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Pogo services and case studies 2013


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Pogo Creative Marketable Solutions
- QUALITY DRIVEN : your satisfaction and success is our best selling point.
- Available on demand and fitted to your needs and budget : a flexible, large range of services and no hidden costs.
- Business Ethics and non-disclosure agreement.

Grégory MARIE (Managing Director) - Tel: 092 142 761
Pauline de LANGRE (Art Director) - Tel: 089 215 868

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Pogo services and case studies 2013

  1. 1. Creative Marketable Solutions 2013 1
  2. 2. POGO case 1 ANGKORW Group of Restaurants PR ACTIONS CONTEXT To develop PR actions about a French guest chef coming to Cambodia for 10 days only. POGO SOLUTIONS Stretch a short period of time and multiply opportunities to communicate. • Specific Original Blog: concept created to document his time in Cambodia – to a wide audience. • Blog Copywriting: Design & guidance on blog writing: to highlight his specific message - hosting a large restaurant event and promoting Khmer cuisine. • English and French Native COPYWRITING Service: Here we offered to adapt a concept to languages and culture for our client’s online blog – which was written in French originally. • Film Making Service: We proposed to produce a 10 min short film - to promote one of their restaurants: Madam Butterfly, Siem Reap. From concept to finished product, we produced a high quality film showing a gala event taking place at the restaurant – hosted by a world famous French chef. The film was then posted on Youtube, and as an extra benefit, it can be used again and again, for future promotional campaigns. ( Blog snapshot 2
  3. 3. POGO case 1 ANGKORW Group of Restaurants MARKETING ACTIONS CONTEXT Opening of 4 new restaurants in a short period of time. POGO SOLUTIONS Tactics – complete, multi-level thinking about the issues, followed by a Project Management proposal. • We recommended an Action Plan to our client, on how best to achieve this goal; in terms of schedule, visual identity, marketing, promotion and PR. • We worked with the client to prioritize goals, and set a time-framework to achieve the results required. • Other elements of this project included: a 4 point plan for ramping up sales, and a multi-point plan for internal HR skills development of the AngkorW team members. Sample pages of the graphic charter of one of the 4 restaurants 3
  4. 4. POGO case 2 King’s Road Angkor This is a new development in Siem Reap, consisting of high-end cafés, restaurants, and boutiques. We have been working closely with the client to facilitate all of their marketing needs – in an on-going basis before the grand opening. GRAPHIC DESIGN AND MARKETING COLLATERAL CONTEXT Launch of a new concept village with world class restaurants, cafés and exclusive boutiques. POGO SOLUTIONS Shape the brand identity, and provide communication coherence. • Our Graphic Charter includes: design and production of original artwork for use in: flyers, brochures, signboard and business cards, etc. • A professional photoshoot of the completed development – for use in promotional materials. • A professionally produced short-film to accompany the new website. Namecards Signage Flyer Tuktuk advertisement​with wooden decoration concept Press advertisement 4
  5. 5. POGO case 2 King’s Road Angkor WEB DESIGN AND WEB DEVELOPMENT CONTEXT Online visibility - explaining about the King’s Road concept, give visibility to business partners who operate within King’s Road. POGO SOLUTIONS Due to overall knowledge of the concept, marketing expertise and business partners, Pogo act as prime contractor to offer turn-key website. • The production of a unique and user friendly website, easy to update by King’s Road Team, and thus naturally improve fundamentals for basic search engine optimization (SEO). Homepage of the website (draft) PRESS RELEASE CONTEXT Develop audience of King’s Road without an advertising budget. POGO SOLUTIONS PR and copywriting expertise. Thus far, in setting the tone of the entire marketing strategy for King’s Road Angkor: we have written and supplied Press Releases, with content created to help paint a picture in the minds of journalists (and ultimately the public) about what this development will be – in terms of facility and ambiance. 5
  6. 6. POGO case 3 Eric & Thierry Stocker – Angkor Artwork BRAND IDENTITY CONTEXT Eric & Thierry - two artists with an established business in Siem Reap. Their brand was not recognizable to the section of the public that could be interested in purchasing their artworks. POGO SOLUTIONS We proposed a Branding Campaign for the Stocker brothers to address this issue, in conjunction with a networking and sales promotion exercise. The scope of the Brand Identity campaign included: Business cards Logo Flyer Brochure, for strategic placement at targeted events Sample pages of the catalogue NETWORKING & SALES PROMOTION Pogo arranged the installation of artworks for sale, to targeted hotels in the area, where the visual impact for high-end tourists, of seeing actual pieces by the artists cannot be under-estimated. A detailed, quality brochure, along with a catalogue, at these points of sale – is invaluable. 6
