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PODIM 2017 | Innovative Business Models and Digitalization


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Innovative Business Models and Digitalization

Miha Valentinčič, Petrol, Slovenia

Published in: Business
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PODIM 2017 | Innovative Business Models and Digitalization

  1. 1. Innovative Business Models And Digitalization How to run faster in the right direction?
  2. 2. 70 years ago… start up
  3. 3. … Today
  4. 4. 15 global challanges Source:
  5. 5. Something unique: MUMESCo Multi Utility, Mobility and Environmental Service Company
  6. 6. Idea managment „Soft skills“ Acquisition, Energy and Environment division Trading platform Project office - PIK Digital strategy Business strategy Internal start-ups, ABC accelerator, Hackathons IPMiD & Execution plan 2016
  7. 7. Petrol as “First Choice for Customers”Services Marketplace FinancialServices SmartHomeand Energy SmartCarand Mobility RetailandPOS Development Omni-Channel Information Networks and Analytics Integrated/Agile IT and Processes Partnership Development and Collaboration Organization and Culture Execution, execution…
  8. 8. Exploatation - Exploration
  9. 9. IZZIVI Culture Talents Motivation plan
  10. 10. We already reinvented ourselves, we are disrupting our self again and again…
  11. 11. Excellence Connecting
  12. 12.