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Why I Love OneNote? 10 Reasons why Microsoft #OneNote is Awesome!


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Have you tried Microsoft OneNote yet? Microsoft OneNote is awesome. My favorite productivity application. #OneNote
OneNote vs Evernote.

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Why I Love OneNote? 10 Reasons why Microsoft #OneNote is Awesome!

  1. 1. #OneNote is Awesome
  2. 2. “I started using OneNote when I discovered Evernote was blocked by the corporate firewall at work. After using OneNote I realized it was better (for me) and I have never looked back” - Andrew McGivern
  3. 3. “10 Reasons I love OneNote”
  4. 4. Reason #1 “OneNote is FREE”
  5. 5. PODCAST HERO Reason #2 “OneNote works across platforms”
  6. 6. Reason #3 “Hand Writing Support”
  7. 7. V“OneNote can be your 2nd Brain” Reason #4
  8. 8. Reason #5 “OneNote is Searchable”
  9. 9. “Pages in OneNote are Awesome”
  10. 10. Reason #7 “OneNote integrates with Office”
  11. 11. Reason #8 “Collaborate with OneNote”
  12. 12. “Drag & Drop Any File into OneNote”
  13. 13. Use the power of Linked Notes
  14. 14. “What do you love about OneNote?”
  15. 15. Visit my website for more… www.andrewmcgivern .com