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Last Month in PHP - April 2016


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PHP news of April 2016 as well as upcoming conferences and talks.

Published in: Software
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Last Month in PHP - April 2016

  1. 1. Last Month in PHP April 2016 Kansas City PHP User Group
  2. 2. PHP Patch Releases PHP 7.0.6 - Upgrade! Security fixes, including: CVE-2016-3074 (GD functionality) CVE-2016-3078 (Zip handling?) PHP 5.6.21 - Upgrade! Security fixes PHP 5.5.35 - Upgrade! Security fixes See: 7.php#7.0.6 5.php#5.6.21 5.php#5.5.35
  3. 3. Composer Composer v1.0.0 - Gold Edition New things since v1.0.0-betas: support for bitbucket-oauth configuration warning when running composer as super user Hide the warning: COMPOSER_ALLOW_SUPERUSER=1 See: es/tag/1.0.0 For fun: V1-0-0-Anniversary-Gold-Edition- /162029115091?
  4. 4. CMSes: Drupal Drupal 8.1.0 Minor Release UI Changes: Language markup & auto-spell check BigPipe out of the box! See:
  5. 5. CMSes: WordPress WordPress 4.5 & 4.5.1 - “Coleman” Editing improvements Inline linking MarkDown-like formatting Live responsive previews Under the Hood Improved image resizing Faster refresh on previews Updated JS libraries See: 1-maintenance-release/
  6. 6. μFrameworks - Lumen 5.2 Lumen 5.2.6 Minor changes
  7. 7. Frameworks - Laravel Laravel 5.2.[28, 29, 30, 31] A bunch of bugfix and maintenance updates There's now a ChangeLog!
  8. 8. Frameworks - Symfony Symfony [2.7.12, 2.3.40] Mostly bugfixes Symfony 3.1 Entered feature-freeze See:
  9. 9. Frameworks - Zend Zend Framework ZF 1.12.18 Security fixes Documentation updates See: No Updates for 2.5.x Announced github repo name-change from “zf2” to “zendframework” Lots of work for upcoming ZF3! See:
  10. 10. PHP: The Right Way Updated the link for Stephen Corona’s Scaling PHP Apps Note: Every open-source project can use your help with documentation. What are you waiting for?
  11. 11. PHP Conferences RailsConf 2016 May 4-6 - Kansas City, MO See: DrupalCon May 9 - 13 - New Orleans, LA KCPHP speaker! See: php[tek] May 23-27 - St. Louis, MO KCPHP speaker! 10% Discount Code for our UG: REDACTED See: 200 OK June 3 - Tulsa, OK See:
  12. 12. PHP Conferences - Continued Kansas City Developer Conference June 22-24 - Kansas City, MO KCPHP speakers! 4 PHP-related sessions! See: php[cruise] July 17-24 - Bahamas 10% Discount Code for our UG: REDACTED See: Laracon US July 27-29 - Louisville, KY See: August 20-23 - Kansas City, MO See:
  13. 13. Nomad PHP (Online) - May 19 Nomad PHP EU - 01:00 PM CDT The Rise of the Machines Josh Holmes (@JoshHolmes) See: rise-of-the-machines/ Nomad PHP US - 08:00 PM CDT Powerful & Flexible SQL Generation — Without the Hassle Matthew Setter (@settermjd) See: ul-flexible-sql-generation-without-the- hassle/
  14. 14. Next Month in KCPHPUG Looking for Speakers! Nomad PHP edition? Hack Night?