nais moy maging Malaya Di man sila payag Walang magagawa
  4. 4. Ikaw nga ay biglang nagbago Nagging matigas ang iyong ulo At ang payo nilay Sinuway moDi mo man lang inisip na ang kanilang ginagaway para sa yo Pagkat ang nais moy masunod Ang layaw mo dimo sila pinapansin Nagdaan pa ang mga araw At ang landas moy maligaw Ikaw ay nalulong Sa masama bisyo At ang una mong nilapitan Ang iyong inang lumuluha At ang tanong nila ANAK Bat ka nagkaganyan? At ang iyong matay biglang lumuha Ng di mo napapasin Pagsisisi at sa isip mot nalaman Mong ikay nagkamali
  5. 5.  Based on the song by Freddie Aguilar, the child was not fully dependent to God as to the reason why the child lost his/her way for we did not become what God willed us to be.
  6. 6.  Based on Morality and Spirituality, the actions of the child has affected the lives of those around him mainly his or her friends and family. By diverting from the right path, the parents and friends are worried about the child. While the child only decided based on what he or she wants not concerning himself or herself with emotional factors such as the feelings of his or her loved ones
  7. 7.  Based on morality and ethics, The standards of right and wrong actions in this song are defiled by the child because he or she chose to follow his or her physical and or mental needs; thus compromising the bases of what is moral. But upon later events, in the ethics side of the song; the parents successfully made an impact to the child to become a good person.
  8. 8.  As a person of God, every person wants to be happy, it is natural for human beings to pursue happiness throughout their lives. In the song, the parents wished for a happy life with their child, and the child wished to be free to do what he or she wants in life; which is also a form of happiness.
  9. 9.  The parents failed in moulding the child’s character to that of a person for God. In the song, the parent failed in guiding or educating their child in the life of God; thus the cause of the child to divert from the right path.
  10. 10.  The person whose faith in God is strong in the parents for they believe that in due time, under the guiding light of the lord, their child will walk down a path of goodness and faith
  11. 11.  Hope resides on the parents for when their words cannot shake their child’s firm disposition. They instead turn to God for influence on their child.
  12. 12.  The child’s belief in God is slim, thus reflects the child’s love for God. Because there is no love for God, he or she is diverted from the right path because there is no such guidance.
  13. 13.  There is no ideals in the setting of the song “Anak” by Mr. Freddie Aguilar. It is because the set rules and principles of the parents were not met by their child. The parents judge their child’s character based on how well their child follows their rules and principles.
  14. 14.  The one who sinned in the song is the child; for because he or she did not respect his or her parents and mostly he or she ignored the teachings of the church. Because of seeking freedom which the child abused, and done things that despite his or her parents’ continuous appeal of change, the child still defied his or her parents.
  15. 15.  The child did not respect his or her parents; thus violating the fourth commandment which is “honor your mother and your father”. By not listening to the appeals of his or her parents for change and continuously doing things which causes grief to his or her parents.
  16. 16. Thank you for listening to our presentation
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