  7. 7. POGO case 4 Samatoa 6 MONTH FULL-TIME ACTION : Samatoa is a well-established tailor-made company in Siem Reap operating with fair-trade principles. With an increasing portfolio of products, services and internal resources far wider than the company was generally known : Samatoa had to reach a new step in its development. STRATEGIC AUDIT AND OPPORTUNITIES RECOMMENDATION CONTEXT Shifting and re-design the company organization, process, activities and sales. POGO SOLUTIONS Consulting on Strategy and Change. • • • • • Full company audit Market Research on high potential sector SWOT analysis Recommendation First step change implementation Some of the results : new sales organization in Business Units, new retail price policy to improve profitability, new services development and profits opportunities. ROLL-OUT OF THE COMMUNICATION ACTION PLAN CONTEXT Communication had to be in phase with new messages to convey, and targets to reach. POGO SOLUTIONS Evolution of the visual identity and communication tools. Logo and namecards Brochure 7 Sample pages of the catalogues clothes and fabrics
  8. 8. YOUR FULLY INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS PROVIDER PUBLIC RELATIONS MARKETING GRAPHIC DESIGN on demand ABOUT POGO REFERENCES ANGKORW Group of Restaurant Eric & Thierry Stocker CAN'ART King's Road Angkor La Crêperie Samatoa An agency founded by two complementary, skilled and experienced business partners, both in Europe and Cambodia : Grégory MARIE (Managing Director) has more than 10 years experience as Marketing manager, Market analyst and Strategy consultant in different sectors like FMCG, Clothing industry, Domestic appliances and Mechanical Industries. Pauline de LANGRE (Art Director) is Graphic Designer and Illustrator focused on turning business objectives into graphic actions. She coordinates actions with partners : print, web, photo, video. HOW WE WORK - TWO OPTIONS • • Project management contract based upon your specifications. Outsourcing package with a fixed number of working days contract : what you can’t get from your own staff, you can get from us. We can work on an individual contract basis, or we can partner with you to help fulfill the specifications required from conception to completion. WHY CHOOSE POGO - OUR ASSETS • • • Available on demand and fitted to your needs and budget : flexible, large range of services and no hidden costs. Quality driven : your satisfaction and success is our best selling point. Business Ethics and non-disclosure agreement. 8
  9. 9. SOLUTIONS PROVIDED - CORE CAPABILITIES MARKETING • • • Strategical step : audit package - complete checking of your marketing strategy with report and recommendations. Tactical step : actions plan development package - your strategy is relevant, but you still need to determine and prioritize tools to reach your goals and to optimize your budget. Operations step : field marketing package - the roll-out of the actions plan, this program includes the compression of your sales cycle, expansion into new clients and execution of strategic sales campaigns. Field marketing is a critical sales accelerator. GRAPHIC DESIGN • • • Logo and Branding : we work with you to find the best graphic design to match recognition, emotional response and understanding. We develop a graphic charter by assembling guidelines to protect your visual identity. Medium and printing : brochures, catalogues, flyers, leaflets, magazines, books, stationary, posters, banners, signage, webdesign and more. Art Coordination : photoshooting, video and packaging. PUBLIC RELATIONS • • • • • Copywriting : we can help you with competitive copywriting skills - to express exactly what you want to say - to promote your business ; as selecting content to promote your product,is about putting together: the few choice words for your slogan. Media Relations and Publicity : on your specifications, we can deal with these main subjects such as Con¬sumer Press or Trade and News Releases, Social Media, etc. Targeted communications : find the perfect match and timing to deliver messages to Employees, Customers, Investors or Stakeholders. Topic communications : some situations or issues require dedicated communication means, especially when talking about Crisis Management or Corporate Social Responsibility. Special Events and Promotions. SOLUTIONS PROVIDED - INTERNAL RESOURCES OR AS PRIME CONTRACTOR DIGITAL MARKETING • • Web design, development and hosting : from concept to hosting, including database development and management, crafting website. Search Engine Marketing – SEO and SEM : integrated approach combining on-page and off-page SEO that delivers traffic and leads, and a paid search (SEM) approach to ensure quality leads at the lowest possible conversion cost. CONTACT Grégory MARIE - Tel: 092 142 761 • Pauline de LANGRE - Tel: 089 215 868 / skype: 9