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AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DA QUINTA                               DO CONDE                        EBI DA QUINTA DO CONDE- 201...
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Efa. my profile - LEC


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Efa. my profile - LEC

  1. 1. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DA QUINTA DO CONDE EBI DA QUINTA DO CONDE- 2011/12 CURSO EFA – NIVEL SECUNDÁRIO - 2 CLC – LEC – Inglês – Formadora: Ana Carriço UFCD: CLC__Name: António Ferreira Date: Friday, 13th April the 2012Topic: Personal IdentificationTask: Build your profile for your blog in English. Follow the topics to write your text. • Greeting • Name, age, marital status, job • Physical and psychological description • Likes and dislikes • Believes • Goals of my blog • Ending Hello, my name is António, I`m a 46 years old, I live in the fact union and I find myselfunemployed but I`m a student. Physically I am bald, average height, green eyes and I am not tall nor short, neither fat northin. I`m well prepared psychologically, playful, and give me good with everyone. I like to socialize, to enjoy myself, family and school. I do not like hypocrisy, falsehood, vanity or greed. I believe in the truth of true men of good. The goals of my blog are able to help others in some way such as entertainment. Goodbye and good luck.