Ward 13 Minneapolis Construction Moratorium March 2014


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Minneapolis CIty Council proposed a construction moratorium for Ward 13.

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Ward 13 Minneapolis Construction Moratorium March 2014

  1. 1. Katana Consulting Ward 13 New Home Construction Moratorium: A Resident’s View March 2014 Kevin Terrell Katana Consulting
  2. 2. Katana Consulting 1 | Moratorium and concerns Concerns • Construction practices • Environment • Home massing and style Moratorium
  3. 3. Katana ConsultingSOURCE: FAQs 13th Ward Interim Ordinance 1.1 | In 2013 there were 67 new homes permitted in Ward 13, out of more than 10,000 lot locations on ~500 blocks in the ward. 201320122011201020092008
  4. 4. Katana Consulting 2 | Poor adherence to basic construction practices can make new construction more painful that it needs to be for the community. Debris Impassable road Blocked sidewalk Poor silt fence installation SOURCE: Residential Construction Concerns in the 13th Ward, Palmisano, March 7th, 2014; lakecountyohio.org
  5. 5. Katana Consulting 2.1 | Overseeing construction practices is a function of awareness, adherence, inspections & enforcement. Are resources correctly deployed? 1. Council Member Palmisano, Fulton Neighborhood Association, March 12th, 2014 “They are building the wrong house!”1 “Lack of oversight? My inspector might as well be a backpack.” MPLS City
  6. 6. Katana ConsultingSOURCE: Vektor Digital 2.2 | Local firms have apps that can be easily adapted to raise awareness, ensure adherence and reduce enforcement costs for new construction.
  7. 7. Katana ConsultingSOURCE: Residential Construction Concerns in the 13th Ward, Palmisano, March 7th, 2014 2.3 | Other situations such as sandy soil on narrow lots can be addressed with known solutions such as requiring shoring of those excavations.
  8. 8. Katana ConsultingSOURCE: 13th Ward Interim Ordinance FAQ 3-10-2014; Fulton Neighborhood Association March 12th YouTube meeting video 3 | Palmisano cites a range of environmental reasons behind needing to impose a moratorium. “Sensitive deconstruction is something I am personally passionate about and working to institute” Old growth trees Water & sewer Storm runoff
  9. 9. Katana ConsultingSOURCE: Fulton Neighborhood Association meeting video 3.1 | Processes already exist to further incent behaviors that protect our community. Is a moratorium justified solely to enable certain preferences? Points for Protection... Lifestyle preference?
  10. 10. Katana ConsultingSOURCE: Teardowns & Infill Housing, 2007 4 | Questions about the size and style of new homes versus the “character” of a neighborhood are not unique to Minneapolis or Ward 13.
  11. 11. Katana ConsultingSOURCE: Teardowns & Infill Housing, 2007 4.1 | The issues of size and style of new homes were substantively addressed in 2007 without a moratorium on teardowns. Teardowns & Infill Housing, 2007
  12. 12. Katana Consulting 5 | Readily implementable solutions to all these concerns can be simple, thoughtful and acceptable. Simple Simple rules that address known issues with better awareness Thoughtful Acceptable Application of best practices and wise deployment of resources Balance between property rights and community interests, evaluated fairly and efficiently
  13. 13. Katana Consulting 6 | Yet the council declared that a moratorium is only way to address the current situation.
  14. 14. Katana ConsultingSOURCE: FAQs 13th Ward Interim Ordinance 7 | To support the idea of a moratorium, the city uses data showing that the increase in new home construction in Ward 13 is unprecedented. 201320122011201020092008
  15. 15. Katana ConsultingSOURCE: FAQs 13th Ward Interim Ordinance; Teardowns & Infill Housing, 2007 7.1 | A fuller history of Ward 13 construction suggests the current rise in construction is making up for homes that were not built in the recession. 20132012201120102009200820072006200520042003 Single Family Home Building Permits by Ward 90+ homes not built during the recession in Ward 13
  16. 16. Katana ConsultingSOURCE: Minneapolis Trends 7.2 | The moratorium also stops an alleged surge in “disruptive” remodels. Citywide, however, the count of such projects has been relatively constant. 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Minneapolis Residential Permitted Remodels and Additions, $50,000+
  17. 17. Katana ConsultingSOURCE: Palmisano comments at Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association meeting, March 13th, 2014 8 | Palmisano claims that without the moratorium, builders in Ward 13 turned their backs to her when invited to discuss this matter.
  18. 18. Katana Consulting 8.1 | On March 7th contractors had gathered at City Hall for a meeting with Palmisano to discuss improvements to the construction process.
  19. 19. Katana ConsultingSOURCE: Southwest Journal, March 7th, 2014; http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/meetings/council/WCMS1P-121547 8.2 | Unbeknownst to them, as contractors awaited her arrival, Palmisano was introducing new business to the council to impose a moratorium.
  20. 20. Katana ConsultingSOURCE: Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association meeting, March 13th, 2014 9 | In her own words, Palmisano moved to put in place the moratorium based on “no data”. Admits to having “no data” for breakdown on: • Number of incidents • Top offenders • Severity of offenses • Cost to the community
  21. 21. Katana Consulting 9.1 | In contrast, we know that the moratorium will halt $50-100M worth of economic activity in Ward 13. 67 new homes sold 67 teardown lot purchases Total economic activity @ $750,000 each ~ $50 million @ $250,000 each ~ $17 million = $65 million + virtual teardowns
  22. 22. Katana ConsultingSOURCE: Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association meeting, March 13th, 2014 10 | Logical alternatives to pulling all staff to work on this project were apparently not considered. Acknowledged the novelty of suggestion to “slow walk” Ward 13 permits top allow some staff to work on this process improvement while continuing to permit projects
  23. 23. Katana Consulting 11 | Which approach is best for everyone? Community driven Simple Thoughtful Acceptable Council driven Blunt Uninformed Intimidating
  24. 24. Katana Consulting 12 | Summary Is that what you voted for in November 2013?
  25. 25. Katana Consulting 13 | Call to Action Petition Sign the petition to stop this @ Participate Thursday March 20th 9:30 a.m. Room 317 City Hall Zoning and Planning Commission Pester The city council and the Mayor Re: Final Vote Friday, March 28th
  26. 26. Katana Consulting Of the People. By the People. For the People. Not TO the People. 14 | Reminder
  27. 27. Katana Consulting Contact: Kevin Terrell kevin@katanaconsulting.com www.katanaconsulting.com @poebel Board Member, Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association For further information on this presentation