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2007年英文教師海外研習分享.ppt [相容模式]


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2007年英文教師海外研習分享.ppt [相容模式]

  1. 1. Why? Where? How? What?
  2. 2. Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.)July 9 ~ August 10Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Dr. Virginia D. Lezhnev (9:00-12:00) Joel Wiskin, Alison Leithner (1:30 – 3:30)
  3. 3. First and Second language acquisitionReading process and activitiesWriting process and activitiesDeveloping Listening TasksLearning styles vs. Teaching styles(Kolb, perceptual learning style)Multiple Intelligences
  4. 4. • Project: “Georgetown Mystery Tour”• News report• Culture differences
  5. 5. • Week 1: Wolf Trap – Camelot• Week 2: The Mall – museums• Week 3: Baltimore – Aquarium• Week 4: Mount Vernon – George Washington’s hometown
  6. 6. • “Literary Circles” Barbara Formoso• “Computer Assisted Instruction” Louis Vogel• “Integrated Reading and Writing in Middle School” Barbara Fagan
  7. 7. School Bus ICC (Intercultural Center)