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Last Month in PHP - February 2016


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PHP news of February 2016 as well as upcoming conferences and Nomad PHP talks.

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Last Month in PHP - February 2016

  1. 1. Last Month in PHP February 2016 Kansas City PHP User Group
  2. 2. PHP Patch Releases PHP 7.0.3 Security fixes Interesting: Added support for new HTTP 451 code PHP 5.6.18 Security fixes HTTP 451, too! PHP 5.5.32 Security fixes
  3. 3. CMSes: Drupal Drupal 8.0.4 Security Release - Upgrade! Drupal 7.43 Security Release - Upgrade! Drupal 6.38 Security Release - Upgrade! Last Update to Drupal 6 - Officially EOL on Feb 24 See:
  4. 4. CMSes: WordPress WordPress 4.4.2 2 security fixes. Upgrade! 17 bug fixes See: maintenance-release/
  5. 5. μFrameworks - Slim 3.2 Slim 3.2.0 Adds: Support the hostOnly cookie flag Write to the PHP error log if displayErrorDetails is false to make it easier to find out what’s gone wrong! Support PHP 7+ errors in the same way that Exceptions are handled. See:
  6. 6. Frameworks Laravel 5.2.13 fixes a bug that can cause Mail::queue to send stale view data when using daemon queue workers. Symfony [3.0.3, 2.8.3, 2.7.10, 2.3.38] Zend Framework No Updates for 2.5.x Lots of work towards ZF 3 in Q3! See:
  7. 7. Laravel Homestead Homestead 5.2 No version change Added support for MariaDB See:
  8. 8. PHP: The Right Way Added a Windows setup resource (OpenServer) as well as Chris Tankersley’s blog post about which tools he uses in Windows Added an example of a boolean cast in an if-statement Added a good idea to keep in mind when committing configuration files. A few grammar and word-choice updates. Note: Every open-source project can use your help with documentation. What are you waiting for?
  9. 9. PHP Conferences Midwest PHP Mar 4-5 - Minneapolis, MN KCPHP speaker! See: Lone Star PHP April 7-9 - Dallas, TX KCPHP speakers! See: Day Camp 4 Developers: Modern PHP April 22 - Online See: DrupalCon May 9 - 13 - New Orleans, LA See:
  10. 10. PHP Conferences - Continued php[tek] May 23-27 - St. Louis, MO KCPHP speaker! KCPHP Roadtrip? 10% Discount Code for our UG: REDACTED See: 200 OK June 3 - Tulsa, OK CFP due: April 3 Kansas City Developer Conference June 22-24 - Kansas City, MO KCPHP speakers! 4 PHP-related sessions! See: Laracon US July 27-29 - Louisville, KY CFP due: April 1 See:
  11. 11. Nomad PHP (Online) - March 24 Nomad PHP EU - 01:00 PM CST Asynchronous Awesome – Task Management in PHP Eric Mann (@ericmann) See: onous-awesome-task-management-in- php/ Nomad PHP US - 08:00 PM CST Amazon SimpleDB Eli White (@EliW) See: n-simpledb/
  12. 12. Next Month in KCPHPUG We’re looking for speakers!