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WP7 Motivation


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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WP7 Motivation

  1. 1. WP7/8:  Mo*va*on   Jussi  Pohjolainen  Tampere  University  of  Applied  Sciences  
  2. 2. Three  Ecosystems  •  Apple   –  iOS,  iTunes,  iCloud,  Mac  OS  X..  •  Google   –  Android,  Search,  Gmail,  Calendar,  Docs,  Google+  •  MicrosoL   –  Windows,  Windows  Phone,  Xbox,  Live,  Bing,  IE..  
  3. 3. iOS   Android   WP7/8  Programming   Hard   Average   Easy  Level  Fragmenta*on   Only  couple   Fragmented,   Only  three   different  iOS   several  devices   different  WP   versions  and   and  versions   versions.     devices  Market   Closed  market,   Very  easy  process   At  the  moment,   huge  amount  of   for  uploading   fewer  apps  than   apps  -­‐>  hard  to   apps  to  market  -­‐>   other  markets.   find  anything?   lot  of  “crap”.  No   “Human   Profitable   “human   verifica*on”.     verifica*on”  of   Profitable   apps.    
  4. 4. h_p://  The  end  result?  As  said,  FIVE  &me  more  sales  of  our  WP7  app  vs.  our  iPhone  app.  So  how  can  a  well  wri5en  iPhone  app,  with  great  reviews,  featured  by  Apple  and  supported  with  marke?ng  efforts,  perform  so  much  worse  than  the  exact  same,  equally  top  rated,  app  on  WP7?    How  is  this  possible,  given  Apple’s  market  share  in  smartphones  (and  compared  to  MicrosoI’s)?  The  answer  is  quite  simple:  Apple  has  500.000+  apps  on  the  App  Store  compared  to  only  30.000+  on  the  Windows  Phone  Marketplace.  The  poten?al,  in  terms  of  devices  in  the  market,  of  the  App  Store  is  huge  compared  to  that  of  the  Marketplace  but,  at  the  same  ?me,  there  is  fierce  compe??on  and  a  LOT  of  noise  in  the  App  Store,  making  it  extremely  difficult  to  stand  out.  
  5. 5. “Human  Centric”  vs  “App  Centric”?  
  6. 6. WP8,  Why?  •  Very  fresh  new  way  of  thinking  the  UI  •  Android  is  kind  of  “rip-­‐off”  from  iOS  •  Fits  nicely  with  MS-­‐Ecosystem:  Windows,  Office,   Outlook,  SkyDrive  etc.  •  Lot  of  people  already  in  this  ecosystem  •  Companies  probably  will  buy  WP7  phones   instead  of  Android  and  iOS  (MS  integra*on)  •  Easy  to  differen*ate  in  Market  Place  now,  since   it’s  not  so  crowded  yet  
  7. 7. Predic*ons  
  8. 8. Learning  Point  •  C#  and  .NET  knowledge  is  highly  valued  in   companies  •  Several  job  posi*ons  available  if  one  knows   MS  technologies  •  Nokia  focuses  it’s  WP8  Development  in   Peking,  Salo,  San  Diego  and  Tampere    
  9. 9. Nokia  Today  S40   Windows  Phone  •  “Low  end”  phones   •  “High  end”  phones  •  Java  ME  environment  for   •  Will  cover  a  lot  of  price   development   points  •  World’s  biggest  installed   •  MS  Tools   base    
  10. 10. Low  end  vs.  High  end