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Say The Right Thing: Mastering New Media


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Expert panel seminar from Tales of the Cocktail 2016.

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Say The Right Thing: Mastering New Media

  1. 1. Say The Right Thing: Mastering New Media Moderated by: Jonathan Pogash Panelists: Charlotte Voisey, Ian McLaren, Camper English
  2. 2. Be Social! Seminar hashtag: #SayTheRightThingAtTales Jonathan Pogash: @thecocktailguru Charlotte Voisey: @charlottehdovoisey Ian McLaren: @thebartrainer Camper English: @alcademics @bacardiusa, @dussecognac, @sapphireginusa, @hendricksgin, @solernoliqueur, @glenfiddichwhisky
  3. 3. Powerpoint Is Available On: Tales 365
  4. 4. Our Current Media Landscape
  5. 5. 5 Minute Topics Quick-fire rounds Each panelist will talk about a different topic Questions held until the end Warning bell rung at 3 minutes Other panelists may quickly interject with a comment if there is time left
  6. 6. 1) How To Succeed In An Interview With Print/Web Journalist
  7. 7. Camper’s Interview Tips 1)Full attention 2)Full sentences 3)Repeat the question 4)Repeating yourself is fine 5)Speak slowwwwwwwwwwly Good quotes: Listen for cues – “Would you say…?” Watch the negatives – complaints about customers, brands, competitors Accuracy: Most won’t allow you to approve quotes But you can offer to check them for accuracy
  9. 9. ANSWER YOUR EMAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. 10. Building Relationships w/ Journalists
  11. 11. 2) Social Media For Self/Bar Promotion
  12. 12. 3) What Can I Do To Attract Work More Easily?
  13. 13. 4) What’s The Deal w/ Radio Interviews?
  14. 14. Know The Station Inside & Out Know The Host Inside & Out Know Your Audience Should you mix real cocktails on the radio? Be prepared to take calls and be stumped The audience can’t see you if you need to look up an answer
  15. 15. 5) Top Ways To Get More Press
  16. 16. Be Available You’re online Email address is online Bar menu online Answer your bar’s email Social media Answer/engage with social media
  17. 17. News Worthiness • Timeliness (bar explodes! new menu!) • Impact (all bars in US closed for New Years) • Proximity (local bartender wins national award) • Novelty (salmon flavored vodka) • Conflict (infusions illegal) • Prominence (Lindsey Lohan drinks cocktail) • Human Interest (Cocktail fundraiser for Humane Society)
  18. 18. Stalk The Writer
  19. 19. 6) The Best TV Interview I Did And Why: Charlotte
  20. 20. The Best TV Interview I Did And Why: Jonathan
  21. 21. 7) How My Company Hires Brands Ambassadors Based On Their Social Media Activity
  23. 23. 9) You’ll Never Work In This Town Again: Bad Exaples of Social Media
  24. 24. 10) Good Examples of Social Media For Bars/Restaurants
  25. 25. Canon, Seattle, WA
  26. 26. 11) Can One Overbrand?
  27. 27. 12) What Is The Relative Value Of Forms of Media
  28. 28. 13) Consultant as Brand Rep
  29. 29. 14) Are There Social Media Requirements For Your BA’s?
  30. 30. 15) How To Get On TV
  31. 31. 16) The Relative Reach of YouTube/Online Videos
  32. 32. Be Social! Jonathan Pogash: @thecocktailguru Charlotte Voisey: @charlottehdovoisey Ian McLaren: @thebartrainer Camper English: @alcademics @bacardiusa, @dussecognac, @sapphireginusa, @hendricksgin, @solernoliqueur, @glenfiddichwhisky